May 6, 2021


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L–st Or Love Episode 26

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๐Ÿ’ง๐Ÿ’‹[Craving for her body]๐Ÿ’ง๐Ÿ’‹

๐Ÿ’—Episode 26๐Ÿ’–

Casper’s POV

I walked into my room angrily.

How dare her!!!

I was really furious.I paced down my room and clenched my hands into fists

How dare her

I saw the confidence in her eyes
The boldness

Even when I slapped her she was never scared but she mentioned Cephar’s name with spark in her eyes.

I yelled out with anger.

The door opened and I felt a presence but I didn’t turn back

“Boss,Emily is now a suspect”He said


She was never careful

“Marcus has been assigned by Cephar to keep a close watch on her”

I swear I will still end that stupid bitch

Then a thought came to my mind

“Poison Elena”ร gave out the order

“Yes boss”He said and walked out

Since she doesn’t want to fear me I will make her worship me

Elena’s POV

I missed my sister

I missed her

it has been some days now and I haven’t heard from her

I sighed deeply.

my stomach grumbled and I hissed at myself

How could you be hungry when you can’t find your sister.

Just then a maid walked in with a tray of food

I swallowed hard as the delicious aroma filled my nose

She bowed and put it on a desk

“Thanks”I licked my lips

I took the spoon and get ready to finish the poor food.

Cephar’s POV

I was sad,angry,confused and frustrated

I was angry with myself.I can’t even protect her.

Sad because I missed her.

Confused of my feelings.Why did I feel so attached to her.Why did I blame myself

This feeling was weakening me and I don’t want Casper to think I am I am a weakling.

Elena’s POV

I looked up at the maid and found out that she’s looking at me

I drooped the spoon and stood up

“Why are you not eating?”She asked suddenly.

She’s acting really weird

And am not stupid

“Am coming Miss”I said politely and walked out of the room and locked it from outside

She’s acting really weird

I saw Cephar coming and I ran to him

“The maid in my room is acting weird”I said quietly

“What?”He asked looking confused

“Let’s go”I said and dragged him to my room

I unlocked the door and we entered

The maid looked shocked as we walked in

“What are you doing here Mary?”Cephar asked

His voice so hard and strict

“I….came….to”She stammered shaking as she sweat profusely

“What?”Cephar asked and walked closer to her.

“Eat the food”He commanded

The girl looked up and tears filled her eyes

“Don’t make me repeat myself”He said and slapped the girl.

The girl quickly went down on her knees

“Am sorry sir”She said

“Nobody touches what’s mine and how dare you try to poison her”He said and brought out a gun

I moved back scared

Is he going to kill her?



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