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Only You Season 2 Episode 25

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๐Ÿ” ONLY YOU ๐Ÿ”
( How can I?)

Episode 25.

๐ŸŒบ Brianna ๐ŸŒบ
” What’s going on here?

That’s Nathaniel’s voice…I broke the hug and flashed him a smile.

He looked at Nathaniel.

“What’s up”. Nelson said before standing up.

They shook hands.

” Thanks Brianna” Nelson said and gave me a peck on my cheek.

” I will see you later” he said, walking out of our dorm

I clasped my hands together, looking at Nathaniel.

” Is that your boyfriend? He asked, before sitting on the couch.

“No… he is not my boyfriend and you know that” I said.

” I have seen him before and I could tell he likes you” he said looking at me.

” He is just a friend but Elena’s boyfriend” I said before sitting beside him.

” Elena’s boyfriend? So ugly girl got a boyfriend” .

I smack him on his shoulder.

” Ouch” he whined.

” Don’t say that about my friend… she’s not ugly… everyone has a beautiful side” I said.

” You are right but that hurts you know”
I chuckled.

” I feel like smacking you back but am scared Bryan and Shila will break my bones” he said with a smile.

” Good”

He smiled.

” I never knew I will meet you here, I thought you will be with Shila and Bryan”

” It’s Shirley not shila, Nathaniel”

” It’s Nath…not Nathaniel” he groaned.
I chuckled.

” Nathaniel sounds sweet than Nath” I said with a smile.

” You think so? He asked.

” Yeah”

” It’s only my nanny who calls me Nathaniel” he said.

” Your Nanny?

” Yeah”

” You have a Nanny? I asked, surprised.

” Yeah..but not anymore”

” Why?

” She’s no more” he said with a hint of sadness in his voice.

I gasped.

” Am really sorry about that ” I said.

” It’s nothing Brianna”

I nodded my head and silent dropped between the both of us since I don’t know what to say to him.

” Am Nathaniel Regus…the only child of my parents” he stated breaking the silence.

” Regus? You mean Fred Regus son? I asked.

He looked at me before nodding his head.

” Oh my! He is a popular business Mogul”

” Yeah” he said.

” Wow…it’s nice to meet you sir” I joked.
He chuckled.

” So tell me more”

” I never wanted to grow up like this..but I ended up being like this… Nanny Sarah is the woman mum employed to take care of me when I was very much young since she and dad are very much busy with their work…they travel almost every week and will leave me with Nanny Sarah”

” Nanny Sarah is quite older than mum…she knows me more than my parents… sometimes I wish she’s my mother because she gave me all I ever wanted in a mum..I don’t feel the absence of my mum since Nanny Sarah is there…when I was young..I used to be a nerd just like you…I do study hoping in the future I want to become a successful man more than my Dad” he Said.

I took a deep breathe listening attentively to his stories.

” One day, when I came back from school hoping that nanny would have prepared my lunch, my bathing water… hoping to see her at the entrance of the gate with her open arms but that day I got the shockest news of my life” he said as he eyes darkened.

He shut his eyes tight before taking a deep breathe….he is trying to hold back the tears that clouded in his eyes.

” Nanny Sarah was suffering from cancer disease which I know nothing about Brianna…she never told me she has cancer” he said with sadness written in his voice.

He opened his eyes to look at me…his eyes is filled with regrets and tears.

” That day…I lost my nanny…I lost her Brianna” he said and a water dropped from his eyes.

I couldn’t take it anymore…I moved to him and hugged him tightly.

A felt a drop of water on my back..
I couldn’t say anything but to pat his back…I mean I felt bad for him.

” Ever since I lost Nanny…there was no one to care for me…I felt lowly..I felt my world has crumble since my world revolves around her” he said breaking the hug.

” Am so used to my nanny that I can’t do without her, her death almost took my life and that was when my mum was available for me for just two weeks…I know if nanny didn’t die I won’t even see my mum at all”

” When I got into high school…I was able to make friends with some guys…I mean they are people I enjoy their company so much” he said before shaking his head.

” One of my best pal was Dylan…he was the one who introduced me into having sex…he mocked me that am a mummy’s boy…the first girl I fucked was from him and that was because we went to a party organised by him” he said and sighed.

” When I got to sex her once…I felt the urge to have it once more which I did continuously…there was no one to correct me…I needed so much attention from mum and dad but they couldn’t see it or they saw it but choose to ignore it”

A short silence took place between us.

” Brianna…I was once a drug addict” he said looking into my eyes.

A gasped excaped my mouth.

” Yeah…am not only a sex pro but a drug addict”

” Do you still take hard drugs? I asked.

” Yeah but not all the time… only when am depressed” he said.

I took a deep breathe not knowing what to say.

” I never wanted to grow up as a bad guy but it’s so unfortunately I ended up being one…if only my parents were there for me…I won’t have gotten myself into so much mess” he said.

” That night which I tried to force myself on you… it’s as a result of the drugs I took trying to calm my nerves…am really sorry for the assault”
I sighed.

Lack of parental care made him turn out like this” I thought.

” Brianna… Now I have told you all about me…none of these were my fault…I..

” I know Nathaniel… none of these were your fault…if only your mum was there for you, I mean things won’t turn out this way…you won’t have engage yourself in it”

He pulled me into a hug.

” I have a dirty past Anna…I just need some time and I will open up to you..” he said.

I nodded my head.

He broke the hug and looked at me.

” I felt relieved talking to you” he said with a smile.

” It’s my pleasure…I will always be here for you and I will be ready to listen to you” I said holding his hand.

” You sure?

” Yeah” I said with a smile.

” Tell me about you Brianna and who is Kayden” he said looking into my eyes.

I sighed.

” It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it”

” No…I will tell you…I know you are so eager to know who Kayden is” I said.

He nodded his head, giving me a small smile.

” Kayden and I used to be lovers”
๐ŸŒบ Nathaniel ๐ŸŒบ
Tears rolled down her cheeks by she time she finished telling me about her mum and Kayden.

I couldn’t take it as I felt my heart ache.

” I missed him so much Nath…no matter how I try to forget about it but there’s nothing I could do about it” she cried.

I pulled her into a hug, patting her back.
I sighed, feeling sad for her.

She loved him so much even after a year of their separation.

She still feel something for him.

She went through of all that?

When you look at her, you will never know she’s broken.

She’s different from every other girls I met.

And her Dad?.

He should be given world best dad for taking care of his daughter without getting married to another woman after his wife left.

And her mother deserve to die.
She’s no different from my so called mother.
They both deserve to die.

I understand Kayden was hurt but he shouldn’t have left her.

I wonder if he loves her like he claimed he does.

He is just a chicken.

She is really strong.

Now I know the reason why Bryan don’t joke with her.

Looking at Brianna, she’s fragile.

Bryan is really a good friend.. I wonder why he didn’t date her.

It’s a good thing though.

She removed her head from my shoulder before cleaning are eyes

” Are you okay now? I asked looking at her.

” Yeah… thanks Nathan…am sorry I wet your shirt”

” Nathaniel? Nathan… which one are you gonna call me? I teased.

” Which ever one you want” she said with a smile.

” Your beautiful face doesn’t deserve this tears but smile always Brianna…if you ever need someone…I want you to be rest assured that I will always be there for you” okay?

” Yeah”

I smiled.

“Thanks Nathan… thank you”

” Do you care for something to eat? I asked, checking my time.

” No, I will be having my lunch with Bryan and Shirley” she said, standing up.

” I will join you guys” I said Standing up.

” I just hope what happened at the cafeteria won’t repeat itself” she said.
I chuckled.

“What do you expect from the school bad boy? I asked and winked at her.

She chuckled.

” I will just change my shirt” I said walking to my room.

” Alright, am waiting for you”

๐ŸŒบ Brianna ๐ŸŒบ
We sat down round the table.
I, Bryan, Shirley, Nelson, Elena and Nathan.

Elena glance her Nelson and couldn’t help but smile.

My eyes met with Nelson and he nodded his head.

I smiled, finally.

Happiness is written on her face.

” Hey Elena…you have been smiling since…is there anything you are not telling us? Shirley asked, cleaning Bryan’s mouth.

Her cheek flushed.

” Have this’s good for you” Nelson said passing her some bacon.

He took out of it and fed Elena.

But now Elena cheek should be burning from smiling and blushing too much.

Shirley glance at me and I nodded my head at her.

” Are you guys kind of dating? She asked.

” Yeah…we are dating now” Elena said giving Nelson a peck.

” Oh that’s good…am happy for you both” she said with a smile.

” Congratulations” Bryan said.

” Yeah and I wish you both lots of happiness” I said with a smile.

I nudge Nath expecting him to say something.

He looked at me and I signal him to say something.

” I wish you all the best” he said casually.

” Thank you”

” Thanks”

I pinched his hand under the table and he whined.

” Are you okay? I asked.

He glare at me…I smile.

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