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The Jerk From Prison Episode 56

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(She hates him)

Episode 56


By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

(Graduation Day)
~~~~~Early Morning~~~~~

…….Alex’s pov……
Austin, Lucas and me approached the beautiful cool jet parked at a distance from the airport. It’s so neat that I wondered if it’s been cleaned every morning.

Lucas has been hanging out a lot with Austin and I think they are now close friends. I also wondered why he didn’t bring them along.
Oh…it must be because he doesn’t want to remind Rissa about the epic disgrace that made her leave our school.

In all – I still feel jittery and feeble that I was going to Queens with Luc.
He seemed so relaxed around me like we’ve been friends for ages while I’m standing a feet apart from him shaking like I was catching a cold.

We finally got close enough and Austin was the first to climb in with the help of a huge man in black.

He stretched out his hand to me afterwards and I held it hoping I’m not gonna be so heavy to pull up.
I walked up the little stairs still holding the man tightly.

Suddenly, I felt two hands hold my waist from behind and i flinched.
Who’s the person that have enough balls to…

I coupled up my thoughts when I took a glance behind and saw It was Lucas.
God! Could he never try that again…

After we had settled on the soft chair and served wine, the jet took off.
I seriously can’t wait to see her face to face.
Her height and weight.
Two years aren’t two days.

…….Mykel’s pov…….🔞
The plane has taken off and we were in mid air. I really couldn’t tell how fast we were going since the airplane was really large and hefty.

I tried concentrating on the phone I was operating but the more I looked, the more I lost interest.

I’m so bored already!
The flight attendant who turned out to be a female and seemed to be interested in me came by again – this time carrying a small tray.

“Wine, sir” She said wearing a big friendly smile.

“Set It down” I whispered and she dropped it on the table next to where I had dropped my crossed legs.

“Would you like anything else, sir?” She asked biting her lower lip.

My eyes darted to her unbuttoned shirt and full bo•obs gawking at me.

Hmm. Why i don’t I do something fun since I’m bored??..

“Yes, can you escort me to the toilet?” I asked softly and her face reddened.

“Anything for you sir. You are the only important person in this plane. Anything at all to make you comfortable” She replied positively and led the way.

I dropped my phone and fixed the mask I had been wearing.
Unfortunately, I’d have to keep wearing a mask in public to avoid witnesses – so no one should be able to identity me when the cops start asking.

She cat walked while I ambled closely behind her. We got to the toilet which was actually sizeable and not so like the one in some airplanes.

She walked to the pavement and pulled down her skirt. Her u.ndies went off next making her unclad.

She even knows what I’m in for.
I locked the door so no one would barge on us. Too bad she could loose her lame job.
I quickly wore protection and helped her pose properly for a d**ggy style.

I hope she can still walk by the time I’m done.

I plunged into her as fast as possible but jus as I was about to make a move, I felt so strange and dazed.

It started off like a headache but soon Increased to a migraine. I staggered backwards unable to contain myself.
What’s happening to me????

I fixed my member back into its pants and quickly found my way back to the VIP spot where I had been sitting. The wall helped me walk. I could hear the lady calling me but I ignored. I have to save myself first…


……..Rissa’s pov…….
“Argh! I’m so nervous, Grandma” I blabbed paranoid.

“Oh, come on Rissa. The driver is waiting. You know you’ll be part of those that’ll give an opening speech” She growled.

“Hold on…ma. We are almost done” I stated staring at my reflection on the mirror.

The maids were done fixing me up for the day. The hairstyle, makeup and jewelries.
All were in order and I think I looked great!

I stood up from the chair and turned around.

“I’m done!” I announced feeling quite numb. She gasped and scuttled to where i was.

“My grand baby! Your parents will be so proud” She cooed against my ear.

“Aright! Let’s get going. We need to take photos, too” she chipped leaving my room.

I rushed to the table to get my purse. I noticed a white card on the floor, right under the table. I picked it up and turned It around.
My eyes widened on seeing a baby photo of Mykel. His big hair and blue eyes…

I took a deep breath and got up keeping back on the table.

So sleepy😕

What do you think could be wrong with Mykel?

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