May 6, 2021


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Addicted To Her Episode 16

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πŸ–€ Addicted to her πŸ’™
(He is cold, she is crazy)

By vickie πŸ’ž

🌷 Episode 16 🌷

πŸ’« Jeremy πŸ’«

I really want to see rihanna.

I will go to her house now, at least that witch might not be there.

But what if she’s there..?”

I sat down again thinking of what to do.


I will call eric now.

I picked my phone and dialed his number.

He picked up at the second ring.

πŸ“ž Hello” he said.

Eric,its Jeremy” I said.πŸ“ž

πŸ“ž What’s up man” he said.

I’m good… how’s rihanna..?πŸ“ž

πŸ“ž She’s good” he said.

I heard someone laughing in the background.

Is she around..?πŸ“ž

πŸ“žNo, she went to work” he said.

I heard him chuckle over what someone was saying there.

Who’s there with you then..?” πŸ“žI asked out of curiosity.

πŸ“ž Nina” he said.

I felt like throwing up when he said that witch’s name.

What was she doing there.?

Bitch” I murmured.

πŸ“ž Did you say something..?” He said.

No….uhmn..where does rihanna works..?” I asked πŸ“ž

πŸ“ž Donald’s”
Sorry, I’m busy now” he said.

πŸ“žOkay, thanks man” I said and he hung up.

What could rihanna be doing in Donald’s company…?

The CEO of that huge company is a complete brat.

Well, I don’t care.

I just wanna see rihanna.

I took my car keys as I went out.

πŸ’œ Rihanna πŸ’œ

I enjoyed teasing mr grumpy today.

The look on his face was like that of a angry lion.

He would have landed me a punch if I were a guy.

I turned but I could not find him behind me.

His arrogant self won’t let him.

I caught a glimpse of him walking out of another way.

He walked out and I followed him to the garage.

I don’t want to get lost in this huge place.

I trailed behind him till we reached the garage.

He turned immediately like he felt a presence behind him and his cold eyes caught mine quickly before I could even think of hiding.

I gave a wide smile, but all I got was a straight face void of any expressions.

He shook his head as he continued walking away.

Guess he’s already tired for arguments.

I spotted the black car I saw then there again.

So the stupid owner is still lurking around.

Mr grumpy immediately stopped at the front of that car and entered giving me a cold stare.

I walked toward the car slowly.

Hope it’s not what I’m thinking…?

Will you just stand there like a dummy or hop in..?” He said annoyed.

I gently opened the car and sat down beside him.

I looked at him but he was gazing at a file he held.


Who owns the car..?

What is rihanna thinking like this ooπŸ€”

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