May 7, 2021


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Sold To Lucífer Episode 10

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🌷Sold to Lucifer 🌷

( The unknown voice)

Written by ✍️ Authoress Hauwau

Chapter ten

Expect some errors 🤗

😔 Minah 😔
STRIP he said and I gulp down nothing

Don’t tell me he wants to rape me,

I said STRIP he shouted his eyes red looking like a monster, before I could think of another thing my body started burning again

Arrrrrrrgggg please stop! Stop! It’s hurt, please! Please! I scream as I try to scream more but the pain seize my voice , Tears stream freely from my face,

I held the Hem of my cloth and sluggishly pull it with tears flowing freely

I covered my body with my hands, but every part of my body is still seen

Meet me in my room he said in his husky voice

He left and I followed him sluggishly,

😳Minah 😳

Lucifer drag her hair and quickly use his power to fall her flatly on him bed , he brought out dupe tape, ropes, iron,

My heart was beating fast,

Is he really going to rape or he would continue with his wicked purnishment?

Even mama hasn’t seen my nakedness why have Life been cruel to me?

Who did I offend ,that ihas to be with all this kind of purnishment?

Even Damian I trusted with my life betrayed me mama and dada also betrayed me,

Or is it because I am evil 🤔

Authoress pov ✍️✍️✍️
Minah was shaking in terror, Lucifer hold her hands and use ropes to tie her to the bed , he also use ropes to tie her two legs ,

Lucifer also use tape to hold her lips to prevent her from screaming, she try screaming for help but no one could hear or help her ,

She was shaking in terror as she was wearing only her bra and panties in front of Lucifer,

He tear her panties
He looks at her and she started crying because he is using his magic again,

He slap her and use the hot iron to design her face she tried to scream and plead but Lucifer enjoy seeing her in pain and horror

He climbed on top of her and she could feel how his huge body pin her down

The more he remembered Damian and Lucian words the more he wants to see her in pain

He use his hands to hit her legs and spread her two legs widely

He entered her roughly without warning and she all she could do was cry he thrust deeper and pound her ,

He continue pounding until she fainted

Some minutes later

Her vision was first blur but she later remembered everything and tears stream out of her face,

“Is this how I lost my prideto a monster? she said silently”

She felt water all over her body and she look up to see Lucifer glaring at her ,

“Well, now you are awake let continue from where we stop”

Whatttttttttt!! She scream and fainted

🙇 Unknown 🙇
I heard her scream and I know he has hurt her brutally

I just pray she should be able to survive before the truth is unfold

I knows there would be many scar on her body by now because Lucifer is a monster


📲 Hello fred have you seen it ?, ma Therese ask ,

📲Yes ma thanks ma , but ma it not complete

📲I know I would send your balance next week

📲Ok ma thanks ma
I said and hang up

Fool she thought I am helping her not knowing we are also enemies,

well let me call boss and tell him all the latest development of our enemies,

I can’t wait to see their downfall


Who is this Fred working for 🤔

Minah fainted again 🤣🛀
Lucifer small small 😏😒😒

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