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When I Met You Episode 27

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When I met you
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 27
Plan 2
Damon PoV
I laid on the bed with Nora beside me
“Why would Noami try to kill me?”. She asked
“ I don’t know”. I replied , you should know better
“ I have never hurt Noami, I have been a good friend to her”. She sighed
My phone suddenly rang and I picked it immediately
“ Uncle”. I called, any update about the case?”. I asked
“Noami is dead”. he replied
What!!”. I exclaimed in shock standing up did she die?. I asked
“ her body was found on the bridge, she was severely stabbed”. he explained , you can come over
“Who could have done that?”. I asked
“ I don’t know “. He replied, but whoever the Killed her is a beast
“Okay, i will be on my way”. I muttered and ended the call..
“ what is wrong?”. Nora asked , why is your face like that
“ Noami is dead”. I replied and she screamed in fright
“ how? When? Where? Who killed her?”. She asked in confusion
“I don’t know”. I replied, her body was found on the bridge
“Who could have done it?”. She yelled and broke down in tears
I pulled her close to me and tried consoling her
“ it is alright Nora, it is going to be alright “. I assured her
“ why do Noami have to die?”. She asked
“ she deserved it”. I replied with a blank expression
She looked up at me
“How can you say such?”. She asked , how are you this heartless
“ I don’t care whatever you call me, That bitch tried to kill you and I am glad she is dead”. I replied
I stood up and went over to the wardrobe to change my clothing
“ are you going out?”.She asked
“ yes”. I replied
“ where?”. She asked
“To the crime scene “ I replied
“ I am coming with you”. She said standing up
“Just stay at home”. I replied her
“ please Damon”.she pleaded
“ okay, fine”. I replied
“Thanks”. She muttered and ran into the bathroom


We drove over to the crime scene and it was already crowded with cops and reporters ..
“ Damon”. My uncle called immediately he saw me.
I went over to him and greeted him. I stared at Noami lifeless body , the sight was terrible
I watched some men carried her into an ambulance
“ Noami”. Nora called softly as she began to cry
“ you can’t do this here”. I said holding her
“ who is the beast that did this to Noami”. She Yelled
“ you are crying over someone that almost killed you”.I said with with a scoff
“ I don’t………..she stopped and was gazing intently at someone with a surprise look
I turned to look at who she was staring at and was surprised to see the bitch coming towards us
“ Damon”. The bitch called
“ what are you doing here Bella?”. I asked
“ i came over to look at the poor child”. She replied
“ do you know her?”. I asked
“ No”. She replied shaking her head flashing me a smile
“ you are surely really in love”. She said staring at Nora, I can’t really believe you chose that thing over me
“ Are you better than her?”. I asked and she looked at me in surprise
“ Damon “. She called, how can you say such about me because of this poor thing
“ poor”. I muttered, have you forgotten where I saw you, have you forgotten you were an homeless beggar
She looked at me and it was obvious she was ashamed
“ Try and get a life Bella, be thankful you are alive “. I advised her
She looked at me with a scoff and left in anger
“ wow! Nora exclaimed, so she was a homeless beggar. Who will ever believe that?
“ can we not talk about that please?”. I pleaded
“ Whatever “. She said rolling her eyes, can we Please leave this place ?”. Nora asked
“ sure”. I replied
I nodded at my uncle as we got into the car and drove off
“ I can’t really believe Noami is dead”. Nora said sniffing,
“ she paid for her crime”. I said
“ her death was too gruesome, The killer must be a beast”. She remarked
I nodded
“ can we go over to the hospital please”. She pleaded
“Sure”. I nodded as I reversed and drove towards the hospital
Mr Parker
I smiled as I watched the news, I never knew Nora had so much enemy..
“ who could be behind this “.I wondered, I pray she succeeded in killing the bitch
My phone suddenly rang and I picked it up
“Boss” the voice from the other end called ,they just walked into the hospital
“ Good “. I replied, make sure you do a good job”. I said as I ended the call
I had boys watching Damon every move and was looking for a perfect opportunity to strike .
Damien betrayed me , he allowed that his rude son to humiliate me and he did nothing about that ,I know how much Damon meant to him, the boy is his future.if I strike that rude brat dead, we will be even.we will both be without wife and child then he will have no other option but to confide in me
I planned on striking those Damon loves but I changed my mind, i will destroy Damon Adams himself and after that I will deal with that bitch Nora ……..
“ Let me say hello to my friend”. I grinned evilly .
I dialled his number and he picked up immediately
“Parker”. he called , I told you never to call me again”. he reminded
“Chill Damien”. I replied, I just wanted to say hi to you
“Damn you”. he cursed
“ how is Damon?”. I asked chuckling
“Get lost”. He yelled and banged the call..
Prepare to cry Damien because you won’t see your precious son again…….

Damien POV( Damon father)
I sat down wondering why Parker called me, it is so unlike him
“Dang it!”. I exclaimed after some thoughts, is he trying to do something stupid ..
“ where is Damon?”. I asked Petra who was coming out of the kitchen
“ is anything wrong ?”. She asked in alarm
“ I am having a strong feelings something bad wants to happen”. I replied her , where is Damon?”. I asked again
“ he went out with his girl”. She replied
“ do you have any idea where he went to?”. I asked her
“ I don’t”. She replied with a shrug but I believe they might go over to the hospital to check on Tonia because Nora feels guilty about what happened to her
“ Thanks”.i replied . I rushed over to the garage, got into my car and drove off heading to the hospital
I soon got to the hospital and parked. I sighed in relief when I saw Damon walking out of the hospital with Nora beside him.They soon stopped in front of the hospital talking and laughing
“ I need to tell them to get out of here fast”. I said as I got down from the car walking towards them
. Damon POV
“ I feel so relieved”. Nora said in excitement, Tonia was finally awake
I gave her a small smile
“ I guess you can stop feeling guilty now”. I said and she nodded
“ Damon”. a familiar voice called and I turned back to see my Dad walking towards me
“ what are you doing here Dad?”. I asked in surprise
“ Damon , you have to get out from here fast”.He said panting
“ why?”. I asked in alarm
“ I have a feeling that something bad wants to happen”. he explained
“ what do you mean?”. Nora asked and before he could reply, a car pulled beside us and aimed a gun directly at me
“ Get down “. I shouted but it was too late , someone got shot
“ No, I screamed as the blood splattered all over me

Oh my gawd!
What just happened
I wonder who got shot

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