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Married To A Prince (MTAP) Episode 10

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Married 💏
( Duty conquers all)

Written by ✍️ Authoress Hauwau
This episode is rated under 18 should skip 🥴🥴

Chapter ten


I reach the mansion and the guards open the door, I come down from the car and walk inside our room, the way the guards stare at me with hatred makes me feel more hurt,

How would I abort my pregnancy? But who is that person that hate me to the extent of drugging me?

Who did I offend that can’t forgive me but has to frame me? I have always try my best to avoid anything that would cause trouble, now I am in trouble and I don’t even know who despise me so much,

I enterd the sitting room to see some maids, some stare at me with pity, while some stare with hatred and disgust but none of them utter a word,

I bit my lips as I open the door to our bedroom and sigh sadly, I allow the tears flow freely,

I sit at the edge of the bed and I cry more, I remembered the words the women said at the hospital and it makes me feel more hurt ,

“when you know you don’t want to give our crown prince an heir why did you argree to marry him?”

” I told you she is nothing but a known whore”

“I know she is nothing but a wicked princess”

I felt more hurt the more I remembered what happened just minutes ago, how many minutes my life as been ruin

“From today Henceforth I want everyone to be calling her by her name and your royal tittle has been seize forever” this was what my mother said and it makes me feel more hurt”

Even my parents already disown her, I knows from today henceforth everything about my life as change,yes my life as change from bad to worst , everyone believes I kill my unborn child,

Even though I don’t want this marriage I would never be that heartless to the extent of killing an innocent child,

I heard the sound of the door open and I continue crying,

“Hannah I heard what happened am sorry” Talia said

I swear I did not do it , I swear by the god I am innocent , how would I kill my child? I said crying bitterly

Shh it’s ok I understand and I know you are never an evil person, I know you can never hurt a fly not to talk of your blood, you have to stay strong for yourself, please! don’t cry anymore”

D id yo u k no w th a t I ca n ‘t give birth again? Did you know my womb as Being damage for life? Did you know my parents already disown me? Did you know even all the subject hate me more than anything?

I understand be patient,

No you won’t understand!! You are not in my shoe, and you don’t know what I am passing through, everyone hate me now and I am also sure Xavier would also hate me more than anything

“I might not want to marry him but not to the extent of killing my unborn child and destroying my womb for life, am I not curse! Talia,! I said sobbing bitterly”

Talia cuddle me and I slept up even though I felt really scared I know Xavier would be really mad at me, I just pray he should understand if I explain to him,

i was still sleeping when I felt my hair been drag and i wince in pain the tears flow freely

“You bitch! hear me now and listen attentively”

You are meant to provide me an heir to my throne,

You were meant to make sure my subject fall in love with you, but what did you do? You kill my first son! You kill my heir to the throne!! You dare hurt my blood!! You dare disobey my rule!! You are nothing but a murderer!

From today henceforth everything work by rules, I would make you feel pain! You would beg for mercy but won’t see!

I would break your bone bit by bit ,I would hurt you more than you might imagine, I would make your life as hard as ever,

From today you seize to be my bride but my whore to do as I please, I would use you as I like and treat you like nothing but a slave, you are now my slave and you would call me your master ,

From the day you hurt my first blood from that day I despise you! and would do every single thing for not only hurting my blood but also making other make jest of my subject, with that he hit me really hard on mystomach and I fall flat coughing out blood

This is just the beginning you murderer!! he said with pure hatred”

I sigh deeply Oh God! so this is my fate and my new life?

Princess Akira

📲 Hello ma he is back and really mad at her

📲 Good, expect me by tomorrow

📲Ok ma, I can’t wait

I decided to call xavier, I really miss him alot,

📲 Xavier

📲Akira long time,

📲 Yes of course you forget about me all because of your wife, right?

📲 You know that a lie

📲 Well Expect me in your house tommorow,

📲Are you kidding me

📲No am damn serious don’t you want me to visit you” I asking faking sad tone

📲Of course I miss you alot

📲 Same here baby can’t wait for you to cum on my mouth” I said and quickly hang up

Remembering him make feel turn on already I entered my bathroom and strip and I stare at how wet I am for xavier, that is one thing about me only hearing is voice alone turn me on

I finger myself and moan loudly I need a good fuck

Why not call your guards my inner mind said and I felt happy

📲 Hello Chris get me two guards that could fuck me till I get satisfy,

📲Ok ma,

📲 “Send them to my bathroom” I said and hang up,

I am really fortunate for being a princess, I am a very lucky Princess that get everything I want and Xavier won’t be an exception, yes because he is already mine and mine alone,

The first guy strip naked and pull me closer I opened my two legs and he use two fingers to finger my pussy and I feel like heaven

Damn I am really wet he continue fingering me and after sometime he brought his big thick to my entrance and he entered once and start stroking really harm

Hmm faster I moan loudly in pleasure, he entered faster and I felt like I was in heaven, he started stroking so fast and deeper and I moaned loudly in pleasure

I lay flat on the floor still inside the bathroom the second guard lay on top and he kiss my lips and I moan in pleasure, he continue showering kiss all over my body,

He squeeze my big boobs and put one inside his mouth and he continue later licking and chewing it, he use one hand to squeeze my big breast and I felt really turn on

Squat, the second guard said and I obey immediately ,

The first guy brought his dick to my mouth and I held it and I push it deeper he moan in pleasure I continue licking every part of his dick,I want more of this feeling

The second guard hold my big butt and he entered from the back, he drive really fast and thrust deeper he held my breast and he continue going deeper and i held his waist and he go deeper into my mouth

He cum in my mouth and I lick everything, the second guard almost cum inside me but I was quick to push him,

You guys did a good job, I said happily

How about you make us cum? The second guard said and I felt happy,

“Well you guys would know your Princess is expert in that aspect , let see how long two of you can last “I said boastfully,

One word for Princess Akira 😳

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