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My Own Decision ( chapter 11 )

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Chapter Eleven: SCHOOL BREAK

I sat on my bed sketching and painting my art project, i know it looks bad but I don’t have any option but to continue my miserable project, it was already school break and boring as usual. I heard a noise at the front door, i didn’t bother cause Ma was around until I heard her called my name, “you have a visitor Miley! I wonder who was that, nobody ever visited me unless one person, my dad, I jumped down from the bed, but why didn’t he called or inform me, I rushed downstairs almost tripping on my way down, Ma was holding the door for me, I almost stop when I saw who was on the front door, “Morgan, Troy! I screamed in surprise, I rushed and embrace her,”what about me Troy asked opening his arm opened, I jokingly punch him on his arm, ” ouch!! he laughed, “how…oh God, I ran my hand through my hair I was speechless, “Am so surprised” “And happy, Morgan winked at me ” yeah and happy”, I laughed, “Miley! Ma called from the kitchen, aren’t you inviting them in” ” yeah are we standing outside” Morgan ask with her smiling face, “of course not, come in” why did Ma ask me to invite them in, I was even thinking on going out with them because Ma would never allow someone in, jeez this is a testimony I exclaimed, “wow your house is so….beautiful” Morgan voiced out ” And….huge” Troy completed, “Thanks guys, ” let’s go to my room”, I wouldn’t be comfortable with them in the sitting room knowing that Ma was close by, “Ma bought up some fruit juice, ” what would you guys love to have” she smiled at them, I was So dammed surprise, what have gotten into Mum and Ma, “we should be asking Troy and Miley that because me….am helping you out ” Morgan said going to stand beside Ma, I raised my eyebrow at her in surprise and she winked back at me, “Are you sure about that” Ma asked her, “of course” ” Any food is fine by me” I answered turning to Troy, ” me too” he shrugged, “OK Ma answered before walking down with Morgan and am left with Troy, I was still facing the door when I heard him ” oops!!!! what is that, I turned and saw him pointing at my art project, “that….that is my work, my art project”, he turned to stare at me ” Tell me it a joke and you’re not going to submit that” he asked biting down his laughter, ” it not a joke and am submitting it” I said trying to sound angry, ” it looks like a piece of junk he said bursting out with laughter, ” Hey Mr. don’t Insult my work or else…” “or else what…he dares me, I looked down and saw the paint use in doing my art project beside my bed, ” or else I Will paint your face with these” he followed my gaze and saw the paint, “you won’t dare, ” of course, I will” I rushed toward the paint, dipping my finger in it turned and rubbed him on his forehead, he opened his mouth in surprise, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing, immediately I felt his strong hand pin my hand at my back, he grabbed the paint and smiled down at me, ” beg me” “Am not”, ” beg me or else this whole paint is going on your face” “you won’t try it” “oh such a strong headed girl” he said smearing my face with paint, “Troy! I half yelled, you’re going to pay for this” he laughed realising his grip on me, ” really, instead of making me pay, try fixing your project” just then the door opened, we turned to know who it was, Morgan was carrying a plate of food, she stood stone still on the door, “what happened to you guys face” I turned and gave Troy a hard gaze, ” you guys were doing lover fight right!” ” Maybe…yeah, hr smiled, but you have to see this”, Troy brought my project and place it in front of her, ” what is that”she asked, “Don’t you recognize, it your girlfriend project, Morgan stare at me before laughing her head off ” This looks like the colour of my dad old T-shirt” “Morgan!! I tried to fake a frown, ” Admit it it looks terrible ” she continue laughing, I looked back at my project, it was more than terrible, I know I would actually get an F on this, I smiled “yeah it terrible, more than” I admitted before joining in the laughter, we ate our food and listen to Morgan gist, ” my brother is very good painter, maybe i would talk to him on helping you with your project but the thing is that he is always busy with stuff” she said sounding down, ” it OK I will do it for her” Troy spoke up, I turned to stare at him, ” really, wouldn’t mine be better than yours”. ” of course not, I can paint very well, because that…..I already know what he wanted to say “is my another super power” we chorus, before bursting into laughter, Morgan stare at us with a weird face, and mutter “lovers”. it was already evening, when went downstairs, Morgan gave Ma a warm hug, Troy just waved at her before leaving, we were still on the drive way, before I saw Dad car pulled up with Mum inside,” What….I couldn’t help being surprise, they pulled up and moved toward us, I can see Mum face crowded in frown, but dad was smiling as usual his smile was what calmed me, “is that your parent” Morgan asked, I just nodded, ” dad came to where we were standing opening his arm for me hug him, I didn’t hesitant to move Into his arms, it was like shield to hide me away from mum’s angry look, “My girl looks so happy today Dad commented withdrawing me from his arm to look at me, how was your day” ” fine I nodded, he looked behind me, so this is Troy and Morgan” he said looking back at me “you remembered” I laugh, I didn’t know he would remember such a trivial stuff, but I was happy, “of course I do, how can I forget my daughter best friends” I looked back at mum but she weren’t saying anything, dad whispered in my ear “it OK” he smiled at me, ” you guys can join us for dinner if you want” dad said, “no sir we are OK” Troy spoke up, “what about tomorrow let have some fun outing, what did you think”, dad was not backing off, ” of course we will “Morgan chip in excitedly which made me laugh, ” OK nice to meet you guys” he smiled before going inside with mum. I waved them off before before returning inside the house, I was already prepare to hear mum angry comment and words, Morgan! she called I stopped dead where I was, ” yeah I turned awaiting the worst, ” would you like to have some dinner with I and your Dad, I have never had dinner with her talk less with both parent and why was she not screaming or shouting at me Like usual, , I just nodded my head is this really my mum or some stranger, Ma made dinner for us even though I had no space left in my stomach after eating with Morgan and Troy I couldn’t refuse for the first time to have dinner with them, it was what I had wish for, for so long, I watched mum across the table sometimes smiling at dad words responding and asking me question, I was surprise me, for the first time that night I saw mum smiling….Truly she loves dad.

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