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Her Boss Episode 34-35

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πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸŒΉ HER BOSS πŸ“ πŸ“πŸ“πŸŒΉ

✍️ Favour Emmanuel ✍️

❀️ Chapter 34-35❀️

πŸ‘½ Unknown POV πŸ‘½
I stood at the door and watched her sleeping figure. She looked so peaceful and calm, sleeping quietly like an angel. She is mine now. And no one will take her away from me.
I walked towards her and brushed a few strands of her hair and kissed her cheek.
I looked at her tempting sexy body and I groaned. I can wait to have her on my bed already.
I walked out of the room and locked the door.
My plans are all coming together………. perfectly!!!

πŸ’Ž Alan’s POV πŸ’Ž
It’s been two hours and still no sign of Naomi yet.
What’s wrong?? I how she is okay.
I have to go check on her.
“Where are you going Alan”? My mom asked.

“I’ll want to go and check Naomi. It been two hours already and she is not back.

“It might be traffic. Don’t worry too much”. My mom said but I shook my head in disapproval.

“No mom, I still have to check on her. I’ll be back”. I said and kissed her forehead.

“Come back soon okay”? Arielle said and I smiled and pecked her forehead.
“I will”. I replied and I took my car keys.

What kept her so long?
I drove out of the compound and was driving down the road. I hadn’t even gone far when I saw something like a bag on the floor. I quickly hopped out of my car and walked towards where the bag was lying. Alas!!! It was Naomi’s bag!! Naomi’s pink bag!!
I ruffled my hair, feeling scared and worried. Something had definitely happened to her.
I became afraid. Maybe she might be nearby.
“Naomi!!!! Naomi”!!! I called but there was no answer.
I have to call the police. Naomi is missing!!!

I sluggishly walked back to the hospital, feeling so sad and angry with myself. Why did I let her go?? It’s my fault that she got missing.

“Alan, where is Naomi”? Arielle asked.

“Where is she? I thought you went to get her”. My mom asked and my eyes became teary.
I brought out the bag and showed it to them.

“Naomi is missing. I can’t find her”.. I said and their eyes widened in shock.
✍️ Authoress Favour ✍️
(No part of this novel should be copied)

“We can’t start looking for her yet, it’s not yet 24 hours and………..” The police said and I flared up angrily.

“What the hell are you saying. My wife is missing and you want to wait for a whole 24 hours before you look for her? What is wrong with all of you? What if something bad happens to her”??I yelled angrily and my mom patted my back, trying to calm me down. Arielle just sat down, sobbing quietly.

“We are sorry sir, we will start looking for her right away”. They said and I scoffed.
“You better do, and do it fast”. I fired and they walked away.

“Hey mehn, sorry about your dad”. Leo said Immediately he entered and he pat me at the back.

“I know bro, thanks”. I said and ruffled my hair in frustration, still thinking of Naomi. I just hope she is okay.

“Hey Arielle, c’mon stop crying”. Leo said and went over to hug her.

Marcus came in and gave a sad smile and I smiled back.
“Hey bro, sorry about your dad”. Marcus said and I nodded.
“Thanks bro”. I said and faked a smile.
“You looked so tensed up bro. Are you okay”? Marcus asked and I looked at him.

“I haven’t seen Naomi. Where is she”? Leo asked, looking round and I sighed sadly.
“That’s the problem now. Naomi is missing”! I said and they both looked at me like I had lost my mind.

“Bro, you are joking right”? Leo said and I ruffled my hair.

“I wish I was, but I’m not. She went to buy food from the restaurant 5 hours ago then I couldn’t find her. I went over to check her and I found her bag in the road. She is missing”! I said and covered my face, trying my best not to cry.

“I still can’t believe what you said is true. How can Naomi just disappear like that”? Marcus said, looking dumbfounded and Leo opened his mouth, still shock about the news that Naomi is missing.

“Have you informed the police”? Leo asked and I sighed.

“Yes I have”.

“Baby, it’s getting late, let’s go home and come back tomorrow”. My mom said to me and Arielle. Arielle stood up and went to meet mom, hugging her. She has cried her eyes out and I guess she is tired of crying already.
I walked over and hugged my mom and sister.

“Take care mom. I’ve already sent the guards to take you guys home. Outside is not safe anymore”. I said and she nodded.

“Go home and get some rest okay? Tomorrow morning, we’ll go to the station together”. My mom said and I nodded and she walked away with Arielle.

“Go home and rest bro. Don’t worry, we will find her”. Marcus said and Leo Pat my back and we all walked out of the hospital.
I sat in my car and looked at where Naomi sat when we were driving to the hospital.

Where are you Naomi?? Where the fuck are you??
Please come back!!

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  1. But wait oo i’m confused about this episode o what happened to alan’s dad and everything is excluded in this part especially the place where naomi has been kidnapped? Ion understand this episode o

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