May 6, 2021


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Sold To Lucífer Episode 2

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🌷Sold to Lucifer 🌷

( The unknown voice)

Written by ✍️ Authoress Hauwau

Chapter two

👹Lucifer 👹
I promise never to hurt you, you are the only one that could stop this night mare😥

I am Lucifer, I am twenty two years old, heartless, cold-hearted, fearless, beast, cruel, king of all Mafia,

I am very powerful and only looking at you, you are as good as dead , I have magical powers

I lost my parents at twelve years , I watch the way my family where killed brutally,

My parents are the most richest in Australia,

I lost conscience for long and everyone lost hope,

Even the doctor said I can not make it, that same day a young girl came and sing her voice was melodious,

She heal my heart at that hospital bed and I regain myself,

I left the hospital and join the mafia, where I was later choosing as the mafia Lord ,

After five years I lost my family, I killed every single soul that knows about my family death,

I have been searching for that angel that could save me from my hospital bed,

It been ten years she saved me and I have fall in love with her , my personal doctor once told me she is the only one that could stop my night mare ,

I remember that day she sang I couldn’t see her face before she left,

I might be a beast but I would never hurt her

I think I need to call Damian I should explain everything to him

Please magic angel take a chance and come to me I need you more than my morning coffee,

😡Damian 😡
“Lucian any good news, I ask my brother”

‘No bro he is still looking for the lady”

“Well it is with that lady that we would use to collect all his property” I think it high time I should tell uncle and Aunt, about the new plan ,

“But if aunt sold her to Capo, won’t he recognized her voice if she sing ?Lucian ask,”

“Leave all that to Aunt, she knows how she would convince the fool maiden”

My name is Damian, I am Lucifer best friend, he killed my family, all because of there killed his family,

My family has been after their property for a very long time,

we don’t live with our family, we live with my dad brother and his wife, because my parents knows they might later die

When I heard Lucifer killed my family, I joined the mafia and get to know more about him,

He trust me alot and I already knows everything about the girl with the unknown voice,

She is our only tool , that we could use to get ambition,

My junior brother Lucian work’s for Lucifer and he his one of his most trusted boys

Through Lucian we

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