May 6, 2021


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My Own Decision ( Chapter 9 )

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I dress in a blue matching outfit and had Ma make my hair, Dad pulled up in his SUV, I heard Mum telling Dad to take care of me and make sure I was safe, does she really care I thought. I sat with Dad in his car “so Miley, we are heading to the eatery now what do you think”  ” sound ok with me”I responded,  Dad drove me to one of the famous restaurant in town, we order some spicy food, ” wow the food is really delicious” I said with my mouth filled up, “your Ma told me that you don’t like eating”  “hmmm maybe sometimes” I said smiling, ” yeah, looking at you now I feel like you love food more than your Ma knows”  “of course I love eating” I answered him, “why then don’t you eat at home”  I drop my spoon on my plate and looked up at my him, “whenever at home I feel this kind of anger that I can’t explain, every single moment at home was boring, uninteresting, it makes me lose my appetite for food but…. Whenever am with friends or I am happy, I made sure to eat till my satisfaction”  “so….that means your happy now” I smiled nodding my head, he bent close, pecking me on my checks, I stuff my self with food until I could eat no more, finally I broke the silent “what about the other woman you love”  ” I married her” he replied, ” she got pregnant when your Mum was too, three days after you were born, she gave birth to a girl, so your sister name is Benny, will I say…. that you guys are twins partially, he tickle me which made me laugh, my wife name is Rose and we had three children, a girl and two boys, so which means that you have a siblings all these while, they will be so happy to meet you,  “so…..tell me all I need to know about you, he asked, “well….me…um I am an art student and before five months time I will be done with my studies, I love chocolate,I love to read a lot of books and….. What else” I ask smiling, “Don’t you have friends” Dad ask, ” um…. Yeah I have two best friends, Morgan and Troy” ” so….he asked winking at me,  “Don’t tell me that my beautiful daughter don’t have a boyfriend” he smiled waiting for me to answer ” um…no I don’t ”  really Dad wasn’t like Mum. I thought that maybe he would be a bossy and strict man but he was the opposite of what I thought him to be, “so…no admirers, he laugh ” nope, I don’t think so” I laughed, this feel so right, being with him, we went to a cinema and later to a chocolate store, I felt really happy. I have never gone out with Mum, she was always busy with work and I know she won’t bother to do so “I have never gone out with Mum like this, she was always busy, So I never try to bother her  “your Mum would have been happy to go out with you, but you know she is always tied down with work and thanks for understanding but….now am here, I won’t let you miss that out”he smiled down at me  ” what about my grandmother and father, mum has never let me meet them, was it all about the break up..” I really wanted to know, I thought all these years that they were also dead but since knowing the truth, I wanted to find out more about them, ” yeah your Mum was really angry with them because of the arrange marriage, even after we went on with that, your Mum was a lovely person to be with but she really can’t make her own decision, she was control by her family, they were super rich and anytime she tried to make her own stable decision she was reminded, what type of family she comes from and any stupid decision would ruin the family reputation, so your Mum don’t have have any choice but go along with them, they took the right for her to make decision cause of family business, reputation and I know your Mum wouldn’t have chosen to grow up like that and when your Mum divorced me she severe all ties with them, she blame them for ruining her life, So the best thing for you to do now is try to understand her in her own way” he finished, I didn’t know what to say or how to react I was speechless really she have pass through some hard time, not finding love, unable to make her own decision, the lose of family support and stalking up with a child that remind her of the past she want to forget ” But that doesn’t mean she have to act cold to me am her daughter, I should at least get a little love from her am not talking about material stuff, you know like a real love from her”, father drew me into arm  “I guess she is trying her possible best”  I don’t blame her, I thought silently in his arm. Dad dropped me off at home, ” how was your day Mum asked, when I walked in from the front door, “it was great”  she stare at me for a while before responding, “Go up and take a bath, your dinner is ready”  she didn’t care if I had eaten or not before, why caring now, I went up to my room, I was really stressed out, I just lie face down on my bed and doze off.

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