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Dreams Episode 35

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Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 35
Candace Noah
Gobsmacked, I left the dean office and headed to my class
Tears streaked down my face as the memory of what happened in class flashed through
Who would have thought a naive girl like Loretta would do something evil! Who would have thought that a girl I called my friend would try to frame me…
Oh Loretta! I trusted you , I loved you , i even treated you like a sister but you chose to hurt me , why?
Candy! a familiar voice called and turned back knowing it was Chase
he was walking towards me
I smiled
I could have been expelled if he had not stood up for me
Candy! he called again when he got closer
hey. I smiled
Why did you leave without me? he frowned
You were talking to the dean. I replied softly
So, can’t you wait?he probed
I am sorry . I sniffed
What is with the tears? he asked wiping the tears rolling down my eyes
I can’t just help it, the tears just keep flowing . I guess it is because I am in pain
why? he stared at me in surprise
I was called a thief , i was betrayed by my own friend
I understand how you feel but…… he tried to say but I cut him off
Is it because I am poor? Is that the reason why no one tried to investigate. I yelled
Candy! he called softly
What would have happened to me if you weren’t there? What would have happened to me if I had not know you? I would have been expelled for a crime I know nothing about . I broke down in tears
I am sorry Candy. he apologised and pulled me into a hug.
I am sorry. he repeated
I disengaged from the hug
You did nothing wrong, so what are you sorry for?
I am sorry for everything. he apologised for the third time and I smiled
I need to get to class . I informed
If that is the case, I will go with you . he insisted
Why? I stared at him in surprise
To right the wrongs……….,
The whole class became noisy when we walked in
Chase! Chase! my classmates kept on squealing in delight
I stared at him wondering what he meant by “right the wrongs”
He clapped his hands to get attention and the class soon became quiet
he glanced at me before he started talking
Good afternoon, I am here to clear the air on what happened earlier on. Candace here was framed and on no account should anyone tease or taunt her , is that clear? he asked
Yes .they all chorused
Anyone who tries it will have to contend with me .he warned
Are you happy now? he faced me
I nodded
Thanks so much
It is nothing. he smiled pulling me closer to him
What are …… I tried to ask but he shut me up with a kiss
The whole class became rowdy as some of the students were screaming and taking pictures…
he broke the kiss and smiled
Why did you do that? I asked in whispers
To let the whole word know you belong to me . he smirked
Thanks . I blushed
Get ready , we will be recording the duet tomorrow. he whispered into my ears
What! I stared at him in surprise
he winked at me before leaving the class………
After Chase left the class, some girls rushed towards me
hi candy , I am Becky . a dark girl introduced
Hi , I am Abby . another one introduced
I stared at them as they kept on introducing themselves
Can we please talk later? I excused and walked over to Barbie seat
Barbie erm I mean Tiffany. I called and she flashed me a smile
Thanks for standing up for me . I appreciated
It is nothing. She smiled
But why did you do it, I thought you don’t like me. I probed
I like you candy but you always push me away . She corrected
I am sorry . I apologised
Can we be friends now?
Sure . I smiled………
Chase Delgado
After leaving Candy’s class, I headed to the studio
I smiled when I remembered the look on Candy’s face after kissing her, it was priceless
Chase! I heard someone called me and I turned to meet the gaze of Kira
What is it? I frowned
Are you still angry? She asked
Then why …. she tried to say but I cut her off
I am very busy , let’s talk later. I walked out on her …….

Loretta Samuels
Standing in front of the huge gate , i felt so dejected
What will happen to me now? What will I tell my parent? Will I tell that that I got expelled because I betrayed my own friend
My phone suddenly rang, it was Kira
I received it
Hello ma’am. I greeted
how are you enjoying your expulsion? She laughed
What do you mean by that? I panicked
You are just too dumb , I just made use of you
What! I exclaimed in shock
Why? Are you surprised? You are nothing but a looser. She retorted
Looser? I will tell on you , I will tell Chase you asked me to do it . I screamed
Chase will never believe you and do you know why? because he trust me .
I got my eyes on you . she threatened
Why did you try …. I stopped when I noticed the line was disconnected
Oh Loretta! You are so doomed …….

Philip Noah

Sitting on the sofa , I was sorting out the stuffs I will be needing tomorrow when I heard a car drove In
I stood up and peeped throw the window and smiled when i saw Candy alighting from Chase Car
This two are so in love ! I remarked ……..
The door suddenly opened and they both walked in
Guess what! Candy screamed
Is that the way to greet your father. I smiled
Oh my bad! I guess I was just too excited
So what is the good news? I asked
I will be recording with Chase tomorrow. She squealed
That is good news baby! I remarked
I looked at Chase
Thank you so much for everything. I appreciated
It is nothing. he smiled …..
he pecked Candy lightly and was about to leaving when I felt the urge to ask him about Roxy
Chase! I called and he looked at me
Who is Roxy to you? I asked
he stared at me for a while and smiled
Why are you asking sir ?
I mean I jjusy want to know . I stuttered
he sighed
She is the first wife to my father . he informed and I gasped in surprise
So the man she left me for is a Delgado. I thought within
I am sorry to pry but what do you mean by First wife , is she not your mother?
he shook his head
She is not my mother but why are you asking sir? he asked
Nothing, I lied
Oh! So you know, she is the mother to Nick the popular singer. do you know him? he asked
I nodded
he smiled
so you see, Nick is twenty three years old
but why are you telling me all this? I stared at him curiously
Just letting you know. he smiled
See me off to the car. he said to candy and they both headed outside together ………..

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