May 7, 2021


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A Girl In All Boys School Episode 1

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😜A Girl In All Boys school 😜
(What will be my future)

Written by Çãñdy Blīssfūl

Episode 1

❤ Anna. ❤

” God am so tired of changing school, this is making it the 6 time, I have change school.

Why do I change school, smile that simple, it because I normally prank 😏 my teachers including the student and those who messes with me.

”Well am Anna Samuel, 18 years old, very beautiful, Clever and free minded”. That all for now, u will get to know me better later, right now am off to school.


I got to school only for me to see my best friend being bullied by a student that they normally call “. THE BLACK LEATHER “. Oh yea i forgot to mention I have a bestie her name is Grace quite beautiful but not like me and very intelligent more like a nerd!

Oh my God, I totally forgot am to help her not to introduce her, what should I do now, I can’t possibly defeat that guy so I was thinking of wat to do wen an idea popped in to my head ( 😁)
I went out and got a ball, not just only ball but a ( shot put ball) I throw it directly to that jerk and as am talking to u, he is at the hospital.
” yea nobody messes with my bestie”.

❤. Grace. ❤

Am Grace Tan, a 17 years old, just moved in to this neighborhood but I have already gotten my self a best friend who I can depend on.

“Ann thank u so much, it nothing ur welcome but why was he troubling u, Ohh don’t worry about that it nothing, oh I see u don’t wanna tell me, no it not like that pls ok. Ok what ever u say, but Ann do u know it was the principal’s son who just came back from school which name is jack, u just knock down with a ball.


That can’t be true oh why me this simply means another new school for. Why do u said so, because thats the true, what am I going to do now I promise my mum not to change school again and to put effort in getting a higher grade, she had so much confidence in me what am I gonna do now. am in big trouble.

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