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My Own Decision

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Chapter Five: THE TRUTH

My heart was now beating so fast, mum was back but she never comes back this early, never, has she found out about the party, I was now sweating profoundly, I couldn’t move my feet, oh my, why was she home by this time, did Ma told her about the lesson and she went to check on me but couldn’t find me, I covered my face with my palms, it was my decision to go out, to have some fun and no matter what  happens now, I would not regret my decision, I gather all the courage and moved reaching to the door, Ma wasn’t there to open the door for me, no one knows that I was back, I grabbed the door handle, breathing in and out several times to calm myself down, I opened the door with no one in sights, I tiptoed inside coming near the sitting room I heard some noise, but I couldn’t make it out, was mum angry on Ma because she allowed me to go out, i thought I can’t bear watching her be shouted at, I moved closely to hear what it was all about, it was mum and Ma, Ma was asking her to calm down, “please Mrs Johnson you have to calm down”, that was what Ma used to call Mum,  “how can I calm down, how can I, when he is back”,who was back and why is there a lot of commotion about him, then I heard a chattering glass, Mrs Johnson please, your high blood pressure would increase”,Ma pleaded, “what am I coming to tell Miley, if he showed up here, what!, how can I tell her that her father is alive and well” what!! My father was alive, how… Oh my God, maybe I didn’t hear her right maybe it is was a big mistake, but no it wasn’t, I wanted to move, wanted to pretend that I didn’t hear anything, but I can’t, I have leaved without a dad for years,tears willed up my eyes I couldn’t listen anymore, I just can’t, why did she have to hide me from my father, immediately Ma opened the door “Miley, what are you doing here”, I just looked up at her speechless even Ma knew about my Dad but she has also have hidden the truth from me and here I was thinking my dad was dead and mum doesn’t want to talk about him maybe because of the pain she might have experience, mum came out and stood beside Ma, ” your are back “, she asked with a tight voice, my inside was swelling with anger, ” why…why didn’t.. You..t..tell ..that ..I had a …dad”, I couldn’t help but stammer, tears rolled down my eyes, “Miley you shouldn’t eavesdrops on people discussion, now go up and change”,she said, i didn’t move an inche, ” can’t you hear me, go up”, Ma came to stand beside me, “Miley go up first and change please”, I was swelled up with anger, why was she this way, “why did you hide me from my dad, why” I sobbed,she turned away from me and headed to her room,I hated her, how could I have this type of mum, why can’t she explain, I turned to Ma, even her too, I trusted her, “Miley…..she called, I didn’t want to listen to her, I couldn’t stand her or my mum, couldn’t stand staying in this house for now, I ran upstairs, closing my door and laying my back on it, my heart was now beating faster, my head pounding,I closed my eyes trying to calm myself down am not sure I could stand, I moved to my bed and fall into a restless sleep.

All through the weekend, was like living in hell for me, I waited for my mum to explain to me, to tell me about my dad, but she didn’t, only staying on her paper work, I hardly come out of my room, I just stayed up  doing my assignment, reading novel, thinking about the prank I and Morgan played at the party and thinking about my dad, how would he be like, does he resemble me, am I ready to meet him why didn’t he came to visit all these years, I was happy that I finally know that my dad was alive and at the same time I was extremely angry at him, where was him all these time that I felt miserable.

I dressed up on Monday morning, feeling very down but I dragged myself up because the only place I could feel happy was in school not here(home) where all my sorrow lies, “you have to eat I heard Ma called when I went downstairs, “Am not hungry “I replied, closing the door behind me, I don’t care what she now think or say, I was really angry at her, reaching at school, Morgan wasn’t in school and I really needed her because she was the only who could understand my feeling right now, I couldn’t pay attention in class, my teacher called my attention severely when am asked a question, I couldn’t focus, the bell for break rang, I didn’t want friends now all I wanted was a friend who could understand me now, I escape from all Morgan friends going at the back of our school compound, there was a hidden spot there, I just sat there laying my head on my palm, “Hey there”, I jerked up, turning my face no one supposed to know I was here, it was Troy from the  party, “Hi, i greeted “how did you know I was here” I can’t help but ask, ” Am magician, the greatest magician in my family, so I used my powers to find you, “he said laughing, I can’t help too but laugh, “oh really, I didn’t know, so can the great Magician tell me about your powers” I asked playing along, “of course, first can I sit”, ” yeah, it will be an honoured”, I relied smiling, he sat beside me clearing his throat, “well I have a lot of power some scary and some are… Not scary”, he said scratching his head, “it depends”, he smile at me in a way I felt so relax, I brought me knees close to my chest hugging my arm tightly, I know I shouldn’t say it, I should just keep everything a secret, I didn’t even know him that much but….really I needs someone to talk to someone who could understand me, “do you have a magical power that would mend a broken heart”, I voiced out, he looked at me so warmly then smiled ” of course that is my first magical power”, “really” I smiled back, he stretched his leg out on the grass where we are sitting, I watched his every movement trying to hold back the tears I could now feel in my eyes, “can I ask you a question”, I asked,” of course go on” he said smiling gently at me that was the only thing that made me go on, “when you lived your whole life thinking that you don’t have a  father but one day you realized you father was alive and healthy, what will your reaction be”, he wasn’t looking at me now, he was looking at his feet , ” A mixture of sadness and happiness I think so”, he shrugged before looking up, ” that what I will feel”, I looked at him then the tears I was holding for so long drop down my Cheek’s, he didn’t move or say anything, i looked away, “I have lived my whole life thinking that my dad was dead or something like that”, I laughed, I didn’t even know he exit till I overhead it from my mum on Friday evening”, I bent my head trying hard not to cry, ” what did you feel “he asked me, I breath in a few times before replying him, “I feel very angry…where was he all this while…..where was he when I needed a Dad figure badly….wh..when my life was miserable, when….mum wasn’t home,when I got sick where….where was he all this while”, I was now sobbing, I couldn’t hold it back anymore “but…in some part …am really happy that I finally knows that my dad is alive, he is…”, I tried to wipe my tears but instead I cried the more” he is alive”,i sobbed until I felt a warm palm slip into mine and held it tight, when I finally got hold of myself he asked me, “between your anger and happiness which one is greater, even within me I couldn’t find the answer, I looked at him, ” I don’t know “, he smiled down at me, ” no matter what, no matter your feeling right now you would later know the one that has the upper hand, it is right for you to feel sad ,angry and happy the same time it isn’t wrong, all you have to know that your body feels and react the way you want it to. His Hand was still wrapped around mine ,I didn’t try to resist but I held it tight,I feel very comfortable and warm just sitting by his side, I looked at him, smiled and laid my head on his shoulder “And don’t forget that one of my magical power include making one happy” he said ,I couldn’t help but laugh….

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