May 7, 2021


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My Guardian Angel Episode 4

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🧚🏼‍♂️ My guardian angel 🧚🏼‍♂️

(An angel in a human form)👼

⚠️A short story⚠️

© Authress Ifeoluwa

🎠 Episode four 🎠

🌻 Sophie 🌻

I felt totally embarrassed when the receptionist told me that I won’t find my name in the list I already told that Angel of mine that I won’t want to be embarrassed here

But he won’t listen to me rather he brought me here and now I can’t control my tears I was about to leave when the receptionist called me back handling an envelope to me and I opened it

It might be a warning letter for me to never drop my application form again because I get low rates all the time

I red the content and my jaw dropped in excitement it can’t be happening like I finally got the job I’m even the first in overall I hit the top with my rates

I jumped up turning around the whole room in excitement I finally got the job like I would be working with Edgar now I can’t believe this is this a dream or what

I moved to the Angel and I hugged him tightly and he pushed me away after some seconds staring at me kinda annoyed and I gulped down my mood changing

He dipped his hand in his pocket putting on a straight face more like a gentleman which he isn’t actually I scoffed looking away

He dragged my hand turning my hand to the back pulling me closer to him and I rested my back on his chest he brought his head to my ear

“I’m not a gentleman you don’t need to rub it on my face”he whispered

“I just wanted to thank you”I said

“By hugging me remember I’m not Edgar and beside I didn’t do anything so you don’t have to thank me”he said releasing my hand with a small push

I adjusted my clothes staring at him in fear why is he always mean like this I didn’t bring him here why is he treating me like this then

“Because if not for your wish I won’t be in this damn world”he yelled and I flinched so as the receptionist

I stared at him as my heart beat increased and also the receptionist stared at him in confusion

If only he understood what is going on right now he

“Why don’t you make him understand”he said

“Can you stop reading my minds”I yelled in annoyance

“What is going on why are you guys so weird even the way you talk”the receptionist said

“Sorry it just the talking code we use for our self”I lied and the receptionist looked at me and then to the Angel before facing me back

“It seems like you were quarreling anyway it none of my business you would start your job tomorrow bring this file with you”he said and I nodded

“I would take your leave now”I said facing the Angel again before exiting the company and I could feel him trail behind me

“I’m sorry if you think I caused you being here I also don’t like the fact that you are around me”I said

There is no need for me to think because everything is your fault I won’t be here if not because of your pressurization

You just want your wish to come through that all you care about Edgar you such an amateur behaving like a kid also stupid, insensitive, reckless,clumsy everything about you is just so irritating”he hissed jumping up and his wings appear

He flew away leaving me behind and I could feel my eyes building up in tears why did I feel so hurt about his words

He is just too mean for my liking he couldn’t even wait for me how selfish of him to do that

I boarded a taxi home and as soon as I got home I met him inside the room fuming in anger his wings still at his back

He pressed his back holding his head and shutting his eyes as he groaned a little still pressing his back even more

His wings are supposed to go inside right and by the way why isn’t it glowing like it used to before and why is he groaning in pain

I kinda pity his condition right now I don’t even understand what his happening to him

“Don’t you dare pity me everything is your fault”he yelled hitting the table and the content on it fell

“Would you just calm down seriously”I yelled back and he neglected me holding his head

“Be calm don’t let her stupidness get to you be calm don’t let her get to your head okay please be calm”he said holding his head

After some minutes he exhaled heavily and his wings glowed all of a sudden making me close my eyes seconds later it stopped glowing going back to his body

He sat on his bed holding the bedsheets tightly he removed his hand pointing it at the scattered floor his hand glowed and all the things went back to normal

He layed on his bed facing the ceiling and I did the same thing he is just so strange but I know God paired us together for a reason

I still can’t believe I was able to get the job it so amazing I lost all hope but I ended up being the top out of all the people that came for the interview

“You don’t have faith that your problem Sophie but you always claim that you have which is a lie your faith in God is so smaller than my pinky finger

Did you know what God have in stall for you that you were unable to meet up in the third list He wanted to surprise you by making you the top

The girl Amanda that you told your situation to really helped you a lot and that increased your rates but you are ungrateful and you don’t have solid faith

You concluded instantly that God is taking everything from you but you are wrong He wanted to make you the first among the rest

If you had been in the third list I know for sure that you would still blame God for giving you low rates you jumped into conclusion instantly that you can never be in the first or second place

I wonder why He still allowed you be the top after all the things you said to Him Sophie He is just so wonderful”he said facing the wall backing me

“I do have faith in God maybe not strong enough but I do have faith in him I trust him a lot but sometimes in a tough situation I end up loosing my mind

Ever since I lost my parents at a tender age I was really devastated I couldn’t help but feel lonely that why I feel hurt whenever I loose something you can’t always blame me”I said

“Just listen to yourself Sophie you don’t have strong faith in God He created you remember and as for your parents everything happens for a reason”he said

“What is the reason then why did He take my parents from me”I said but he didn’t reply me

His he dumb now

“I’m not dumb okay”he said

“Tell me the reason then”I said

“I’m in no position to tell you that”he said

“Who would then because I know God himself can’t come down to tell me the reason”I said

“Remember He Himself sent me here an Angel in the world He can do anything Sophie”he said

I inhaled deeply using the blanket to cover myself before hungry striked me I haven’t eaten since yesterday oh my gosh

I sat up holding my stomach tightly I don’t even have foodstuffs at home and I’m terribly hungry I was caught up with the application process that I forgot to buy food

What would I do now restaurant is not even close to this place so as the market I’m afraid I might die of hunger today

“Hunger can’t kill someone Sophie especially someone who doesn’t really care much about food

Ain’t you filled with the happiness of you getting the job is there still a need for you to eat”he said facing me staring at me with his sea blue eyes

“Hunger can kill okay and I’m so hungry right now”I said holding my stomach and he stood up dragging my hand to the kitchen

“There are foodstuffs okay cook what you want”he said and I looked at the corner of the kitchen filled with different kind of food wow how did this get here without even me knowing

“The only thing on your mind is Edgar how would you care much about food”he said and I scoffed

“I’m too hungry to cook right now I just wish there is another way for me to get food you can do anything right”I said

“It not like you are too hungry to cook Sophie you are worst in cooking don’t use something silly as an excuse”he said

“I can cook you Angel”I said

“In your dreams just tell me what you would like to eat”he said

“Anything”I asked

“I would get it with a snap of my finger”he bragged

“Hamburger buns and yogurt”I said

“If you were to cook yourself can you prepare hamburger opportunity would not kill you”he said snapping his fingers and it appeared

I licked my lips staring at the buns in my front and I bent over to pick it up

“Not so fast”he said holding my hand

“What now”I said

“Remember this is the only time I would bring food for you I would never do this again”he said

“Okay”I replied taking the buns and we left the kitchen back to the room

“Ain’t you gonna eat or Angels do not eat”I said

“Of course we do God isn’t so heartless to starve us we eat fresh and better food that you guys”he said

“Okay o by the way you need a name I can call you because I can’t call you an Angel everywhere”I said

“Alright think of one”he said laying on his bed

“Marcus”I said

“It sucks”he hissed

“Charles”I said

“Too plain”he replied

“Charlie”I said

“Sounds like a dog name”he replied

“David”I said

“That my rival name”he said

“Dave”I said

“What the difference between David and Dave”he hissed

“Jerry”I said

“I’m not a dog Sophie”he said

“Think about name yourself then”I hissed

“Ivan”he said

“Evan”I said

“Not Evan Ivan as in I-van not Evan”he said

“Ivan nice”I said

“Good that my name now”he said and I smiled devouring my meal


I yawned sitting up to meet Ivan staring at me with crossed arms nodding his head

“What now”I said rubbing my forehead

“Have your forgotten that you have a job to start I’m even ready but you are still on the bed sleeping”he said

“Ivan why did you have to dress up”I asked

“Because I would be helping you that means we would be going together”he said




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