May 6, 2021


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Unwanted Fiance Episode 18

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🌜(Just one night with him changed everything)🌛
🔥(my forbidden desire for him)🔥
written by Bella writes😊😊😊
Chapter 18✌✌✌
The trip to las Vegas has been a long and stressful one

Though we got there in his private jet, I couldn’t feel comfortable knowing that Have been brought Here to be seduced.

“I plan to seduce you till you agree to be mine again” his words kept ringing in my head

I don’t want to fall for him again but his kisses and words are slowly making me to

And this trip,this trip with only the two of us together, Would I be able to overcome the temptation

I thought as I walked out of the airport with him beside me

He has won a little place in my heart with what he did for our lost child

I just hope that he doesn’t win anymore place in my heart,instead he should do something that will get me mad at him

“Isn’t Las Vegas a beautiful place to be for our honeymoon” He said beaming a smile at me

How can I get angry when that smile of his alone light my heart

“It is” I responded lightly

“Common,We will be going to our suite now” He said and together we went into the limousine

The hotel he chose for us was really expensive

You could tell by the interior designs of the room

“There are two bedroom each,Pick the one you want” He said

“I will be in my study” He said and left the room.

I picked a room and changed, I was feeling so tired from jet lag

I later on the bed and lied down,Just a little while, Just a little while,I thought as I slept off

* * *
I woke up to Michael constant call to my name

“Wake up love” he said and I stood up

“What’s wrong?” I questioned

“I have something to show you” He said and I took his outstretched hand and went with him

On getting to the stairs he carried me into his arms and I stared at him

“What’s going on?” I questioned

“A surprise” He said and carried me into a room

I gasped when I saw the decoration,There was flowers and balloon everywhere, a soft romantic light and music was added to the background

And there were lots of delicacies awaiting us too

“Wow,Its so beautiful” I said as he dropped me down

“I prepared everything while you were sleeping”

“You did a wonderful job Michael,I must congratulate you” I said as I went in

“Am I succeeding in seducing you bit by bit” He asked

“Let’s just say a bit” I answered giving him a smile

“Well am glad you liked it” He said and propelled me towards the table

I sat down and he served me my food, it was my favourite dish

“This was your favourite food,It still is right?” He asked

“It is,I thought you would have forgotten” I said

“Never,when it comes to you,I know everything and I can’t ever forget it” He said and that made me smile at him

We ate and talked a bit,He told me things he did for the past four years and I talked to him about my life with my roommates

We got into desert and when we were through.

We stood by the balcony starring at the stars

“Thanks for today Michael” I said feeling so overwhelmed with happiness

“Am glad you enjoyed today Dora” He said moving towards me

I didn’t try to stop him from kissing me,I wanted it,I needed it.

I had to know if what am feeling right now is as strong as to what I was feeling for him before

I pulled him close and deepened the kiss

My brain kept calling me stupid,Stupid for accepting him,For lusting and wanting him

But my heart told me otherwise and at this moment, I only work with my heart, I thought as I felt him carry me into his arms again

He never stopped kissing me as he climbed the stairs heading to my bedroom

Its going to happen again and this time, we would both be awake to feel each other,To enjoy one another

I might regret this later on but as of now,I want to enjoy each and every moment with him

To try to block out the past even if its for just a while,for just a while,I thought as I gave into his kisses and caresses

I woke up to find myself in his arms,I looked up only to find him starring down at me

“I couldn’t resist watching you sleep,You look Like an angel” He said giving me a smile

I tried to get out of his arms but he pulled me back

“Am not going to give you a chance to change your mind, When we made love you gave your all to me and I could feel it in my heart that you love me as much as I love you” He said

“I don’t love you Michael,what we had last night was only sex” I said trying to pull away but he held me back

“Lies, You love me Dora,don’t punish me anymore, for four years I have had to live with regret,the regret of choosing someone else and letting the only woman have ever loved go”

“You love me,I can feel it,let’s forget the past and live for the moment,Let’s love each other like never before” He said

I felt my will to resist him slipping away,I love this man,Always have.

Even when I had Liam with me,I secretly wish that he was just like Michael

I never forgot him,he was always a part of me and he still his

“I love you my Isadora, even if you don’t love me now,I will keep on fighting to get that love but now can we just call it a truce,Lets stop with the fight and the hate ” He said

Should I call it a truce,Should I just let go of it all and try to be happy with the man I love,I thought still starring at him

Who was I kidding! I love this man and I want us to have a happy life together.

“Yes Michael,let’s call it a truce and start again”I said and he smiled and Kissed me……


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