May 6, 2021


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Lûst Or Love Episode 29

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💧💋[Craving for her body]💧💋

💗Episode 29 💗


I left the station,I Headed back to the mansion,I could feel all gaze on me but I don’t care.
I took Elena to the penthouse and called in ine if Cephar’s men,his name was john.

“John,how are you” I asked in a hoarse tone

“Am fine ma” he said with his head bowed

“Look up and listen to me” and he did “Am in charge of everything Cephar owns I mean all, so you would be my right hand now,I don’t want anyone interfering in Cephar’s propeties and right now you’re the only one I can trust okay??”

“Yes ma”

“I don’t know anything at all but you can put me through right” I asked

“Yes ma”

“OK sit down and explain everything to me”I said in a husky voice.

He sat near me and showed me Cephar’s office, I took my time to study the office and all the files.
All ownership evidences of Cephar’s properties were kept in a safer place. I had maids do the cleaning and renovation of the office.

By the time I was through I was tired but I need to act strong. John came in and sat near me.

“ma I sent the spy and he will give us feed back within few hours,I think he might find Sir’s cousin ”

“That’s good”I said “well I want every men you have searching the whole district for her cause she’s my only hope to bring him back,can they do that??’ I asked tansely

“ma I they can do absolutely that but I don’t trust all of them”

“Yes you’re right there might be a traitor in their midst,do what you can John I’m counting on you”I replied

“well we should keep guards that have been with Cephar for years and each the remaining” he advised..

“That’s a nice idea” Call me all the guards plus the maids” I commanded

“OK ma” he blurted and left.

I went into Cephar’s room and search for some things I could find so as to know how to handle his property, when I found none I showered and dressed up.

I picked up a gun and tuck it in my pocket,I wanted to be afraid but on a second thought I am doing it for Cephar. I checked on Elena and she was fast asleep.

I proceeded to my bed and after a good shower I stretched myself up on Cephar’s huge bed and curled myself up in a ball like an Armadillo with the gun by my side…

The bed still smells of him..

His manly smell..

Right now I am so scared to the point where I can’t sleep anymore without him by my side..

I want him back..

I want my Cephar back..

The Next Morning🌼

“Good morning everyone”

“Good day ma” They all replied

I scanned All of them and I saw a maid throwing glares at me,I wondered why she was looking so nervous and why she was shivering with something clearly in her hand…

“Well I am here to announce you all will be granted a leave until the boss is back from prison”

“But ma” That maid wanted to speak but I held my hands up to silence her..

“Mira please can I have a word with you??”..I asked Cephar’s oldest maid..

“ma’am Mira you are the only maid I am reserving for this mansion,the rest can go I don’t really want them to stay” I said and they all left quietly,I turned back to the lady.

“Can you please follow that maid who’s acting nervous and find out what’s wrong with her I don’t really trust her”

‘Yes ma’am’..She replied and I smiled..

I want to be my normal self again but right now all I have to be is the strong woman Cephar needs right now..

He needs me now and I certainly can’t fail him…

“I don’t want snyone in this mansion”I blurted out “You are all dismissed until further notice” I said and walked back to the sofa. John smiled at me..

“I never knew you were this brave,Boss will be so proud”he replied

“Well now is not the time to feed my ego John please tell me you have something on Cephar”I begged and just then another guard ran in

“What’s the problem??”

“We…We found her” He panted heavily and I rose to my feet immediately..

“You found who?? Emily??’..

‘Yes ma’am,she was spotted in a club in China Town and—

“Not another word just get the car ready” I interrupted quickly..


“You heard me right,let’s go get this b*tch”


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