May 6, 2021


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My Best Friend Prologue

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(Have been in love with him👩 but he never noticed💔)
Ever fallen for someone who have never noticed you or your love

Ever suffered having to hear him call you My friend when you wish he would call you My love

Ever watched him flock around with a lot of girls in your face

Ever felt so broken all because your love was never returned

Well that’s what happen with Alexia Davies, She is from an average family,plain and kind hearted

Meet Nick Marshall,the son of the a rich minister, He is handsome,Rich and sought after by a lot of girls.

You might probably be wondering how these two meet,Well Alexia mother happen to be working in Nick house as their housekeeper

Alexia always accompanied her mom at each opportunity she gets, She met Nick and ever since then their friendship grew with no strings attached

It wasn’t until till she reached the age of puberty and could understand what love means that she started viewing Nick in another way

He became her fantasy,Her dream man,Her only love but to him she was just a friend

For years she had to watch him flock his girlfriend around and though it hurt,she hid it well

Sometimes she wonder if she should tell him or to live in silence forever

But suddenly his interest in Stella brown her mortal enemy at school made her determined to make him see how much she loves him

Now will she succeed in her plan?

Will the rich, Handsome Nick fall for plain Alexia?

You don’t want to miss Alexia and Nick love story

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