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My Own Decision ( chapter 8 )

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Chapter Eight: Meeting with My Dad

After class on Friday, I sat on Morgan’s table, ” so… are what have you decided “, she asked, ” Morgan, I really don’t know, am still nervous,” Mum has not spoken to me since that day,  “you just have to relax your mind don’t think too much, when you finally meet your Dad make sure to ask him all the question you want to and make sure you’re satisfied”, I heaved a sigh, “Can we go out, you know after school, I just need a fun break”, I asks winking at her ” what about your mum and Ma” she asked in surprise,  “Don’t worry about them, I told Ma that I would be staying for extra lesson today, “wow a game well played she gave me a thumbs up,  we are going to have a very fun day indeed”,  she said with a smile, ” you know, I love you’re smile, have I ever told you that”, I said smiling at her,  “Really she asked covering her face with her palm, “Am blushing” I hit her gently with a book, “Oh don’t be childish, I said laughing, I was always happy whenever am with her, she was the one who taught me how to smile and laugh, how to do the unpredictable, she was a real blessing to me and sometimes I wonder if I truly deserved her love, I never knew fun, but she brought me right in the middle of it, ” I love you” I said, ” Awww she kept on blushing, which made me laugh. After school we went to a food store, even though I don’t eat a lot I enjoy every bit of it, we strolled to many streets playing on our way home, I didn’t care what people would say as far as am happy with what I do, I don’t care how unmannered Mum who think or see what am doing now, because now what matters is my own decision, and for the first time, I drank alcohol, I drank all two bottles without being tipsy and I love the feeling, I was happy and I will try being this way as long as I can. ” you know, I never know that I would be this happy, being lock at home for ages with no friends, sometimes I used to wonder, if she was really my mum but now I found out that she’s really heartbroken for what happened years back” Morgan hugged me from behind “No matter how hard your life has been for you always know that am here for you.

I couldn’t stop pacing on my room on Saturday morning, I was so nervous, I was finally going to meet my father, I wish Morgan or Troy was here with me I would have felt better, I was truely restless I tried calming myself by reading but….my mind was elsewhere, I couldn’t help but started crying, I cried till I fell asleep.  I heard someone knocking on my door, I jerked up, was it my Dad? who could it be, immediately mum opened the door and came in, that was the first time in years she have been to my room, I just sat up on my bed staring at her, she stood in silence with her back on the door, I waited for her to talk, Why was she up here, ” Miley! She called finally she broke the silence, I waited I didn’t respond, “your Dad is here, immediately I could hear my heart beating loudly, sweat ran down my forehead, my Dad is here finally after all these years, I was happy and at the same time angry, ” Miley! Mum called again I turned to look her, ” have a good time with him he is at the pouch waiting for you” she said before walking off, I stood up looking out of my window maybe I could have a sight of him before seeing him face to face but I couldn’t see him, my palm became sweaty I tried cleaning it on my dress but it didn’t help, I walked down stairs with my heart beating loudly, when I opened the door, I saw him, my father, he had his back on me but I can see he was a very tall man, I stood there for some minute before calling for his attention, “father! Jeez that word sound so strange to me but finally I can call those words out, he turned to me, it hit me hard now I know why Mum reaction was strange towards me, I look exactly like my Dad, the dark skin, hair and everything, ” Miley! he called, I wanted to run to him to ask him where he was all those years, but I didn’t, my legs was just fixed at a spot, not moving, just staring at him, I was really mad at him but at the same time very happy but I didn’t react until I felt tears rolling down my cheeks “Where were you all these years, where were you when I needed you so much”I asked in tears, he move close to where I was standing brought out a handkerchief and started wiping away my tears, I wanted to move away from him, away from a man who left me for years I wanted to give in to my anger but no I didn’t move I just stood there and watch him wipe away my tears and hugged me, it was still very strange to me that the man here with me, hugging me was my father, he released me leading me to sit on the bench beside him “All these years I have been apart from you, their wasn’t a day that I don’t think of you, about us being together as father and daughter, holding you in my arm and asking about your day, cracking jokes with you, I have celebrated your birthday each year by sending some gifts and praying that one day I would get to meet you, I know your eighteen and your going to turn nineteen next month, he held my hand in his, I have missed you Miley so much, please forgive me for all those lost years” he folded his two palm together all my anger disappeared and melted like a vapour and I couldn’t help but shed tears ” Oh stop crying please” he wipe away my eyes, not knowing what to say “you can ask me any question I will answer you” as I looked at him all the questions I had memorized in my head to ask him seem to have evaporated from my mind ” Did you ever love Mum” i said the first question that popped into my head, i wanted to know all those years mum spend with him if he had feeling for her at all ” I liked your mum so much but you know liking and loving someone is a whole different thing, i guess someone told you how we separated” i nodded ” yeah Ma told me all about it” ” But really I didn’t want to hurt her and I didn’t even know that I would, it just happened, I hope you could forgive us for ruining the perfect life that you wanted” I smiled, “i guess so”  ” Am really happy to see you all grown up and beautiful”  “really, I was now laughing ” I guess am happy to meet you too” I said smiling, he hugged me again, I should really get use to him now hugging me “we should hang out, you know”  I looked at him in surprise ” hang!!”  yeah like newly married couple, I couldn’t help but laugh, Ma was right he was damn funny, ” just want to make up for a those lost years ” really! I asked “Of course, I want you to be free with me and ask me as many question as you like and also gist me too”  ” wow you’re on fire” Morgan like using those words guess am now used to it “so what do you think” I wanted to say yes right away but no matter what Mum deserves some respect no one was to be blame for what happened, Mum fell in love with the wrong guy and Dad fail to understand mum feelings and about what marriage vow was all about then, ” I need Mum permission on that” he smiled and pinched my cheeks a little “That my good girl, no problem I would ask for her permission”. When we were inside I heard dad pleading with Mum “Amanda, you should consider your daughter she missed me and I don’t want to be absent in her life again please let put our differences aside and give her the perfect and stress free life she deserves, please just for her sake”, I heard  Mum agreeing to his request “OK and thanks for everything, I was surprise to hear her thanking him, Dad blade me farewell and promise to pick me up tomorrow.

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