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Married To A Prince (MTAP) Episode 5

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Married 💏
( Duty conquers all)

Written by ✍️ Authoress Hauwau

Chapter five
Princess Hannah

It’s been seven days I got married and it has been really stressful, it either one meeting or dinner, I tried my best to be nice to his people even though most of them are rude to me ,

Some of them even say it to my face that why would I marry their prince? I ignore their words, well what did I expect? Getting married to the most handsome prince ever,

This seven days has been like month, every night we always have sex and I tried my best to satisfy him , most times we have sex more than four round,

One thing I get to know about prince Xavier is that he is a sex addict , I always wish I got married to someone that would cherish me not only on bed,

I have accepted my fate and need to just forget about my dream husband, Xavier is a very hardworking prince, most times he work even in the middle of the night, just like he loves his work he don’t also joke with sex🤣

I pull my gown and sit down on the bed and sigh sadly,

My life as always been in hell, most people loves to be a princess but not all knows what most princess go through,I said angrily,

I just came back from different meeting and now I have to have dinner with King Michael and his family ( Xavier father and his brothers)

I felt really tired how I wish I could decline the dinner, but who am I to say no to my father in law

My Princess, prince Xavier said you should meet him in the next thirty minutes, Talia said bowing

Talia how many times would I tell you to stop bowing, you don’t need to bow, you know we are friends

But my princess I…….

No but I don’t like it and call me Hannah when we are alone

Ok my princes…, ok Hannah she said and I smile

Thank you so much Talia you don’t know how much I feel, you calling me by my name, I said hugging her ,

The truth is it only Talia that I could call my friend because she is the only one I could confide on and we grew up together right from a kid, the history has it that her parents use her to settle my father debt right from two years old, she lives most of her life as a maid,

She as been the only one that as been there to advise and strengthen me whenever I am down

I ran to the bathroom and take a quick shower, I entered our room and quickly wear my clothe hurriedly,

You are twelve minutes late xavier no I think I should start calling him mr grumpy, Mr grumpy said still operating his phone,

Am sorry

His guards open the door and we entered his ferari and the driver drive us while his guards trail behind,

We entered the dining to see different foods where set on the dining table
We met Rhay and Crystal and king Michael and we greeted each other some minutes later

Damian entered and clear his throat, good day father he greeted smiling showing his cute dimples

Good day son, where is Mia?

Dad I am sorry I told her to rest, she feels really tired today

Ok no problem and…..

OMG 😳 wow I am seeing the most beautiful princess for the second time aren’t I lucky he said holding my hands,

Did my brother ever tell you that you are the most beautiful princess ever?

I hope he is treating you well because sometimes he can be a dickhead Rhay said and laugh

Wow I am really lucky today, hey pretty can I have your number, pleasssssssssss don’t say know, Damian said winking and rhay clench his hands together

So as I was saying pretty I would like to take you on a date mind going out with me I promise to take…….

You don’t flirt with my wife Mr grumpy said angrily

Young boy I never knew you were here, Damian said and everyone laugh

Stop calling me that I hate it

Oh am sorry little brother

I said stop!! Mr grumpy said angrily

I would stop calling you that on one condition

Which is

I would go on a date with this beauty well just once

Never 🙅

Well little boy get ready to feel the torment of your life because I won’t relent

Dad!! Mr grumpy called and even everyone including the king was laughing

“Wow I love this kind of family I said silently”

Let go home he said seriously

I stand up and I heard his last words he said to his brother

If you want to flirt, you can flirt but don’t try to come near my wife , She is mine and only mine he said in a serious tone and walk out,

We entered our bedroom and I felt a hand on my waist before I could process what is happening, he crash his lips on my mouth and I could feel his anger even through the kiss was fast and I couldn’t breathe


I felt really angry seeing the way my brother was flirting with her and she was smiling happily, it makes me feel jealous

I was the only one that was meant to make her smile or happy and it should be in the bathroom,

One thing Damian know is I hate someone Calling me little boy right from kid , Damian always find joy frustrating me and I felt more angry when he gives me silly condition, which is to take Hannah out on a date,

How would I allow him take my wife out? Even though I trust Damian and Rhan I can never allow my wife to go out alone with them without me it makes feel jealous

We entered our bedroom and I felt more angry I held her tight on her waist and crash my lip on her angrily ,

She tried to breathe but I did not allow her to take control I continue sucking her lips and she moan into my lips

I stop the kiss and cup her face, promise me I would be the only one to pleasure your body and soul I said in a serious tone,

I promise she said staring at me and I felt happy, I kiss her back and Carried her to the bed.

Did you think prince Xavier is falling for her🤔

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