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Only You Season 2 Episode 26

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๐Ÿ” ONLY YOU ๐Ÿ”
( How can I?)


Episode 26.
๐ŸŒบ Brianna ๐ŸŒบ
” I can’t believe we are in our final year and we are writing the final exam in the university” Shirley squealed as we walked through the corridor.

” Yeah…see how time runs fast” I said with a smile.

” Now, we are gonna become graduate…get a good job…get married and have kids…right Bryan? She asked looking at him.

He nodded his head with a smile.

” I really cannot wait to make you mine” Bryan said.

” Because you are mine” Shirley said with a smile.

” Stop doing all of that here, if not am gonna get jealous” I said with a pout.

” Go ahead” she said and pecked Bryan on his lips.

” Shirley”

She Chuckled.

” Where is Nathan? Bryan asked.

” Probably in our dorm” I Said.

” Elena and Nelson? Shirley asked.

” Here we are” we heard their voices.

We turned and saw them holding hands.
I smiled remembering how they started and now look at them.

They don’t seem to let go of each other.

It didn’t take long before Nelson started liking her and Elena won’t stop thanking me to making Nelson hers.

Am so happy I could unite two lovers together.

The years we spent here made me realized a lot…I mean I got to know more and very soon we will be out of here.

What will feels like?

I have been able to form another relationship apart from Bryan and Shirley.

Talking about Nathaniel.

We have become so close than you can ever imagine…he is full of love and care..he is funny and cute… it’s a good thing he decided to turn away from his bad ways even though it’s not as easy as you think.

I just hope one day, he will find someone who will love him wholeheartedly without thinking about his dirty past.

Besides everyone has a past.

There no Dulling moments with Nathan.

And Shirley?

She and Nathan are fond of teasing each other… while we will all sit down and watch the two cat and rat.

” Brianna..” someone called jerking me out of thought.

It’s Shirley.

” Where were you ? She asked.

” Am just here”

” You have been smiling…what are you thinking about?

” It’s nothing”

” Are you probably thinking about Nath? Elena teased.

” No…I was just thinking about when we got into this school…how our friendship started and hoe we ended up being best of friends”

” You are right Brianna….I never for once thought I will make new friends…I never for one thought I will change my ways but you Brianna…you change me…you got me the love of my life Which I couldn’t get for myself… thank you so much…if not for you Nelson won’t be here with me” she said before glancing at Nelson.

” It’s okay…am so happy that I could be of help to someone” I said with a smile.

” I use to say and I will still say it that Brianna is the best” Shirley said with a smile.

” Yeah, you are right… she’s the best” Elena added.

” Stop making feel emotional guys…we are all the Best”

Bryan cleared his throat.

” Come here” he said before pulling me into a hug.

” You are the very best” he whispered into my ear.

I smiled and broke the hug before looking at him.

He nodded his head with a smile.

” Let’s get something to eat” Shirley said

” I will prepare something for us in my dorm” Elena suggested.

” Yeah”

” You guys should go ahead…I want to check on Nath” I said walking away.

” Come with Nathan , okay?

” Okay” I yelled, heading to my dorm.
I got into my dorm.

Where is he? I thought walking to the kitchen.

I decided to check him in his room.

I knocked on his door severally but there was no response.

I turned the knob and entered.

I saw him lying on his bed, his Face looks pale with his eyes closed.

” Brianna” he muttered inaudibly.

” Nath, what’s wrong? I asked sitting beside him.

I placed my hand on his head and I flinched.

He is running a fever.

Oh my!

What do I do?

I walked out of the room and walked into the kitchen…I opened the fridge and brought out some ice block..I poured it into a napkin and wrapped it.

I walked into the room and placed his on his forehead to make him feel cool.

I boiled some water and poured it into a bowl..I dipped a napkin into the water before massaging his body with it.

I looked at the clothes he is putting on.
I need to change it” I thought walking to his closet.

I open it and saw a pyjamas.

I think this is better.

I got to the bed with the pyjamas on my hands staring at him.

” How do I change him? I thought looking at him.

I climbed on the bed and tried to lift him up so I could pull off his clothes but he is heavy.

I struggled with the clothes and I was able to remove it…I stare at him shirtless.

He is muscularly fit, why won’t girls drool over him” I thought before Wearing the pyjamas shirt for him.

Now the shirt is done… Am left with the trouser.

” Don’t think nasty Brianna” my inner mind scolded me.

I unhook his belt before removing his Jean…I wore the pyjamas trouser for him.

” Finally! I sighed.

I checked the ice block on his head, it’s melting and his hot temperature is reducing.

I breathed out relieved.

I decided to make him something to eat.
I walk into the kitchen, thinking of what to make… there’s no vegetable here

I decided to make Noddles for him and I will make it a little bit watery.
I finished preparing it and walked back inside his room.

I was able to lift up his head…but how will I feed him? I thought looking at his face.

” I guess he will eat it once he wakes up” I thought and lay him back on the bed.

I dropped the noodle on a small table…I boiled some water into the flask and dropped it beside the Noddles.

I put another ice blocks into another napkin..and I dropped it on his forehead again.

I sighed, looking at him.

I can’t Leave him alone.

What if he wakes up at the middle of the night and probably needs something.

I brought out and phone and send a text to Shirley.

I dropped the phone and sat down on Small stool beside the bed watching him as he is sleeping soundly.
๐ŸŒบ Nathaniel ๐ŸŒบ
I groaned, opening my eyes slowly.

I felt something on my forehead…I touched it before removing it.

It’s a wet napkin.

How did this get to my head? I thought looking at it.

I turned and saw a head covered with hair on my bed.

” Who’s this? I thought removing the hair from her face to have a better view of who is she and what she’s doing in my room.

Brianna” my eyes widened in surprise.

She’s fast asleep.. sitting on the small stool and putting her head on the bed.

She looks cute” I thought staring at her face.

She’s not comfortable this way…I climbed down from the bed before carrying her properly on the bed.

” Hmmmm” she hummed in her sleep.

I smiled turning to walk out of the room, I saw a plate cover on my small table with a paper to it.

” Incase you wake up…eat this while it’s still hot” it’s reads.

I smiled and glance at her before opening the plate.

It’s Noddles and it’s still hot a bit.

I was eating the Noddles when my eyes sighted my Jean.

I looked at myself…that was when I realized am in my pyjamas.

Did she changed me into this? I thought trying not to imagine it.

I finished eating and drank water from the flask she kept for me.

I climbed back on the bed, trying to catch some sleep not without staring at her face.
My eyes stir up from sleep.

A smile creeped on my face because the first thing I saw is her beautiful face and her hair that has fallen on her face.

I moved her hair back with my hand to have a better view.

She looks beautiful in her sleep.

Such a sleeping beauty” I thought.

But she’s more fragile.
Her eyes stir open slowly and she caught me staring at her.

She blinked her eyes rapidly before yawning, stretching her body.

” Oh my neck hurts” she groaned holding her neck.

” Am sorry” I mumbled.

She looked at him with her brow furrowed.

” Oh…you are awake…how are you feeling now? She asked touching my forehead.

She breathe out relieved.

” It’s a good thing to know you are feeling better” she said with a smile.

” Thank you Brianna” I said.

” Thank God…I was here on time…I was just worried when I didn’t see you” she said getting down from the bed.

” Did you change me into this? I asked looking at her.

” Yeah…I changed you into that…am sorry but I..I.. didn’t…see anything…I close my eyes while wearing trouser and you…

I chuckled looking at her cute face.

” Are you sure you didn’t see anything? I asked.

” Yeah” she said, nodding her head.

” Will you like to see it? I asked looking at her with smug smile.

Her eyes widened in shock.

” If you want..I can show it to you” I said trying to remove my trouser.

She covered her eyes with her palm and I couldn’t help but smile at her.

” Am pulling my trouser off”

” No… don’t…stop” she yelled.

” Done with my trouser…am pulling off my pant and it’s coming out” I said stiffening a laugh even though am not doing anything.

” Look at it…see..” I teased still holding my trouser.

” You are crazy” she yelled and scurried out of my room.

I burst out laughing at her reaction.

I was just teasing her.

Coined โœ๏ธ From Owie Oyindamola’s Deck.

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Crazy Nathaniel.

I love you all โค๏ธ

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