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My Best Friend Episode 5

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(Am in love with him 👩 But he never noticed💔)
written by Bella writes😊😊😊
Chapter 5✌✌✌
“Wake up sleepy head,Wake up” Sandra said as she woke me up from

“What happen?” I asked

“You were wonderful,You knew how to please me and you got so tired that you slept off” She said

“That was because you got me tired” I said

“Oh really? Should we continue then?”

“No,As have said am really tired and I need to……oh no,What time is it Sandra?” I asked

“Its seven in the evening” she said

“Alexia!” I said and got up from the bed to put on my clothes

“Are you leaving? And who is Alexia”

“She is someone dear to me and now have stood her up” I said as I button up my shirt

“So are you trying to say that am the cause of you standing her up”

“You and many other things” I said and putting on my watch and taking my phone,I left the suite

It was good while it last and now that have gotten what I want from Sandra,its better she stays away.

I dialled Alexia number but she didn’t pick ,I really feel like a jerk.when it comes to Alexia I always stand her up

I called her again and it was her mom who answered

“Oh,She just left for her part time job” She said

“Tell me where it is?” I said

She told me and thanked me for helping Alexia enrol into the school.

I ended the call and drove straight to Paddington street,It was where she worked

I was still driving off when I saw her walking down the streets

I drove to the side of the street and slowed a bit beside her and then I called out to her

She turned and when she saw me,She hissed angrily and stormed off

“Listen to me Alexia,I can explain” I said driving the car slowly beside her

“Just go away Nick” She said and walked into a building

I sighed gently, If I get out of this car,Those people will swarm me up but if I don’t Alexia won’t ever forgive me

I would rather let my fans swarm around me than lose my best friend

I walked into the cafe and took a seat by the window

She was nowhere to be found,I thought as I searched with my eyes for her

I could see people starring at me and whispering underneath

They are already guessing who I am,Just then I saw her come out and then she stood by the counter

There are a lot of things that am getting to know about her

Ever since I came back she never once mentioned that she has a part time Job.

I got up and went to stand in front of her at the counter table

“Why are you here? Leave,your causing a lot of distraction”

“Not until you’ve forgiven me” I said

“Its so easy right? You offend someone and then ask for forgiveness,Like it was nothing” she said and I pulled off my glass

“I didn’t mean to,I was just so busy”

“With Sandra right? Well go back to her and leave me alone” she said

A lot of people were already taking pictures of us

Even the girl beside her by the counter was also taking my pictures

“Leave Nick,Your presence is causing a stir”

“I don’t care okay, all I want is to get your forgiveness”

“I won’t give it to you easily” she said

“Then tell me what can I do? Help me ask her what I can to get her forgiveness” I said to the girl beside Alexia

“Common Alexia just forgive him” The girl said

“Its not that simple Grace,I won’t forgive him easily,Nick just go” She said

“Fine then,I will leave but I won’t give up” I said and walked off,Already hatching up a plan on getting her to forgive me

“you didn’t tell me that you know Nick, As in Nick,My number one crush” Grace said

“Nick and I have been best friend a long time ago, When he left for the state we lost contact” I said as I answered a customer

Now that they have seen me with Nick, They kept on giving me a weird look

“Wow,Now I have a friend who knows a celebrity” Grace said happily

“But tell me? Why was he asking for your forgiveness” She asked

“Oh he offended me and knowing how angry I get,He wants my forgiveness”

“Just forgive him then,If I were you,I will forgive him for anything” She said dreamily

Thats is,You aren’t me and I know the kind of friend I have, Me not forgiving him will serve as a punishment to him.

As soon as it was nine in the evening,We closed up and when I got outside his car wasn’t there, I really wish he hadn’t left.

I got to the house and went in through the back gate

I was heading to our quarters when suddenly I heard a guitar playing,I turned and saw Nick with a guitar and he was smiling at me

“This is for you” He said and then he began to play it again and this time he was singing one of his songs with it

🎶Have made lot of mistakes with you🎶

🎶And am so sorry and I know that saying sorry might not solve it all🎶

🎶But I want you to know,that my heart is genuine🎶

🎶And when I say sorry, Am very sincere with it🎶

He kept on singing for a while and I sang with him,I knew all of his songs at heart and this particular one was the last single he did

He ended the song and dropped his guitar on the chair outside and he brought a box towards me

“What’s this?”

“For you” He said and I took it from him

“Don’t open it now,do it when you get to your room” He said

I nodded gently and was surprised when he put his hand on my cheek

“Am really sorry Alexia” He said

With him being like this,There is no way I can not forgive him

“Fine then,Your forgiven ” I said and hug me by holding unto my shoulder

“Your the best buddy,I can ever have,now off you go, see what my surprise is and tell me what you think about it tomorrow” He said and waves me off before going inside

He called me his buddy,wish I could be more than a buddy to him,I thought as I took the box inside

Mom was already asleep, I gently unwrapped the box and I saw that it was the diamond uniform

He went ahead and bought it for me,I quickly wore it and it fitted perfectly

I felt so happy seeing myself in the diamond high uniform

Very soon I will also be a student in that school and I hope that by being there I can fulfil my hope of being a singer and will get mom out of working as a house keeper and maybe then, Maybe Nick will notice me and fall for me………

I got all dressed up for my new school,Today is the day I start,I thought as I head outside

I got out of the estate and then I saw a car parked outside

Mr Ben walked out smiling at me”Sir Nick has asked me to take you to school”He said

“But I can go on my own” I said

“Its a must,that was what he said” he said and knowing Nick ,I got into it

As soon as I turned off my power bike at the school entrance

A lot of students were already coming after me,Screaming out my name

I was also going to start Diamond high today and knowing that it would cause a lot of ruckus, I came alone not wanting Alexia to accompany and besides I wanted to surprise her

I took off my glasses and was heading inside when a guy walked towards me obstructing my path

“You just like giving yourself trouble right? ” He asked

“I don’t give anyone trouble much less myself Dave” I replied starring at my number one enemy

Dave Johnson,a singer just like me but He hates me and I don’t know why,Maybe its because am better than him or because Am more popular than him

“Oh really? Then why have you come to my territory?”

“Believe me,I won’t be here if I hadn’t been forced,So let’s just act like we don’t know each other,You go your way and I go my way” I said

“I don’t think that will be possible,on the contrary I think something will always bring us both together” He said starring ahead of him

I turned to see what had gotten his attention and I saw Alexia standing there watching us both

“Isn’t she lovely” Dave said behind me and I stared at him before starring at Alexia again

She was surprised and I knew it…………


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