May 6, 2021


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Addicted To Her Episode 20

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πŸ–€ Addicted to her πŸ’™
(He is cold, she is crazy)

By vickie πŸ’ž

🌷 Episode 20 🌷

✨ Eric ✨

Babe, your crazy friend came quite early..” I said facing Nina but she was sending deadly glares at something.

I followed her gaze and it landed on jeremy who was also looking at her like a deadly viper ready to attack.

What’s up with the staring competition..?” I said but they didn’t even bulge.

Nina” I yelled and she looked at me.

Why are you guys staring at yourself like that..?I said but she just smiled stamping her feet gently on the floor.

Is there a problem..?” I asked.

No babe, I’m fine” she said placing her head on my chest.

I looked at jeremy who was already manipulating his phone.

Did anna tell anyone she’s going out..?” I said cus I don’t know what that crazy girl went to now.

No.. I’ve been waiting for her” jeremy said and Nina threw him a deadly glare.

I left her in the kitchen..” nina said and I stood up.

You what..?” I said walking towards the kitchen Nina trailing behind me.

I knew it, I knew it” I said.

Anna was throwing all the bags in the waste bin.

Anna..i…” I sighed not knowing what to say.

Nina was just laughing her ass out.

Anna, is this a curse..?…Must you eat all what you see….?” I asked but she just winked at me going outside.

Where are you going Anna..” I said holding her.

Ki..” she said and I quickly covered her mouth and smiled at Nina

Don’t call me kiddo in her presence craziee”I said and she started laughing.

Fine, I won’t but you’ll leave me alone or else..” she said and I sighed.

I don’t know why God is doing this to me.

I’m tired of Anna seriously.

I went to the sitting room, she had gone outside with jeremy.

I think Nina was also leaving, she smiled when I came outside.

I’m going home Eric” she said smiling.

Okay.. I’ll take you home” I said returning her smile.

We went outside, I think I saw Anna in the driver’s seat with a key.


She wants to kill someone child now after filling her stomach.

Anna..what are you doing now…?” I asked and she winked at me.

I wanna teach Jeremy how to drive..” she said grinning.

I could still remember the reason she doesn’t have a car now.


Rihanna, I’m going home” Nina said and she just waved at her.

Jeremy, I’m sure you don’t want to die now, just tell her to come down” I said but the latter was also grinning like it’s an achievement of letting Anna in the car.

Fine…I don’t want my sister to die yet” I said as I opened the car and threw her over my shoulder.

Leave me now Kiddo” she said screaming.

Bursted!!…why can’t you just shut up Anna” I said as I opened the door and threw her on the couch.

You went scotfree after eating my food and you still called me kiddo” I said panting.

She weighs a lot though.

She just stood up and went out again.

Nina and Jeremy were already in the glaring competition now.

Bye Nina, bye Jeremy” Anna said waving at them.

Bye Anna” Jeremy said and zoomed away.

Nina hissed and entered the car angrily, I’ll ask Anna what’s wrong with the two of them.
πŸŒ… The next day πŸŒ…

πŸ’œ Rihanna πŸ’œ

I don’t want to go late today.

I would see my big headed boss today again…I woke up early today.

Hmm…what do I wear..?” I said scattering my wardrobe.

I finally settled with a black gown….I don’t want any sermon.

I quickly dressed up going outside… I’m not feeling hungry though.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t eat anything.

Mum is now a busy woman now…she doesn’t stay home again.

She had acquired a larger restaurant….she called me yesterday.

I quickly prepared a toast and a cup of coffee.

Eric” I shouted after eating. He’s taking me to work today.

What do you want now..?” He said frowning.

You’re taking me to work today” I said frowning too.

I’m not going anywhere” he said pressing his phone.

Fine, I’ll call Nina th….” I said but he interrupted me.

Fine, let’s go” he said stomping outside.

I’m coming driver” I winked at him and entered the car.

He just hissed as he sped off.

Hey, slow down kiddo, I don’t want to die now” I said but he increased the speed instead.

Eric, I swear I would open the door and come down now” I said holding the handle of the door.

He sighed driving normally now.

Good boy” I said ruffling his hair.



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