May 7, 2021


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My Own Decision

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I prepared quickly for school, I had to go and finish up my assignment but my only problem is how to get pass Ma, she won’t let me off if I don’t eat breakfast, I tiptoed downstairs heading to the door, “forgetting something” that was her voice, yeah I was caught, “ma…I turned toward her, I have to be in school early to finish up my assignment please, I claps my hand together, “And that why you have to eat quickly, I don’t want you to be late to school either”, ” but…,I tried to argue more but looking at her I know she wasn’t going to listen to me, “hmmm ok” ,I muttered, following her to the kitchen,Ma was my second mum, my mum employed her before I was born and she was the one that raised me,mum was always at work and I only get to see her on weekend so I know when Ma has really made up her mind and I also give her the respect she deserves,sitting down on the mini dining table inside the kitchen, I tried to eat as quickly as I can I have to make it in school early.  I walked into the school gate with my heart beating faster, have they found out that I was the one holding what they were looking for, have I been pranked, i forced my legs to move forward the only thing I wanted now was to return whatever was in my bag and the last thing I also wanted was to land into any trouble.

I moved quickly, I need to find her, it was still early, class has not yet started, I looked for her in the hallway, outside,  everywhere that I have sited her these past month, I was now getting pissed off, where could she be, she couldn’t be late today ,”looking for someone”, I jerked, it was her, that was her voice, I turned to face her”Hi there” she said smiling, am really pissed off and here she was smiling, I tossed my backpack to her, “take it”, she continue to smile “your really mad at me right”, “yeah I am, so please take whatever is in that bag, I have something else to do” I was now getting really angry, “Are you serious you don’t know what is in it”, she asked surprise “I novel,  know and i don’t care”,  “your  joking right “she laughed, this was really getting me pissed off,  “I am very serious”, she have to know that I didn’t see it, so she won’t involve me in any kind trouble later, she opened my bag and brought out a disk handing me back my bag, ” thanks, turning to walk away,  “And please don’t think of doing that again I said, before heading toward my class, I really hope that today would be stress free completing my assignment as fast as I could, it felt improper to do an assignment in school and this was my first time of trying such, I felt that I have violated my mum rule, classes was going smoothly until break time, I sat on the bench outside the school reading a novel” Born by the dead” wrote by princess, reading was the only way and means I feel as if I belong in something. I always has the feeling that someone has really felt and understood my feeling then put it down for me to read and mum has always told me that I should never waste my time in unnecessary things and playing and chatting was included, “hey dear” I turned in surprise, looking up, it was the same girl I never wanted to come across again, “what is that”, was I in any kind of trouble, how would mum feel if I was, “what are you thinking about”,  she asked smiling, sitting beside me, “I don’t want any trouble”, i muttered turning to continue with my book “let me see” she collected it from me, “born by the dead” seems interesting, she closed it keeping it beside her, “Hey am still reading that” I said, “I know”, she replied facing me,  “don’t worry, I know exactly what page you are in” she smiled, she always smile as if nothing bother her and it was a kind of cute if I may say, “what did you want,” I shouldn’t be wasting my time chatting so i have to get it over with her, I thought, “I want you as my friend, “wow that was the first time someone has been that direct to me, ” no and why”, I asked, she smiled, gosh she loves smiling and it made her face so beautiful, I can never have that kind of smile, “why no”, she asked me, “cause I don’t want any kind of trouble”, I responded, “OK coming to why I wanted to be your friend, I want to know you, I want to know the kind of girl that won’t open her bag just because she didn’t want to get cut up in school problem,” she started laughing, “And I want to know the girl that get pissed off on me for putting stuff in her bag but never try to tell on me, that why”, she stop laughing and placed my book on my palm, ” I could have reported you, you know,” I said, “but you didn’t” she asked, now  serious, “that was because my driver pulled up”, I defended, ” “what of today, why didn’t you tell on me ,” “because I have to finish my assignment and I don’t have time for child’s play”, I replied, really, child’s play ?”she asked, and started laughing, “really, it  a common school prank, school is not all about reading all the time you know”, “what!, My mum would be totally against that, ” she looked at me with an amused smile on her face “I can see your mummies girl” she said, that word really gave me an emotional blow on the head, “Am not”, I said raising my voice a little high”, “really, if your not, then tell me your own opinion about school”, she asked putting her hand on her chin, “school is all about reading “I answered, ” that it??….really “she asked smiling” Miley”,she called, i don’t remember telling her my name, but this is school, everybody can know, “what” I answered, “what did you want, she asked me that was the first time someone has asked me what I wanted, “i don’t know “I muttered, ” you have to know, it your life, just because, your mum gave birth doesn’t mean she has to make all your life decision for you, this is your life “she gave me one of her cutest smile, ” Miley what did you want “she asked me again” I looked at the book on my palm, “I want to enjoy every moment of my school life”, i voiced out”, “then be my friend and I will show you what school is all about”, looking at her I felt what I have never felt with someone, I felt belonged, I nodded my head, “say it….she  smiled,” “ok, let be friends”, I smiled, she hugged me,apart from Ma, she was the second person to hug me, she laughed and I too, my first laugh for long, I can’t believe it, I was laughing….

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