The Billionaires Maid Season 2 Episode 16


(on his bed) 2
(Alexa Revenge)

Chapter sixteen


“Start speaking mum, why did you kill Ivy and also kept her mum under your hostage” Brian backed as I watch them from my phone


Brian has put CCTV cameras everywhere

So I was able to watch them live

I lay back on my bed watching them.

The kids were fast alive, so there won’t be any distractions

“speak mum. Why are you doing all this?” Brian asked again

I could see Hilda already shivering and Brian mum face was dropping

“why did you hate Alexa to the extent you kill her. Was it a crime to fall in love with her” Brian uttered

I have thought about that too

Was it because I was a common maid

“it’s obvious you don’t want to speak. I should just call the cops then” Brian said bringing out his phone

I rolled my eyes

Why can’t she just speak

“stop Brian! Stop!!. I will tell you all you need to know ” she said and I heaved

She should start talking already

I really want to know what I did to this woman

“it all happened 25 years ago” she said and I gasped

I wasnt even born by then. I’m just 23

Brian is 25, so he’s the one born by then

But how did it relent to her wanting me died
“I and Ivy mum were best of friends and I was her maid” she said and my eyes widened

She knew my mum??

And to top it all she was a maid to my mum

This can’t be true

I could see different expression written on Brian face

There’s a lot to this hatred


“I lost my parents in a car accident. Life was hard for me then. I can’t even provide the food I will eat” I uttered not able to stare at brian

“and it all happened in a morning as I summoned courage to look for a job ” I said

Then the memories that happened 25 years ago came back to my memory as if it was yesterday


“thanks ma’am, thanks for giving me this job” I said to the kind hearted woman

Not only will they be paying me monthly

I will also have somewhere to lay my head and also have good food

The mansion was so beautiful and huge

Never in my have I step my feet in a paradise like this

Not alone did I dream of working as a maid in it

“you are welcome child” she answered and walked away from me

I took time in checking the compound out

And then I heard some sounds

I traced it to find a beautiful lonely girl seated on the floor of the garden

She was with a dog.

I guessed her dog

“why can’t mummy and daddy understand me. I don’t want to marry him jack” she said and I suppose she was talking to the dog

“they should allow me to choose who I want to be with” she mumbled as the tears flow from her eyes

I watched her that I didn’t know a tears fell from my eyes too

The girl looks so sad

And then I came to my right senses. I shouldn’t be here

I don’t want to lose my job on my first day and without thinking I ran out

I was watching the dishes.

I sang moving my head

And then the thought of my parents came again

Why did they had to die

They were never rich and they died leaving me poor

I cried and then the dish fell off my hand

I gasped.

What have I done

“I will be fired” I mumbled as I crouched down to pick up the broken pieces

“it’s fine, let it be ” someone said and she crouched picking it up for me

I stared at her and my eyes widened as I saw the classy girl

She picked up the broken pieces and disposed them neatly

“don’t be scared. I will just tell mum I was the one ” she said giving me a smile and I found myself returning one

She looks so beautiful

“you look cute” I complimented

“you look cute too” she said and I smile

She got to be kidding me

She’s more cute than I

“I’m Emily, I will like you to be my friend. My best friend ” she said and I almost choked out

Did she just said that to me

I Tina should be friends with her

“common say yes” she said and I chuckled

She’s so funny

“OK fine” I replied and she did the unexpected

She hugged me

With this rags on me. She was still able to hug me

And then on we became best friends

We were always together.

At first her parents never wanted her to have anything with me but when they saw I was their daughter happiness they accepted me

We share a room

Did things together and go out together

But one thing I got to know about Emily is that she didn’t seem to like her Fiance the same way I didn’t like to be remembered of my parents accident and how poor I am

So we had one thing in common

And then I finally saw her fiance

He was so handsome and smell of wealth

This has always been my dream man

I don’t know but I think I fell in love at first sight

Each time he comes over. He and Emily will take a stroll at the mansion and I was always left behind watching them

And for a minute I wished It was me

At the end of the day Emily will tell me how boring her day was

He came visiting everyday and I couldn’t help but get lost in thought as I stare at him

I guessed Emily noticed it because she asked me if I love him

I said yes and she gladly told me she will help me with him

I felt like to scream to the world

So each time he comes Emily will pretend doing one stuff or the other

Sometimes she will leave halfway of their conversation and asked me to keep him company until we are back

And it went well and soonest I could feel that master Tyler was been attracted to me

He seems to like me

And we could gist and laugh all day without him asking about Emily

My feelings for him grew stronger but it all changed when he came to the mansion unexpectedly and saw me on my maids uniform

From then he withdraw taking to me, it was like my present irritate him

I wondered what changed

And in a period he stopped coming and I thought it was because of me

I felt restless and told Emily about it

She decided we should pay him a surprise visit

We got to his mansion

I guessed his mansion was so huge and beautiful

I knew we came unexpected

And then we met something shocking

It was a baby

A knew baby

I never knew My Tyler was a baby father

I guessed Emily was shocked too

Emily has asked the maid to hand over the baby to her while I go upstairs to talk to Master Tyler

I went upstairs and checked thousands of rooms before seeing him

He was shocked to see me at first

He asked me in a thunderous voice what I was doing here

I was shocked at him reaction

He never spoke to me that way

So why the sudden reaction

I have asked him why he changed and he told me blankly that it was because I’m a maid, a poor girl and a low class

He said he can never have anything to do with me

I felt hurt by its words that I cried

Why did God made me poor

But it never stop there

Emily was now always interested in going to his mansion to see Master Tyler child

The little billionaire called Brian

He is cute and he’s just some few months old

Master Tyler has told Emily that Brian mother died after giving birth to him

Emily became fun of the little baby and always drop by

And before I knew it Master Tyler became attracted to Emily

And Emily seems to like his present as they both play with little Brian

That was when I became jealous

Emily has used me

She will always tell me how she and Mater Tyler had fun playing with little Brian

I got hurt each passing day

I then I decided to go into action

If I can’t have Master Tyler then no one will

Not even my so called bestfriend



So Mrs Tina Tyler was never Brian mum

Is like this flashback will take us a long way

I guessed I should go buy more popcorn because lots and lots of shocking secret is about to be reviewed

So guys in your own point of view do you think it was Emily fault that Mrs Tyler turned out the way she is


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3 thoughts on “The Billionaires Maid Season 2 Episode 16

  1. Omg 🤨, well in my own view Mrs Tyler or shld I say Tina is wrong in all things, she is greedy, wicked and heartless and I hate her for that ,thou I have always hated her from d start , I just wish she dies early 😡… And pls save Ivy’s mum pls 🥺

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