The Wanted Virgin Episode 64

The Wanted Virgin?
(First to sleep with her)?

By Authoress popcorn ?✍️

Genre: Romance/complicated❣️

? Chapter sixty four?

Casper stared at Irene as she played with her fingers.
He knew she doesn’t want to be here but what could he do. He just wants to penetrate her and that’s all.

The waiter brought their meal to the table and left.

Irene drew the plate closer to her and started digging in.

Casper raised his head and stared at her. She was really eating so fast.

“Do you want more?” He asked.

“No, after this. I need to go home” she replied with her mouth full.

He nodded and continued eating.
“I love the way you are making my work easy Irene” he thought.

The waiter brought a bottle of wine and poured it into their cups.
“Anything else?” He asked.

Irene shook her head.
“You can go” Casper said.
Few minutes later, Irene wiped her mouth with the napkin. She was done eating.

Irene held her stomach and relaxed her head.
“That food taste so good” she murmured.

“Why do I see double you?!” She murmured as she squeezed her eyes.

“I need to take this call. I’ll be right back” he said and left.

He went to make a fake call outside.
He was very happy that the potion worked really fast.
A young man walked towards Irene.
“Hello” he said.

Irene raised her head nd stared at him.
“Where is Casper? He should take me home” she said.

“I can take you home. Where do you stay?” He asked.

“The royal palace. See!!” She replied and showed him her bracelet.

“Nice. Stand up already. Let’s go” he said.

Irene smiled and stood up. She was feeling dizzy.
The man helped her up and took her away from the restaurant.
Garrett went into Leo’s room.
Leo sprung up and quickly covered his body.

“Can’t you at least knock the door?” He asked.

“I don’t care about your fucking masturbating act. Have you seen Irene?”

“Have you checked her room?”

“I have checked everywhere. I even went to her house but she isn’t there” Garret said.

“Okay, that’s weird. Did you try calling her?” Leo asked and stood up from the bed. He picked his trousers and threw his legs into it.

“I did. She isn’t picking up. I feel like she’s in trouble” Garret murmured.

Tony entered into the room with a simple expression.

Leo slapped his forehead.
“Don’t you guys know how to knock?” He asked.

“Sorry man. Did any of you see Irene? She needs to help me with the arrangements”

“No one knows where she is. She’s missing” Garrett said. He was worried sick.

“Maybe she went somewhere to be alone for the moment. If she doesn’t come back in the morning, then we’ll file a report” Leo said.

“Sure. I’ll keep trying her number” Garrett said and left.

Tony stared at Leo giving him a what the fuck look.

“Leave bro” Leo said.

“Were you..?”

“Leave!!” Leo yelled.

Tony chuckled and left the room.
The anonymous man took Irene to a hotel room and laid her on the bed.

He grabbed his phone and made a quick call.

“Yes, I’ve brought her into the room”

“I’ll be there soon. Is she asleep?”

He fling her hand over her face.
“Yes, she is fast asleep” he replied.

“Nice. Just leave there and come back first thing in the morning” he said and disconnected the call.

“She looks so innocent. Poor girl” he murmured and left the room.
Casper got into the room few minutes later.
He locked the door behind. He had a strange smile on his face.

“Oh my my… Who do have here?!” He said and started taking off his royal robe.

It slipped down from his hand and fell on the floor.

He climbed the bed and unbuttoned Irene’s shirt.
He slowly took off her gown and carefully placed it on the bed.

“It would be boring. Seem like I’m having sex with a dead girl” he murmured and unhooked her bra.

He wanted everything to happen so fast. He doesn’t want her to wake up.

He brushed his finger through her skin.
“So clean!” He murmured till he reached her undies.

He took off her pants and had his way.

When he was satisfied with what he has done. He quickly wore her dress the same way it was and covered her body.

He dressed up and left the room.
As he drove the car, he kept on picturing Irene’s body in his mind.

“Sorry Irene. I know you wouldn’t have let me in if I ask softly. I have to do what I want. No one is in my way of becoming the next king. I mean, I’m already the next king” he murmured and laughed loud in his car.

He brought out his cigarette and lit it.
He took a long draw and puffed out the smoke.

He drove into the palace and pulled over.

As he alight from the car, Garrett pulled him and hit him against his car.

“Where did you take Irene?” He asked.

“What Irene?” He replied slowly since Garrett was choking him.

“I know you are lying to me. The gatekeeper saw you take her out”

“Yes I did. But I lost her” he said.

Garret slowly let go of him.
“You what?”

“Yes. I took her to a restaurant and went to make a call. I came back and she was no where to be found”

“That means, she’s really missing” Garrett murmured.

“Let’s just wait till morning. She might come back” he replied and adjusted his dress.
He walked into the palace with a weird smile.

“Coward!” He murmured.
The next morning, Irene woke up and saw herself on a huge bed.
She looked round and saw that it wasn’t her room.

“Where am I?” She asked.

“Finally, you’ve woken up”
She turned and saw the man that helped her last night.

She quickly covered her body.

“It’s okay. I didn’t touch you. I just watch you sleep” he said and stood up.

Irene sighed.
“Where’s Casper? He must be looking for me” she said.

“I should take you home already. I wanted to be sure before I drive you anywhere”

“Just take me to the palace” she said and threw her legs to the floor.

She felt weak and some pain under her.
She didn’t understand why but she just had to endure.

“Does the pain come and go? Oh Garret” she murmured and slowly walked out of the room with the stranger.
What did Garret do to Irene? ??
Are you thinking what I’m thinking??

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  1. Oh, it seems she and Garrett already had sex, so there is no way Casper would be the King
    Yaaaay💃💃💃💃Garret found the wanted virgin

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