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Married To A Prince (MTAP) Episode 6

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Married 💏
( Duty conquers all)

Written by ✍️ Authoress Hauwau

Chapter six

✍️Authoress pov✍️

She sit down staring into space, she is currently in one of the meeting and none of them as arrive, Mr grumpy always makes sure she is the first to attend all dinner and also meeting, he said his people would also fall in love with her through punctuality

She couls still remembered the king words the day she tried to explain that she need some freedom,

You are a princess, you are different from everyone your duty must always be your first priority, you must always put your people’s happiness first, she could still remember her father words

I am unfortunate for being a princess, I so much hate this roles of a princess,

Is this how I would remain unhappy for the rest of my life,

” My parents never makes me happy for once, my brothers never make me feel like one of them, my husband just want me to satisfy him on bed for long and also makes his people fall in love with me, and give him an heir, why am I the only one always satisfying everyone?” she muttered sadly,

She closed her eyes and she could still remember the way Her husband hold her tight when he kiss her, the way he makes her promise him, the feeling that aroused whenever he is around her

The way her heart beat for him, only the prince that could makes her mind skip, the way he has kiss her possessively,

She closed her eyes and wish the way the prince kiss her possessively last night he could also love her, it makes her feel more pain knowing the most handsome prince she got married to can never love or think about her feeling

It’s only his people happiness that has always been his goal,

Tears filled her eyes . “I have live every part of my life satisfying people when would I be satisfy” she muttered sadly,

He stare at her pictures again and couldn’t help the smile that form on his face, he has grown so found of her body and really addicted to her ,

Even though he makes sure he put his duty first, he still know he couldn’t get enough of her, he always feel really happy every night because the way she responds to him during sex makes him feel like spending the whole time on bed with her ,

his duty must always be first, before any other thing, he knows he has this tiny spot for her but he is ready to bury that tiny spot,

He has always vow never to allow feelings attached, in the history of the Salvators men the last five generation has always been weak all because of the word called love, he has vow he would never allow what happened in their history to repeat itself again,

He has grown to believes love was meant for only the weak one’s,he would never allow himself to be a weak king,

One thing he likes about his wife is he notice she is the type that always obey and satisfy him on bed for long and she is also a fast learner,

He sigh deeply he has to travel to a far country tommorow for business meeting,he wish he could take her along so he could continue burying his cock in her pussy every night, because he didn’t know for how long the meeting would,

he has grown really addicted to her body , he has never feel aroused around any one only his beautiful bride, not even princess Akira there we have has sex countless times.

He stare at his wrist watch and stand up immediately he needs to start preparing for his journey,

He entered his car and drive home he was secretly praying his bride shouldld be home but he know she would never be home by this time.

My princess,it time for breakfast the king and queen are waiting for you, The maid said bowing for Princess Akira.

Tell them I am not hungry, she said rudely

But my princess you…….

You are fired

Get out!!

Please my princess please!! Please I don’t have anywhere to go

Tell them I am not hungry and leave this palace at this moment if not you won’t live to say the outcome,

My princess said she is not hungry

Why? I don’t know my queen

Princess Akira entered the dining room and she just stand frowning her face together

What wrong Baby

Mom nothing I am not hungry

Tell me Special what happened

Father, nothing

I promise to do anything you request just name it? The king said and the princess started crying

Dad! mom! she said crying

What wrong baby

I want to marry Xavier you know how much I love him, now he married another ugly princess

Father am I not beautiful? She ask still crying

Of course you are the most beautiful princess.

Father I want him, I want to marry him you know I have done everything to get his attention , mother, father please do this for me, even if I would be his second wife I would argree,

Is that all special?

Yes Dad

The king and queen whisper something to their only daughter ear and her face lit up

Father are you really sure it would work? Princess Akira ask sitting excitedly

Of course honey, or don’t you love him? Queen Nana ask

No mother of course you know how much I love him, I am deeply in love with Xavier and I am ready to do anything to prove that I love him, mother, father please I love him so much and I want him to marry me

“And so shall it be”the king said.

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