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The Vampire Prince (Two World’s) Episode 30

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The Vampire prince (two worlds)
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 30
The end of evil

Ryan POV
We appeared to the vampire kingdom and some children ran to greet us immediately they saw us
“Greetings Dracula and his Queen”.they chorused
I nodded dragging Alicia along with me
We walked into the Shrine and the Elder immediately stood up to greet
“ Greetings Vampire Prince & Princess”. He greeted with a bow
“ Greetings Elder”. I greeted
I looked at Alicia who was looking gloomy
“ what is wrong?”. I asked her
“ I am hungry Ryan”. She replied
“ really”. I asked
She nodded
“ can I get you some cakes”. The Elder offered
“ I don’t want cake”. She whined
“ what do you want?”. I asked already knowing what she wants
“em er pancakes”. She lied
“ Good”. I remarked , Get her some pancakes
She glared at me…
Alicia POV
I went over to the garden and was surprised to see Mara already seated there , there was a jar beside her
“What does she wants to do with that”
“Hey”. I greeted
She turned to look at me
“ Greetings my Princess”. She greeted bowing down
I nodded as I sat down beside her
“ I waited here for a long time”. She said flashing me a smile
“ I am sorry , school work delayed me”. I apologised
“ it is alright”. She said, I just missed you
“ I miss you also”. I lied giving her a fake smile
“Did you tell Ryan what I told you?”. She asked
“ No, I didn’t”. I lied, I will do that after the coronation
“I can’t wait for you to be the Crowned Queen. She said excitedly
“ Thanks”.I replied
“ here”.she said giving me the jar beside her
“ what is this ?”. I asked her
“ it is a blood of love”. She said
“ what is that?”. I asked her
She laughed. “ I meant I am gifting it to you out of love “. She explained
“ oh thanks”. I said collecting the jar from her
“You can also give someone you love”. She said
“ someone like?”. I asked
“ Ryan”.she said
“ sure, I will give him”.I assured her smiling
“ you can’t make him know we are already friends”. She warned
“ why?”. I asked
“ because he won’t drink it if you tell him”. She replied
“ is it a must he drinks it with me”. I asked
“No I er em yes”. She stammered
“ I don’t understand you?”. I asked her
“ yes, it is a must”. She replied
“ why?”. I asked
“ it is a drink to share with your loved ones”. She tried explaining
“ oh”. I nodded, I will surely share it with Ryan who knows he might love me more
“ sure. She said, he will love you more
I looked at the fool beside me
“She is definitely not the smart type”
“I need to go over to the shrine”. I said standing up
“ okay Princess”. She replied bowing down
“ I will make sure I drink this gift of love with Ryan”. I assured her
“ Good”. She said giving me a smile
I walked into the shrine and met Ryan discussing with The Elder
“ how did it go?”he asked
I looked at him and then The Elder
“ you can go ahead and talk, The Elder knows about the plan”. he urged me
“ she gave me this jar of blood and asked me to drink it together with you”. I explained
“ Let me see the jar”. Ryan said
I handed it over to him and he opened it and poured out little on the floor
“ it might be poison”. The elder suggested
“ why will she want to kill me?”. He asked the elder
“ I really can’t say”.The elder said
“ There is only one way to find out”. Ryan said
“ how?”. The elder asked
“ we bring the bitch here”.
Mara POV
I laid on my feeling very happy, I had a feeling that the plan would work perfectly
“ I really can’t wait to be the Vampire Princess”.
“ I am really sorry Alicia”. I muttered, but love is not meant to be shared
My door suddenly flung open and two guards walked in
“Don’t you have hands to knock” I yelled
“ Dracula asked to see you”. They chorused
I immediately became scared
“Why?”. I asked
“ Move quietly or we will drag you”. They warned
I looked at them
“ I will go quietly”. I immediately knew I was doomed
Ryan PoV
I paced up and down the shrine waiting for the guards to come in with the bitch
The bitch soon walk in with the guards behind her
“ Greetings Dracula”. She greeted trying to avoid my gaze
“ drink this “.I said ignoring her greetings
“ it belong to the princess”.she said with her voice wavering
“ really”. I smirked walking towards her her
“ drink it”. I barked at her
“ it is a gift to………
I gave a thunderous slap and she winced in pain
“ what is in the blood?”. I asked her
“ noooothing”. She stammered , I just gave it to the Princess”. She said pointing at Alicia
I gave her another slap and she spat out blood
“ what is in the blood”. I asked again
“ poison”. She replied and I heard Alicia gasped
“ why did you give the poison to Alicia”. I asked her
“ I wanted her dead so I could be close to you”. She replied
I looked at her and scoffed
“Meaning you were behind the attack”.I asked her
She remained quiet
“ answer me”. I barked
“ yes”. He replied and everyone in the room gasped in shock
Mara, I never knew you were so evil “. The Elder chipped in, I warned you didn’t I?
“Why did you ask Alicia to give me the poison if you wanted me?”. I asked
“ I was told the poison won’t affect you”. She said weakly
“ who told you that?”. I asked and before she could answer my dad walked in dragging Prince Ron
“ I caught him when he was trying to escape”. He said bowing down
I looked at Ron and Mara and immediately understood the connection
“Nephew please don’t believe whatever she says”.Prince Ron pleased weakly, he was covered with blood
I ignored him and turned to Mara
“ who told you that?”. I yelled
“ Prince Ron”.she replied pointing to him
“ Damn”. I cursed,
“ why did you do it?”. I asked Prince Ron
“ I didn’t do anything”. He lied
“coward”. I barked
“ I am not a coward”, he yelled
“ then why did you do it?”. I asked again
“ To take back my throne”. He replied
We all looked at him in shock
“The throne never belonged to you?”. The Elder told him
“ I always took care of the throne when I was younger, I was father’s favourite and I even poison”… he stopped
“ you poisoned who”. The Elder asked
He remained quiet
“ Talk”. I yelled
He looked up at me and smirked
“ really “. I scoffed , I moved closer to him and scratched him with my claws
“ aaaaargh”. He screamed in pain
“ you can’t endure pain but you give pain”. I told him
“ who did you poison”. I asked digging my claws into his neck
“ I will confess”. He screamed
“ fine”. I said , start talking
“ I started giving father poison, it was a poison no one could detect because it was colourless and odourless and that is what led to his death”. He confessed
“ you killed your father because of the throne”. The elder said
“ I was also behind Your mother attack”. He said pointing to me
“What”. I exclaimed
“I killed my father, framed my brother, almost killed your Mother and planned on killing you and your mate all because of the throne “. He yelled
“ is the throne more important to you”. The elder asked him
“ yes”. He replied
“ you are a beast “. Alicia yelled
He looked at her and gave her a weak smile
He turned to Mara and said
“ I used you Mara, you were a really big fool and I planned on killing you when I was done with you
Mara kept on sobbing
“ Dracula”,Please forgive me “. She pleaded
“ I can’t forgive you because you tried hurting Alicia”. I replied her, I promised to pay you back with your own coin
“ Guards hold her down “. I commanded She tried struggling with the guards as they pinned her down, I took the jar of poisoned blood and forced it down her throat. She soon started gasping for breath and started puking blood
“ I am so…….. she tried to say and soon drifted to sleep
I stared at her lifeless body and sighed in relief
“ what should we do to him”. The Elder asked
“Drain his blood”. I instructed the guards
“ Yes Dracula”.They said bowing
I watched three guards drained prince Ron blood with their fangs
“ please don’t kill me”. He pleaded struggling
“ Drain him to the last blood”. I yelled
I gave orders for the bodies of Mara and Ron to be burnt, They deserve no proper burial
Alicia walked toward me and hugged me
“ you are smart Dracula”. She said
I smiled at her
“ can you grant me one favour”. She asked
“ what is it?”. I asked her
“ please forgive your father”. She said , he had his reasons
“ I have already forgiven him”. I said
“ really”.she jumped in excitement
“ yes”. I nodded

I walked to my dad chambers and saw him drinking as usual
“ Prince Ryan”. I called
He looked up at me and immediately bowed down
“ Greetings Vampire prince”. He greeted
“ you don’t need to do that”. I said
“ why?”. He asked
“ because you are my father”. I replied
“ son have you forgiven me?”. He asked
I nodded
“ I need a favour from you”. I told him
“ what is that?”. I asked
“ I want you to go back to mother and treat her right”. I said
“ really”. He asked with his hands shaking
I nodded
“ you mean I can go back to my love”. He said
“ yes, just promise you will never hurt her again” I told him
“ I will never do that”.he promised and hugged me
“ Thanks son for making my wish come true”.he whispered in my ears
Aww father and son finally reconciled
The monster are Finally dead
One more episode to go

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