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The Mafia Lord Episode 40

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The Mafia Lord
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 40
Fully recovered
June Daniels
One month later
I scurried out of the class after lectures and headed to the hostel gate
I flagged down a taxi and got in
“Petra hotel”. I called excitedly and the driver nodded before driving off…
I kept on grinning throughout the drive , Troy was going to be discharged today and I was so much excited .
“Miss are you okay?”. the driver asked staring at me through the rear mirror
“Do I look crazy?”. I retorted frowning at him
“No but…
“Then just shut up and drive”. I growled
he stopped in front of the hospital and I paid him after alighting from the taxi
“Crazy”. he cursed
“You are the real crazy one”. I screamed as he drove off……
I walked into the hospital greeting the nurses with a smile as I walked past them to Troy’s ward room
I pushed the door opened and walked in. I met a nurse arranging his stuff inside a big bag.
“hey . I greeted smiling, where is my husband?
“he is at the doctor office”. She replied
“Alright”. I said and sat down on a chair beside the bed .
She was soon done arranging and bowed slightly before leaving…..
“Why is Troy taking long?
I brought out my phone from my bag and was about to dial Troy number when I heard the door open . I smiled when I saw Troy walk in with Andy
“Troy. I called standing up to hug him
“When did you arrive?”. he asked disengaging from the hug
“Not quite long”.i replied
“how are you? he asked staring at my gown. Is this what you wore to class?”. he asked frowning
“Yes”. I replied, is anything wrong with it?
“It is too revealing”. he retorted
I stared at the short red gown and smirked
“I don’t see anything wrong with the gown”
“oh!. he exclaimed , let us go”.he said to Andy
“Sure”. Andy replied carrying the bag from the bed before walking out with Troy
“What is wrong with him?”. I wondered, he didn’t even wait for me…….
The drive back home was a quiet one as Troy ignored me all through
“What is wrong with him? Did I do anything wrong?”. I wondered
We soon got to the mansion and Andy drove into the compound parking inside the garage.
“Troy. I called as he was about to open the car door
“What?”. he asked without looking at me
“What did I do wrong?”. I asked
“Nothing. he replied opening the car doors
“hubby”. I called holding him tightly, please talk to me
he looked at me and sighed before he asked
“Are you ready to listen to me?
I nodded sheepishly
“I don’t like the clothes you are wearing”. he replied, it is too revealing
“But you bought it for me”. I retorted
“Did I?. he asked with a shrug, I prefer you wear something long
“Why?. I asked
“Because you are married”. he replied
“Fine”. I mumbled
he got down from the car and held the car door opened for me to get down also….
he took my hands into his as we walked inside
We walked into the room and was surprised to see a small gathering of families and friends
“Welcome home Troy. they all screamed in excitement
“Daddy”. Tricia called running to hug Troy and he carried her up rolling her around in excitement …
I went over to my parents to greet them and they smiled pulling me into a hug…
“June”.Mary called from behind me
I turned to look at her and smiled
“how are you sis?”. She asked grinning
“I am fine”. I replied, what of Miguel?
“he is over there”. She said pointing to Miguel who was seated beside a much older man on the sofa
“how are you enjoying your new home?”. She asked in whispers
“better than I expected”. I replied grinning …..
“Have you seen Sara?”. She asked looking around
“No. I replied, did she come wit…. I stopped when I saw Sara coming out of the kitchen with a tray
“When did they plan all this?”. I wondered
“Sara”. I called walking towards her, when did you get here?
“You never told me you were this rich June”. She said ignoring my questions
“how come you never told me about this party in school today?
“It was meant to be a surprise dummy”. She replied.
“But at least you could have let me know”. I queried
“So you can ruin the surprise”. She said staring at Andy
“Stop staring at him”. I warned
“Why?”. She asked, he look really hot
“he is not someone you……..
“Save the sermon for a good girl”. She said as she wiggled her waist walking towards Andy
“Crazy girl”.i mumbled
I looked around the sitting room for Troy but did not see him
“he must have gone upstairs. I thought within
I was about climbing the stairs when I felt someone tug at my cloth
I turned back and smiled when I saw Tricia
“Mummy. She called, can you dance with me?
“Mummy?”. I asked in surprise
“Yes. She replied, daddy mummy told me you are now my mommy or are you not my mommy?”. she asked innocently
“Of course I am”. I replied and she smiled
“Can you dance with me?”. She asked
“I can’t dance Tricia”
“Please mom”. She pleaded
“Ok fine”
Troy Daniels
I placed Tricia gently on the floor after rolling her around
I really missed my little baby girl
I looked around and scoffed when I saw Miguel seated beside his uncle
“What are they doing here?”. I wondered, I thought i made it clear to Miguel I wasn’t interested in aiding him and his uncle….
I headed up the stairs and pushed the door to my room opened
I smirked when I saw June clothes scattered all around .
“She is really impossible!
I sat on the bed pulling of my shoes when I heard a knock
“Come in”. I drawled
The door opened and I scoffed when walk in with his uncle
“Welcome home Troy”. Miguel said grinning
“Don’t act like we are friends ”, I warned , what are you doing here?
“We are here to welcome you”. he replied grinning
“Really?”, I asked scoffing, Just go straight to the point
“Troy we really need your help”, Carl started
“I am not interested “. I growled
“Why are you acting all stubborn Troy?”. he asked,
“Because I don’t trust you”. I replied
“You need to Troy”. he persuaded, yakusa is obsessed about killing you
“Why are you doing all this?”. I asked him, you are yakusa closest ally
“Yakusa is getting more crazier day by dad, you are also not safe”
“I can take care of myself”. I informed, so leave my room
“What of your family?”. he asked, can they also take care of themselves
I stared at him blankly without saying anything
“Your family is not safe also. he continued, your wife , your little daughter, your brother and your mot…….
“I am in”. I said cutting him short
“What do you mean by in?”. he asked
“We will destroy Yakusa and I will personally kill him”.i informed and he smiled
“We will kill him tonight…….,
Thank God Troy is back on his feet
Can’t wait


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