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Only You Season 2 Episode 27

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Episode 27.
🌺Brianna 🌺
Nathaniel is crazy.

I walked into my room and quickly took
my bath.

I decided to wear a jean and a white top and I packed my hair in a ponytail.

“I left my phone is his room” I thought before walking out of my room.

I knocked on his door.

” Come in Brianna”

” No, just help me with my bag and my phone and my sandals”

” I don’t know where you kept it . come and pick it yourself”

I sighed before opening his door.

I met him putting on his vest.

” You look beautiful in that” he said with a wink.

” Yeah… thanks” I said taking my bag on the floor and my sandals.

” Let’s go together” he said putting on his sneakers.

” Okay” I said before walking out of his room.

I walked into my room and change some books before walking out of the room.
I met Nathaniel is the kitchen.

Obviously making tea.

He flashed me a smile.

” You want some? He asked

”” immediately I said that my stomach grumbled loudly

” Liar..” he chuckled.

I rolled my eyes

” I didn’t eat anything last night, I was supposed to have dinner with Shirley and the rest but when I saw you..I couldn’t even leave you in that condition” I said looking at him.

He dropped the cup of tea, walking towards me.

” Do you care for me that much? He asked looking at me.

” Of course I do..we are friends aren’t we? I asked.

I saw hurt in his eyes but he quickly covered it with a smile.

” Yeah, that’s what friends do”

” Thank you Brianna, thanks so much” he said looking into my eyes.

” It’s nothing…let me have a cup of tea so I will be able to join Shirley and Bryan for breakfast” I said walking passed him.
🌺 Nathaniel 🌺
I don’t know but I felt sad by her words when she referred me as a friend.

What am I expecting before?

She will only consider me as friend.

She’s so unique in her ways.

I can’t believe she forfeited her dinner just to stay with me.

Her beautiful ways still amazes me.

What am feeling for her is a strange feeling.

Can it be love?

If it is then am falling in love with her.

” Nath” I felt a tap on my shoulder.
I looked at her.

” Are you gonna stand there? Or you will have your tea? She asked.

” Sorry” I mumbled before taking my mug of tea.

She smiled before walking out of the kitchen.

I finished the tea and walked out of the kitchen to meet her.

” Let’s go” I said behind her.
We both walked out of the room, walking through the corridor.

” Where are we going? I asked.

” Shirley’s dorm” she said.

” And here she comes” I said immediately I saw her, Bryan, Nelson and his girlfriend walking towards us.

” Hey bestie” Shirley said immediately she got to us and hugged Brianna.

” How was your night?

” Fine, thank you”

” But you look like you didn’t have enough sleep” Shirley said before glancing at Nath.

” Oh yeah… Nath…how are you feeling? She asked with a smile.

” Am fine”

” Am sure it’s because of you that Brianna didn’t have enough sleep because she was taking care of you all night” Shirley said.

” How is your health? Bryan asked.

” Fine”

” Hope you are okay now?

” Do I look like am not okay? I groaned.

Brianna nudge me.

They are asking too many questions

” Thanks everyone…am fine” I said with a forced smile.

” Okay…okay…listen everyone” Shirley said.

We turn our attention to her.

” Am happy to announce to you that Nath here is the one buying us breakfast” she said clapping her hands.

” What? I asked, surprised.

” Right Nath?

” I never said that”

She chuckled.

” But I said it for you, I mean you have it in your mind to say it but you didn’t say anything” she said with a shrug.

” Come on, don’t be selfish…you are the rich one among us here”

” Babe” Bryan called.

She gave Bryan a quick kiss on his cheek.

” Let’s go Brianna” she said holding Brianna hand as they walked away.

” Wait for me” Elena said walking towards them.

I sighed.

She’s crazy.

Bryan chuckled looking at me.
” It’s not funny”

” Did Brianna sleep in your room last night? Bryan asked.

” Yeah” I said with a nod.
” Her eyes says she didn’t have enough sleep last night”

” Well, am sorry about that”

” You should make it up to her by getting us breakfast” Bryan said.

” Are you supporting your girlfriend?

” Who else should I support? You?

I shook my head at him.

” It’s a good to know you are fine now” Nelson said.

” All thanks to Brianna” I said with a smile.

” I hope you are not falling for her” Nelson said.

” What made you say that?

” With the way, you have been smiling” he answered.

” I think I am” I said looking at Bryan

” I don’t know what to say here… Don’t look at me…am not Brianna but whatever helps decision is, am always with her… even though you guys are friends now… don’t try to take advantage of that, I can’t bear to see water in her eyes.. even if you are in love with her, she might not be in love with you”

” There’s no way you will stay with Brianna without falling for her” Nelson said.

” Yeah”

” Even though Bryan has been with her for long and till now and am wondering why you didn’t fall for her”

” Who told you I didn’t?.. With her nice ways, you might be wrong to think she’s in love with you” he said walking ahead of me.

” Let’s go” Nelson said following Bryan.

I followed them heading to the cafeteria.
We got there and I met her laughing with Shirley.

” That’s enough Shirley…it’s not my fault” Elena frowned.

” What? How could you make the food salty? Brianna asked.

Bryan chuckled sitting beside Shirley.

” Sorry babe, am sure Shirley told Brianna” Nelson said sitting beside Elena.

” Of course…we are best friends” Shirley said and kissed Brianna Cheek.

” Am sorry” Nelson said with a smile.

” Hey, let’s have breakfast” Bryan said.

” Yeah…let go Shirley” Brianna said standing up.

I smiled looking at the both of them…I don’t think there is anyone who can Break the Bond the two share. Not even Elena who is trying to fit into their friendship.

🌺 Brianna 🌺
” Oh my Brianna…I can’t believe we are graduating today” Shirley squealed hugging me tightly.

I chuckled.

” Of course…am so happy ”

” Finally…we made it…we made it” she squealed hugging me tightly.

Why won’t she be happy?

Finally, we are out of here.

I mean, it was just like yesterday when we gain our admission into this school and I got paired with a sex pro as my room mate.

Remembering everything just made me smile.

Even dad is excited, I called him and he will here today probably with mum.

I just hope they arrive fast.

We are all dress in our graduation robe waiting for the arrival of our parents.

Shirley held Bryan’s hand tightly.

Elena and Nelson too held each other’s hand.

And Nathan?

” Am gonna miss you” I heard his voice behind me.

I turned.

He pulled me into a hug.

” Happy graduation” he said.

I chuckled.

” Thanks…is your mum or dad coming today? I asked.

” I don’t know…I mean I told them but probably maybe they are busy with their work that they can’t even remember” he sighed.

” It’s their son happy day…am sure they will be here” I said with a smile.

” I really hope so”

” That’s mum” Shirley squealed running to her.

Her mum came down from the car and Shirley jumped on her, rumpling her gown.

Bryan Chuckled, shaking his head at his girlfriend childish act.

” Let go” I said walking towards Shirley and her mum.

” Oh Brianna” she called pulling into a hug.

Shirley is the exact replica of her mum.

” Is your dad here? She asked.

” Not yet mum, but he will be here soon” I said with a smile.

” And Bryan won’t say hello to me? She asked with a smile.

Bryan Chuckled.

Shirley mum smiled before giving him a hug.

” Am so happy to see the three of you graduating together on the same day” she said with a smile.

” Mum, what about Dad? Shirley asked.

” He is on his way home, his flight took off this morning so I don’t know when he’s likely to arrive” she said.

” Okay mum,..let’s go” she said holding her mum

” Mummy’s girl” Bryan said.

She tick out her tongue before walking away with her mum.

I smiled.

Elena’s phone rang.

” Hey guys…it’s mum” she said before walking away.

Students are walking into the auditorium with their parents.

” Why is dad taking so much time? I thought looking around.

” Mum is here Brianna” Bryan said showing me the text his mum sent to him.

” Okay, I will say hi to her later” I said with a smile.

” Okay” he pecked my cheek before walking away.

” I wonder if dad will be able to make it” Nelson sighed.

A phone’s Nelson’s phone.

” I guess I will go in now… Dad will be arriving late” he said.

” can go in”

” Not yet, I want to see your dad” Nelson said.

A smile creeped on my face immediately I saw his car driving in.

” And he is here” I said smiling.

The car opened and he got out…the door opened again and mum came out.


She’s here?

Dad stood beside mum, looking around.. obviously looking for me.

” Dad” I yelled happily before running to him.

I got to him and hugged him tightly..I really don’t want to let him go.

He chuckled.

” Am so happy to see you Dad” I squealed giving him a kiss on his cheek.

” Congratulations to you”

” Thanks Dad…you are the best…I love you” I beamed and hugged him again.

” I love you too”

” Congratulations Brianna” I heard her voice.

I almost forgot she’s here.

It’s been a long time since I saw her.

Dad didn’t tell me he will be bringing her along…well it’s a good thing she’s here.

” Thank you” I said with a smile.

” How have you been? She asked with a smile.

” Fine and you? I asked.

” Am good”

” Even though I was not expecting you here but it’s a good thing that you are here” I said.

“You are looking beautiful”

” Thanks…dad meet my friends” I said pointing at Nath and Nelson as they walked towards us.

” Welcome sir” Nelson said with a Little bow.

“Thanks son…you face looks familiar…have I seen you before? He asked looking at Nathaniel.

” Yes Dad”

” He is handsome Brianna” Dad said.
” I know”

Nathaniel chuckled.

” Thank you sir”

” Let go in” he said.

” Nath… Nelson” I called looking at them.

” It’s okay…you can go in” Nelson said with a smile while Nath nods his head.
Nath and Nelson has joined us and we are say down at the special seats prepare for the graduands.

Not quite long.

The academic procession and the chancellor walked in and the graduands remain standing for them to take their seats.

Immediately they sat down.

The vice Chancellor was given to mic and he gave a welcome address to the faculty, graduands and the families present there to grace the occasion of their children.
Now it’s time for presentations of awards and degree.

The chancellor stood up to present our degrees to us.

We were called and we arranged ourselves on a row according to our department.

We stood at the foot of the stage waiting for chancellor to call our names.

He started calling names… people cheers.

Once you get to him, he will shake your hand before handling the certificate to you and then take a photo.

When he got to me…a smile spread on my face as I walked across the stage.

I was given an award for the best student in my department and the best overall.. there are prizes attached to it.

The chancellor smiled at me as I shook his hand.. he nodded his head before handling me the certificate.

Cheers roared in the auditorium as I climbed off the stage.

Finally presentation of gifts and award has finally come to end.


A special guest gave us an inspirational speech which can still be of help to the graduands in the future.

He advices us for 15—20 minutes.
I was called upon to give a valedictory speech.

Smile creeped on my face as I walked to the stage.

I took the mic and I saw dad gave me a thumbs up from the crowd.

I looked at Shirley and Bryan.

They both nodded their head at me and Nathan winked at me.

I held the mic firmly looking at the crowd.

” Good day Mr chancellor, vice Chancellor, amiable professors, our wonderful parents and friends and my fellow graduands”

I took a deep breathe.

” It was only four years ago that we entered here and it’s already time to leave. Time really passed in the blink of an eye. Four years ago, we came here with dreams and aspirations., we are leaving with a bigger ambition.”

” All of us had different backgrounds when we got here but we are leaving as the proud students of the same university with a common wish to be successful”

” As I say this, I feel a heavy heart once we hurl our caps, we will have to leave the comfortable premises of our university and things will change…I am having a mixed feeling at the moment, the feeling of being graduated and the feeling of leaving this amazing teachers and friends”

There are smiles on so many faces…I continued.

” We all are gearing up for the next phase of our life with Passion, preserverance and dedication to make it in big time to come”.

” I owe all my achievement to my Father, Rapheal Cosmos….if not for his love, care and support..if not for my Dad I won’t be where I am today…” I could hear people cheering.

Dad is smiling wholeheartedly.

” I give it all to you Dad… thank you so much…I love you Dad” I screamed happily into the mic.

The cheering increase with applaud.

” And to my best friends..Bryan and Shirley…they are the biggest and the sweetest people in my life..they are more than best friends to me, they stood by me through thick and thin.. despite my imperfections…they perfected me with their love…thank you so much” I said looking at them.

Shirley is beaming while Bryan winked at me.

“Nelson and Elena.. it’s so amazing how we became friends but I hope the bond will last forever”

I turned and fixed my gaze on Nath.

He winked at me and I smile.

” And also my best Buddy here, Nathaniel Regus.. when I met him, I never knew we will end up being friends because our first meeting was unpleasant but am glad he’s part of my life in this amazing school..I love you Nath”

Everyone cheers will smiles on their faces.

” My fellow graduates, it’s an almost honor for me to deliver a valendictorian speech today…it will be one of the most memorable day of my life. Graduation is the day that represents the beginning of one chapter of our lives and the end of another. I am pretty sure we all had some really wonderful experiences at this university. The efforts of hardwork that we have put in throughout the academic years has paid off today, and we stand here as a proud graduate of this university. The vision of our university and institutional excellence has made us into who we are today. I can still see myself as the student on the first and hoe my professors here has made competent enough to stand here, in front of so many honourable guests. This university has given us a direction to move forward in life, and for that we are extremely thankful to our professors from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you very much” I said with a bowed.

Another cheers roared up in the hall.

” I also want to congratulate all the graduates, on their finishing degrees.. it’s surely a great accomplishment which you can Take pride in.”

” I wish everyone congratulations once again and good luck for a brighter future..thank you everyone for making this occasion a memorable day for us..we love you.. God bless you” I said with a smile.

Cheers filled in Hall once again.

I dropped the mic and walked down the stage.

I could hear people chanting my name, I waved a little before taking my seat.

The votes of thanks was given, our academic procession walked out of the hall.

Cheers filled the hall as the music was put on.

Some many students ran to me giving me a tight hug for the speech.

I couldn’t help but smile.

I walked to dad and he engulfed me in a hug I could see tears gathered in his eyes.

” Thank you Dad..the honor given to me belongs to you…here is the award and my degree” I said handling it to him.

He took it and kissed my forehead.

” Let take a picture” he said.

We were able to take some pictures including mum too.

” I will see you at home Dad, bye” I said waving at him before walking away.

“. Brianna” I turned and saw Nelson, Elena , Shirley and Bryan walking towards me.

They pulled me into a hug at once.

I chuckled.

” Am gonna get choked” I said, faking a cough.

They released me.

” Sorry”

” That was a wonderful speech Anna…I felt crying” Shirley said.

I smiled.

” I got emotional Brianna” she said like she’s gonna cry.

I chuckled.

” It’s okay Shirley”

Bryan pulled me into a tight embrace.

” I love you Brianna” he whispered into my ear.

” Thank Bryan” I said.

” Thanks Brianna… it’s all because of you” Nelson said looking at me.

” It’s okay guys…I don’t wanna cry now please”

He chuckled.

” You are the talk of the school now Brianna… congratulations to you”

” You being a nerd finally paid off” Bryan Said.

I smiled.

” Am super proud of you best” he said with a smile.

” Thanks Bryan”

” Let’s party” Shirley squealed.

” Where is Nathan? Bryan asked.

” I saw him walking out of the hall but I don’t know where he is” Elena said.

Where could he be? I thought.

” I will be back guys” I said walking away from them.

I got outside the hall..close to the cafeteria I saw a figure sitting down.

I moved closer and that was when I discovered it’s Nath.

He probably can’t see me that’s because he is backing and facing the other side.

I squat behind him before touching his shoulder.

“. Brianna” he called without even looking at me.

I was surprised.

How did he know am the one.?

” How did you know am the one? I asked moving beside him.

” I know you are the one even if it’s in the dark” he said with a smile.

” What happened? Why are you here? I asked.

He kept mute.

” They didn’t come? I asked.

” Yeah” he said nodding his head..I could feel sadness in his voice.

” Am sorry Nathan”

” It’s not your fault Brianna” he said looking at me.

” You are beautiful ” he said.

I smiled.

” Even though, my parents don’t care about still very happy that I have someone who care so much about me” he said before taking my hands in his.

” Am afraid that after today, are we going to lose our friendship? He asked.

” No Nath… our friendship will remain forever..the bond we share will continue to grow” I said placing my hand on his.

” I love you Brianna” he blurted.

I was taken aback…I don’t know how to respond to him as I only stare at him.

” It’s okay Brianna…if you don’t feel the same…I just want to make you aware of my feelings before leaving this place” he said with a sigh.

” You will remain in my heart Brianna even if we don’t end up being together probably because your heart belongs to someone else…but I promise you Brianna that I will stand by you every moment of your life…I will forever Cherish you” he said dragging me gently to stand up.

” You know why? He asked immediately we are both standing.

” Why? I asked more like a whisper.

“Because your name is carved here” he said placing his hand on his chest.

Tears welled up in my eyes, threatening to drop.

He held my cheeks and kissed my forehead.

A tear dropped from my eyes.
I hugged him tightly, placing my head on his chest.

” Thanks Nathaniel…thank you so much” I said.

” I love you Brianna”

” I love you too Nath” I said.

He broke the hug and stare into my eyes.

” As a friend right? He asked.

” I nodded my head slowly.

” It’s okay..what matters is that we love and care for each other” he said with a smile.

” Yeah”

” Let’s party am sure Shirley and Bryan are walking for us”

” Yeah” I said.

He held my hand Tightly with a smile as we both walked towards where the party is going on.

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