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My Own Decision ( chapter 12 )

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My own Decision
Chapter Twelve: MY FIRST KISS

I sat at the mini dinning table the next day and watched Ma as she make Breakfast, I couldn’t help but ask her the question that have been bothering me, “you allowed my friends in yesterday without turning the away why?, she was silent for awhile before turning to stare at me, “Because I know it with make you happy and what gain with I have if I turn them away”, “what about mum” I asked, ” I think you Mum have come to realize that, she can’t lock you away forever, you need some friends likewise happiness, maybe you should give your mum a chance to be a better mum to you” I looked down at my hand she was asking the impossible, maybe I can recognize her as my mum but that relationship that existed between a child and her mother can never be there, “it too late” I looked up at her to see the puzzled look at her face, , “it too late for that, sometimes certain things can’t be fixed no matter what”, I stood up to avoid further discussion about this, I know she would try to push harder to convince me the more, but it was too late for all of that, I opened the back door to sit at the shredded spot there, i had come here for years to cry or think whenever I was bothered with something, it was one of the best place I love staying in the house, ” Miley! someone called, I recognized the voice before turning to Troy standing at the door, he moved close to where I was sitting, “how did you know I was here” I asked pretending to dust dirt from my wet eyes ” your Ma told us, Morgan is helping her out with the food, she said she can’t resist Cooking in such a big kitchen” he laughed which made me to smile, ” And why are their tears in your eyes” he asked coming to stand in front of me, ” Tears…. no it not” “I know you’re lying so theirs no need in pretending” he smiled, I don’t want him to see my crying not today, “you’re going to lie to me right, OK continue” he shrugged and sat beside me, I sigh and looked at him, ” can you ever put together a broken glass” he stare at me deeply before answering ” not possible”. yeah I know, my mum and I….you know don’t have a good relationship and now am excepted to forgive her and give her a chance to mend all her ways, I turned to face him “you know it is possible” he said you can forgive her and everything would be fine” ” no it won’t be nothing would be fine, I can forgive her but can never forget all those years without a mother’s love, I can’t… I just can’t, you know their some gap that can never be closed no matter how you try or struggle I sobbed into my palm, he patted my back gently, ” maybe I don’t understand what your going through now, but all I know that if you can’t change your past, you can change your future with us in it” “Thanks” I looked at him for a while before standing up and allow him to do the same, I did the only thing that came to my mind, I hugged him tightly, ” I guessed that I have given you a lot of trouble” ” what are friends for” still not releasing him, ” I wonder what you see in a pity girl like me” I released him trying to laugh it off, ” but he still held me at an arm length, ” what I see is a girl in you is a strong girl who struggle despite all the breakdown and heartbreak she passed through, you still pick up what left in you” he tugged a strand of my hair behind my ear, moving his face to stand am inches away from mine, making me share an oxygen with him, I could feel every breath he takes I only saw him smile before he lean in and touch his lips to mine., i wanted to pull back away from his grasps but I didn’t, it felt so good to be here to just lean in and kiss him, he pulled away gently before placing another kiss on my forehead, “cough, cough” we both turned in surprise, “your Dad is waiting” Morgan announced with a suspicion grin on her face, I felt my face burn while she continue to smile.
Dad took us to a famous restaurant in the town and also for sight seeing, we ended up at the beach, “So Troy tell me about your family”. actually I didn’t know much about Troy and I didn’t want to bother him about that so that it won’t be as if am prying, I only know that, he is from a very rich family and has four siblings ” dad worked in oil company with my mum and also my siblings are all studying abroad” “yeah that a wow!!” Morgan excel aimed, filling her mouth with chocolate chips, “so why not here” Dad asked, ” you see…my Dad usually got transfer a lot “so it seems perfect if they just stay one place and study” “what about you, don’t you love to study abroad” “um.. I prefer travelling with him, I love the experience, Change of environment and all but when I graduate next month am moving to abroad” I choked at my snack immediately, turned to looked at him, he going to leave, I couldn’t place it, yeah he was leaving me here and….. “Miley here water”Dad offered me, I turned to Morgan, she was staring at me also, did she know or is she shock like I was, “Miley!! Dad called again, I grabbed the water and tried to swallow down want I just heard, it can’t be possible, he can’t leave like that, what about me, Morgan, our friendship and our kiss, I taught it was start of something ” what wrong children did I ask a sensitive question” Dad asked staring at us “yes sir you did…..Morgan said without aviating her gaze on me…

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