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Only You Season 2 Episode 16

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๐Ÿ” ONLY YOU ๐Ÿ”
(How can I?)



Ggggrrrhhhhhh” I groaned before opening my eyes.

I switched off the alarm before getting down from the bed.

I took my towel and walked into the bathroom to freshen up
I slept very late last because I was busy studying for the upcoming examination.

I finished taking my bath and walked out of my room…I applied the body lotion on my body and put on my underwear.

I put on a jean trouser and a pink top and brushed my hair making it fall at my back
Well, I have a long hair just like my mom.

Thinking of mum, I haven’t heard from her ever since I forgave her.

Well I hope she’s just doing fine wherever she is and Dad?

I really missed him a lot.

I really cannot wait to see him again.

My phone rang, jerking me out of thought.
I smiled when I saw the caller.

” Dad” I squeal happily.

” Yes are you doing?

” Am good are such an Angel” I said.

” Really? He chuckled.

” Yeah, I mean I was just thinking about you now and then you called” I said.

He laughed.

” That’s how God wants it” he said.

” Have you taken breakfast? I asked.

” Yeah and you?

” Not yet Dad…I just woke up not quite long and I need to get to the cafeteria to get my breakfast” I said.

“Okay..just make sure you eat something before going for lectures”

” Okay dad..I promise”

” So how is Shirley and Bryan? .

” They are fine dad” I said putting on my sandals.

” My regards to them” he said.

” Okay dad…what about mum? Do you still hear from her? I asked.

He went silent on the phone.

” Dad…”

” Oh yeah… can I talk to you later?

” something wrong?

” Nothing Angel..I will call you back..I love you..take care .bye” he said and hung up.
I stare at the phone.

What’s wrong with him? I thought before standing up from the bed.

” Well, I will talk to him later” I said and dropped my phone into my bag..I picked some of my books and dropped it in my bag.

I might need it, the lecturers are not really coming for lectures well that’s because the exam is at the corner.

So it’s revision period.

I opened my door and walked out of my room…I stare at his door.

Is he inside? I thought.

Suddenly, the door opened and he caught me staring at the door.

I quickly look away before walking away.

” Were you looking for me? I heard him asked.

I Ignored him walking towards the door.
I felt his grip on my hand as I was about to open the door.

I turned and look at him then his hand.
He quickly let go of my hand

” What do you want? I asked.

” Well, I just want to….

” To what!? I asked.

” I want to…to..

” To rape me? I scoffed.

” What?.

” Yeah…you just stopped me for no reason…I have nothing to say to you” I said sternly.

” Do you hate me? He asked.

I looked into his eyes…it’s calm.

” Yeah…I hate you Nathaniel and I will really appreciate it you just stay away from me” I said trying to open the door but he held my hand again.

” What? I snapped.


” Am getting late for my class” I said.

” Am sorry” he said with his eyes shut.

I guess it is really difficult for him to say am sorry to people.

” Well, I don’t need your sorry…you can keep it up yourself” I said and opened the door before walking out

Am sorry?.

He is sorry for what?

For trying to rape me?

For trying to slap me?

” Hey Brianna” I heard someone called behind me.

I turned and saw Nelson.

” What’s wrong…you seems lost in thought”

” Uhnmm..not fine” I said.

” A good morning to you” he said flashing me a smile.

” Thank Nelson.. good morning to you” I said with a smile.

” What about Shirley? He asked.

” You know Shirley? I asked.

” Yeah”

” Am going to her you mind to tag along?

“Yeah, let’s go” he said as we walked together heading to Shirley’s dorm
We got there and I knocked on her door.

The door opened revealing Shirley.

” Hey best” she said and gave me a little kiss on my cheek.

” Hi Shirley? Nelson said behind me

” Oh Nelson…I never knew you came along with Brianna'” Shirley said with a smile.

” Are you ready? I asked.

” Yeah…I just want to apply my lips gloss and take my bag” she said walking away.

” Be quick about that…my stomach is grumbling” I said.

I heard Nelson chuckled.

” It’s not funny…am just hungry” I said with a pout.

” Oh yeah…if you don’t mind..I can treat you for breakfast” he said.

” No, it’s okay…am good” I said.

” Am only trying to be a friend”

” Well of course, you are my friend” I said.

” Okay”

” Shirley…are you gonna sleep in there? I yelled.

” Shut up Brianna, do you have to yell? She asked walking towards us.

” I thought it’s just a lip gloss but what happened to your Face?

” I need to look good for my Bryan” she said with a smile.

I shook my head at her.
” Now, tell me how do I look?

” You look more beautiful without make over” I said.

” Really?

” Yeah but you are still beautiful” Nelson said.

” Yeah thanks Nelson.. let go” she said closing her door.

” It’s just a lecture room and it’s not like we are going for a party but now am beginning to think something else” I teased

” What? She asked as we walking through the corridor.

” Maybe you want to seduce Mr Shawn” I said .

I earned a slap on my back and I groaned, I was not expecting that.

” Ouch..that hurts”

” Watch your tongue..even if I want to seduce a lecturer it can never be a bald headed man” she said with a gritted teeth.

Nelson burst out laughing and I joined him

” You both are crazy” she mumbled walking ahead of us.

” Hey wait” I said Walking, to catch up with her.

” Are you done laughing? She asked.
” Am really hungry Shirl” I said placing my head on her shoulder.

She yanked my head off.

” You should eat one of my leg” she said.
” Oh really?

” Yeah….” She said.

I bent down and grab her leg.

” Heyyyyy… Brianna…you are gonna fall me down” she screemed.

I chuckled.

“But you said I can eat one of your legs” I said looking at her.

” You are crazy…I said that but I didn’t mean it” she said before hissing.

I smiled and wrapped my head around her neck.

” I love you” I said and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

She looked at me before giving me her charming smile, the smile that captured Bryan’s heart.

” Hey” we heard Bryan voice and saw him walking towards us.

Shirley left me and ran to give him a hug.
He gave her a light peck on the cheek.

” I missed you”.

” Of course..I missed you more” Bryan said.

” Don’t you miss me? I asked.

Bryan smiled.
” Of course I do…I missed you too”

” Good boy” I teased.

” So tell me, why do you have bags under your eyes? He asked.

” Bags?

” Yeah…it’s looks like you didn’t sleep Last night” he said.

” That’s why you my best friend…you are the only one who noticed, well that was because I couldn’t sleep last night..I was actually reading all through the night” I said

” Can you ever stop being a nerd? He teased.

I gave him a little punch on his chest.

” Ouchh” he fake a groaned.

” Brianna, do you want to break his heart? Shirley asked.

” His heart? I never said I want to”

” But you just punched me on my chest now”

” Stop faking it Bryan”

” Babe, it’s hurts” Bryan said with a pout.

I shook my head at him.

” Won’t you say sorry? He asked.

” You want sorry? Or you want more of my punch? I asked.

” No…no…no…I don’t want anyone” he said.

Shirley chuckled.

” You crazy Brianna” she said before holding Bryan’s hand.

” Hey Nelson… sorry I didn’t notice you are here” Bryan said.

” Oh yeah…” Nelson said earning a hand shake from Bryan.

” Let’s go…am hungry” I said walking ahead of them.

” Foodie” I heard Bryan yelled behind me.

” Just like you” I yelled back walking towards the cafeteria.

I got to the cafeteria and took a seat, waiting for Nelson, Shirley and Bryan to join me.

” What do you want to have for breakfast? Bryan asked.

” Any thing you want” I said with a smile.

” That means I will get the same breakfast for you both” he said.

” Yeah, thank you” Shirley said with a smile. Bryan gave her a little peck before walking away.

” Nelson, aren’t you going to have your breakfast? Shirley asked.

” gonna do that but not now” he said with a smile.

” Okay” Shirley nodded her head.

” If you want I can treat you for breakfast” I said referring to Nelson.

” Are you using my words against me? He asked with a smile.

” Of course am not” I said.

He chuckled.
” I will get my breakfast ” he said before standing up.

I smiled, looking at him as he walked away

” Here comes the bitch” I looked at Shirley before following her gaze.

” Yeah… she’s a bitch indeed” I said.

” Let see what she wants” shirley Said placing her hand on her chin.

Coined โœ๏ธโœ๏ธ From Owie Oyindamola’s Deck.

What does she want?

Drop your comments.

I love you All โค๏ธ.

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