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Longing ( where is my mate 8 )

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🌌Longing( where is my mate)🌌8
By Princess Enigwe

🌹Chapter 8🌹
Mrs Barke Pov
Something about this girl alerted me that she was more than rich. Those designer cloths she wore was unlike any other and her excuse of obtaining them was gibberish. No correct person gives out such a precious and expensive cloth. She must be hiding something. I’m not an idiot who wouldn’t realise a moving puzzle. The car drove into the compound and parked at the garage and I turned to Rose and smiled. In no time , the doors were opened by the servants and we all stepped out. “This is our home Rose, I hope you find it comfortable. And James too” I spoke gently .”Thank you Mrs Barke, I really appreciate it. Your house is really huge and I will try to blend in ” . I must say I’m really impressed by this lady. She is a good actress who plays a perfect pretend role. Was she perhaps sent to take information from the Senator. Her ascent was rich yet no one noticed but I did. “Avery, dear can you take Rose to the room beside yours. James will go with Adrian too” I spoke and dismissed them before entering the room with my husband.
“Woman . What are you planning my delicate flower. What exactly do you plan on doing with the little girl. You took no prove that she was a suited teacher for Adrian. Tell me my dear, why did you bring her here” . Hayden strong arms were wrapped around my waist and it felt warm. I laughed by his words because he really knew me well. “That designers dress my dear. No one gave it to her for free. It belongs to her. She was living in hotel grand after all. Think about it, everyone knows how expensive their bookings are yet she secured herself a room there” . My tone made sense and Hayden looked lost in thought. He suddenly kissed my cheeks and went to the bathroom to take a shower . “You know I’m right. I know you know.” I whispered to myself before joining him in the bathroom..

Adrian Pov
I haven’t smiled since I saw this James guy. He looked very charming and fear took over me. Even Avery was crushing on him and I felt ugly. We walked silently on the corridor and creepily enough, he kept on smiling. “Not cool man, stop smiling. I find it weird and creepy” . I said and he fumed his face. “Look little boy! Rose and I have no relationship . If you like her ,why don’t you just tell her ” he blurted out with boredom. I didn’t mean to upset him, I was just suddenly feeling strange and I was worried. My soul was restless around him being close to her.
“What . I don’t like her man .don’t confuse yourself James. You are staying in this room. ” I pointed towards a door before entering the opposite one into my room. My body felt extremely hot and sweaty all of a sudden. What exactly was happening to me, I thought to myself. I took off my shirt and rushed into the bathroom without removing my trousers. ” remote control S switch” I said out loud to the microphone beside me and the shower begun to rain down. My hot body still wasn’t going down and I got scared . This was just too much to handle . “Remote control ice shower” I said again and froze in my spot. The water felt like Antarctica rivers. By the time i cooled down my body still remained hot but normal. Knock knock . I heard my door bang lightly . “Say your message and leave” I replied and a maiden servant alerted me it was supper time. I wore a orange shorts with a basketball singlet and combed my hair roughly before exiting downstairs .
Rose wasn’t seated on the table but James was. I wondered what took her long but mom also wasn’t around. Who knows the mystery of ladies . ” I will see to it . This is just so uncomfortable for you” I heard moms voice and turned my face to see her walking with Rose towards the table. ” I’m sorry for being late darling. Rose is uncomfortable in her room. Her body finds the temperature to be too hot”. Moms words got my attention and I begun to wonder if that was what happened to me . But this is my home and I have been here for long. I can’t just get a sudden allergy of hot atmosphere. What are you Rose. How do you make me react this way towards you. The first day I saw you felt like a fresh wind blowing all worries from my heart and mind. I kept on staring at her as she sat and begun to eat . My pupils just couldn’t shift away. My instincts wanted to be close to her and I felt she was restless as she sat eating . Sweat trickled down her face and she she begun to breath faster . I became worried and stood to help her,even though I felt ill myself . Before my fingers could touch her, James held it and smiled. “Its an allergy ok . Don’t worry she will be find. I’m sorry for the immediate inconvenience” he said before holding her up and helping her go towards the direction of my room. Wait. Why are they going towards the direction of my room, that was where his room located so why this. I didn’t want to over react so I calmly stayed put and ate. Within me all nerves wrestled in pain yet I had no choice . “I hope she will be fine, she must have come from a really cold place then. To feel allergy for our place being hot is kinda wierd” Avery spoke and entered a conversation with mom and dad as I remained silent . I really wasn’t feeling good so I excused myself to go to the room. James room door was slightly open and I couldn’t help but peep through. Rose head relaxed on his chest as she slept peacefully. Who did they think they can deceive. Their current position proves that they are more than friends . My heart bled profusely as I tiptoe into my room and hopped unto the bed. “Damn you Rose. Damn you. This is crap. This feeling must be a dream. I hate this feeling I get whenever I see you” I lamented looking all messed up. My phone began to ring and the caller was registered as Luke. “Hey buddy” I said with a sour voice. ” dude what’s up. I have been calling you all day. What happened to your voice ” Luke sounded worried and it made me smile. The thought of my best friend being caring made me chuckle . “Its just puberty I guess. Don’t worry buddy. I will tell you everything next tomorrow.

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