May 6, 2021


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My Own Decision ( chapter 10 )

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My own Decision

“Hey! Morgan greeted me as my driver dropped me off in front of the school gate, “hey Morgan”. “you know you have a tons of update to gist me about”she grin, “really, “yeah, she smiled, “hey girls, we turn to see Troy walking up to us, “Hi senior, Morgan greeted, my name is Troy, please use my name, I couldn’t help but laugh at both of them, “really what funny” Troy ask frowning his face, “watching you beg your junior” I responded bursting into laughter with Morgan, “jeez!! he exclaimed laughing, “so how was the meet up with your Dad” Morgan asked, cause if you’re not accepting him am going to start acting like a dad figure to you, “yeah you would look great in acting that” i said grinning “so tell us, you finally met with Dad”, Troy ask reaching for my palm, “yeah…I did it was unbelievable, he was nothing I imagine, I thought he would be so mean and all that…..”like your mum” Morgan chip in smiling, what! a friend, I laugh, “yes but he turns out to be the opposite” “Am so glad you finally met your Dad” Morgan said hugging me, “And am very glad to have you guys as friends, “And…I will like to meet your dad to bill him for all the years, he left you”, “you like war miss Morgan” Troy teased, “why won’t I, so…. Morgan turn to me, we need to go out for a drink, you know to toast for a new beginning”, she grin at me “yeah I think so”, “wait I know….going for a drink doesn’t mean drinking alcohol” Troy asked looking at both of us, I chuckled, ” kinda I laugh, he shook his head, “Easy girls, immediately the bell for lesson rang, “it time for the two lover bird to let go of their hands now, jeez I totally forgot, i gave her “I would get back to you” look and she smiled at me, Troy let go before waving us off, I couldn’t help but missed his warm hand, what was I even doing, I don’t want to get addicted to him, The school hideout has now turned into a special meeting place for I and Troy, ” hi I greeted already finding him there doing break, ” hi he motion for me to next to him,when I have seated, ” what was your first reaction when you meet your dad” he asked, “happy then later anger” he held out his hand without any question I took it savouring in the warmth of it, ” Tell me about your childhood”, nobody have ever asked me that, I stare up at him, ” it not what you imagine” I said, ” Tell me, I want to hear it” how can I start telling him all those things, other kids have an enjoyable childhood but mine was…. ” it super boring” i said, it would bore you”. ” Then so be it” my heart was filled with unexplainable emotion, “I know leaving without a dad has cause you a lot of pain all these while and you have endure and hide it in here” he touched his chest, ” so say it out, it would help you move forward, if you open up and speak out all your pain you won’t find it difficult to await whatever is in the future” ” you really speak like an old man”I smiled, ” yeah that also one of my power” he laughed, “ really hard you know, my mum was always busy with work and never have a spare time to stay at home, it really hurt, and also I made horror movie my best movie because anytime I watch something else and see all these family stuff how happy and loved they all look, I felt really jealous, angry and sad, mum never come to any of my school function and that was the reason I stopped participating in any activities and stuff, school Graduation was worst seeing everyone with their parent, it made me feel left out, I felt as if am not wanted, tears rolled down my eyes and I sobbed, I just wished I have a complete and happy family. when I grow older I stopped wishing, I concluded in my mind this is what I get wishing won’t help me but would increase my pain, it made me hate everyone around me until I meet Morgan and you, I turned to face him, I have never had friends before and every time I looked at you guys my greatest fear is to loose any of you, I can’t bear the pain of loosing you guys, you and Morgan really made school fun and happy for me ….”I sobbed really hard this time until I felt his arm wrapped around me, patting my hair gently, kissing my forehead and saying sillily little words until I became calm, he moved me slowly from his arm to look in my face, ” we won’t ever leave you, you’re now a big part of our life and I know so well that Morgan can’t do without her crime mate” that made me laugh, ‘yeah I was her sweetest crime mate” I laughed hugging my self tightly in his arm.

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