May 6, 2021


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L–st Or Love Episode 27

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๐Ÿ’„๐Ÿ’‹ LUST๐Ÿ’„๐Ÿ’‹

๐Ÿ’ง๐Ÿ’‹[Craving for her body] ๐Ÿ’ง๐Ÿ’‹


๐Ÿ’—Episode 27 ๐Ÿ’—

๐Ÿ’–Cephar’s pov ๐Ÿ’–
“I know where she is! Please don’t kill me! I know where Pheonix is! I know where Casper took her! Please don’t kill me, I have a little brother to take care of and he’s alone in the hospital, he will need me when he wakes up, I’m sorry I had to betray you, they asked me to else they will kill my little brother, I had no other choice but I know where she is” she kept rattling covering her face with her palms

I conked the gun once more and she started shouting again
“I know where she is! Please don’t kill me! ”

“Shut the hell up and stop scaring Elena here” I said referring to Elena who was so terrified seeing me pointing a gun at her

I can’t kill her infront of her like that and I won’t
She said she had a young brother to take care of just like Pheonix did

But that isn’t my business anyways, all my whole body is happy when she said she know where Pheonix is and that’s what am listening to, I will talk about her betrayal later

“You said you know where she is? ” I asked in a very rude tone and she jerked nodding her head many times like a lizard she is…

“I know where she is”

I smiled weirdly, Casper really don’t know what hit him, he can play with me with everything but never with Pheonix

He shouldn’t have thought about the idea of kidnapping her because even if I go there and one strand of her hair was hurt, Casper will go down for it….

๐ŸŒบ Phoenix pov๐ŸŒบ
“Let me go ” I struggled as a masked man untied my hands and then started dragging me to another room

Struggling under that man was futile because he was bigger than I was so I stopped struggling

Maybe this is my fate, who knows if it he’s looking for me, what if he isn’t looking for me??

The man let go off me pushing me towards a bed and I fell on it in a thud so frightened about what his next move will be

He didn’t come close to me, he turned and left and I wondered why he brought me in here for

Soon, Casper walked locking the door behind him, even though I wanted to act brave infront of him, I still was afraid of what his next move might be

Does he want to rape me huh? Does he? I forbid that he even touch me, but am scared… So scared Cephar, where the hell are you ??
I said to myself

A smile was tugged at the corner of his lips and his continuous smirking made him look weirder to me

I shifted backward into the bed when he sat on the bed
He searched for something in his pocket and came out to reveal that he was looking for a cigarette and a match in his pocket all this time

He lit the cigarette and then puffed, smoking and smoking
The smell of it was the only thing which got me restless and not long enough I started coughing..

I coughed repeatedly and then stopped cupping my mouth and nose so that I won’t inhale the smell again

“You know Pheonix, you’re curious aren’t you? “He said beating off the dogends of the cigarette on the floor

He’s to mannerless, who does that? Beating off dogends on a floor instead of a plate or a small tray?

“Pheonix do you know that Cephar is looking for you but… “He paused staring at me

“What if I tell you that your sister will be dead in no time”he announced and fear gripped me

What has he done with my sister! What has he done??

“By now Pheonix, she had already maybe finished eating or drinking and is complaining of stomach pain” he said un imaginary and I couldn’t breath for a moment

If anything happens to my sister, then she should’ve to kill me first else I will never stop trying to kill him

He smiled as if he read my mind and then came closer to me,
“It has an antidote Pheonix and you can save her you know” he said politely maybe trying to buy my mind and he will because I will never allow my small sister die off like that

“You can save her if you want to.. ” he said smirking again and a thuderous laughter escaped from his lips again

He laughed and laughed repeatedly non stop and suddenly stopped with a mean expression on his face

“Do what I want Pheonix and I will save your sister ”

I nodded my head, I will do anything he asks if its within my power
Elena is too young to die but wait a minute…so he even have spies in that house?

Jeez! No one can be trusted… I see why Cephar never had mercy on them, he always kills them without mercy

And now I understand how he feels,
“Are you going to do whatever I asked for? “He repeated and I nodded my head again making him smile and raise my jaw higher to his face

“I want you to tell me the easiest way to get Cephar? I mean I want to kill him” he asked weirdly and I grinned deeply inside me

“Maybe its you right? ” he asked again bringing his face closer to mine to the extent that I could feel his hard breath all over my face

He smirked again and then we both started hearing noises from outside
He tried to ignore it at first but he couldn’t when it got fiercer and nearer

Before he could move, the door bursted away by a hard kick of a foot

And whose foot was it?


Immediately I saw him standing at the door side coming closer I beamed and then tears welled up in my eyes

I thought he would never come, I thought I will never see him again

“Cephar! ” I called and ran to his side hugging him tightly

“Are you okay? Did he hurt you? Did he touch you?Did he even kiss you huh? Talk to me” he asked and asked turning me around to see if I was hurt anywhere

“I’m fine, am okay bur… Elena” I broke down hitting my head slightly on his chest as tears won’t allow me

“Nothing happened to her, she’s fine, let’s talk about that later Pheonix” he said and then pushed me to stand behind him

He then faced Casper who was already red with fear, even though he tried to hide it

“Welcome Cephar have a seat” he tried acting polite and that..

triggered him off to shoot him twice on his chest….

“Damn you Casper! ” he yelled and then turned to look at me with sparkles in his eyes, he held me closer to himself and then cupped my cheeks staring at my lips as if he wanted to kiss them

I wouldn’t object if he really want to do that because I also want that now

How much I missed this guy
“Pheonix I was so worried about you and I didn’t know why I was ” he said kissing me briefly

He kissed me again going deeper at every kiss and then broke off all of a sudden

“Are you sure he didn’t touch you” he asked his face full of worries for me

“I’m fine, are you okay? ”

“I’ve not been okay without you Pheonix, I think I’m in love with you or maybe am not… But I was so worried that I wouldn’t see you again”….


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