May 7, 2021


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Addicted To Her Episode 22

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πŸ–€ Addicted to her πŸ’™
(He is cold, she is crazy)

By vickie πŸ’ž

🌷 Episode 22 🌷

πŸ’Ž Bryan πŸ’Ž

I heard a knock on the door, it meant only one person.

That psycho.

Come in” I have no time for her disturbance today.

Good morning sir” she said.

I don’t have time for exchanging greeting this morning.

She sat down looking at me, trying to gain my attention right?

She brought out an handkerchief, using it to dab her face.

Wait! That’s my handkerchief, I could recognize it.

Where did she get it from now..?

Where the hell did you get that from..?” I yelled.

This lady is making me talk a lot nowadays.

I said where did you get that from..?” I said and she stood up.

I took it from you yesterday boss” she said looking down.

Took or stole..?_ I said and she looked up.

Stole..?_of course not boss, I needed it yesterday, that’s why I took it” she said and I sat down furiously.
Can I keep it boss..?” She said winking at me.
πŸ’œ Rihanna πŸ’œ

Any appointments for today..?” Mr grumpy said and I cracked my head for what I’ll tell him.

I couldn’t check when I came this morning.

Oh God, what do I tell him..?

What is it now..?” He said looking pissed.

Uhm… there is sir” I said and he stared at me for a while.

Are you…..” He was interrupted by the shouting outside and his face turned cold immediately.

The door opened and his secretary came inside panting, a mark visible on her left cheeks, probably a slap.

She wanted to talk, but was shoved roughly by a lady.

Holy moly!

What is this lady putting on for Christ’s sake?

I tried to stop her sir, but…” The secretary said almost crying.

Get out” mr grumpy said firmly.

She scurried out immediately and the lady turned to me.

And what are you waiting for…?” she said rudely.

You were asking me a question boss” I said purposely ignoring her.

It seems she needs a slap on that her Barbie doll face.

Did you just snub me you scumbag” she yelled and I rolled my eyes.

What if I teach this doll a little lesson..?

And mr grumpy fires me._who knows she might be his wife.

I looked at him but he was glaring at the lady.

I sighed and walked out slowly…. stopping beside her.

If you need clothes, call this number” I said folding a little paper in her hand and walked away.

I knew she was boiling now.

She was saying something, but I didn’t even bother to hear what’s she’s saying.
That’s her problem.
🌺 Nina 🌺

I arranged my luggages dragging them downstairs.

Let me help you with it miss” a maid said collecting them from me.

Baby” I heard mum called and she hugged me.

Tell rihanna I said she must take good care of you” she said smiling.

I will but I’m not a baby mum” I said pouting and we laughed.

Where is dad..?” I said.

I’m right here honey” dad said walking towards us.

Take care of yourself baby” dad said and I hugged him.

Call me when you arrive honey” mum said and I nodded smiling.

I’m not a kid but they still treat me like one.

I’m actually going to Rihanna’s place, I want to spend some time with her.

She might be busy now, but at least I gat Eric.

Bye” I said waving at them as I hopped in.

Eric, here I come…no I mean Rihanna here I come”.


What is wrong with me..?”

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