May 6, 2021


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The Vampire Prince (Two World’s) Epilogue

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The vampire prince ( two worlds)
Written by Princess Juliet
Ryan POV
It has been two years since I became The Vampire King. I encountered lot of challenges but with Alicia beside me I was able to overcome all……….
“ Dracula”. The Elder called running into the throne room
“ what is it?”. I asked
“ The Queen”
“ what happened to her?”. I asked in alarm
“ her water just broke”. He said
I looked at him in confusion
“ what does water breaking got to do with the Queen”. I asked
“ she wants to have a baby”. He explained
“ really”. I said in excitement as i ran towards the Kingdom hospital..
“ you can’t go in my King”. a doctor told me as I tried to enter the labour room
“ why can’t I?. I asked, I can hear her screaming in pain
“She will be fine Dracula”. He assured me
I kept on pacing up and down as The Elder watched me smiling
“My king come and have your seat”. He said
“ how will I sit down calmly when she is going through pain?”. I asked him
“ It is nature”.he replied
I beamed in excitement when I heard the cry of a baby
“ did you hear that?”. I asked The Elder
“ yes I did “. He replied smiling
I rushed inside the room without waiting for the doctor orders and smiled when i saw the doctor holding a tiny naked child covered in blood
“ Congratulations Dracula”. He greeted, It is a prince
I walked towards him slowly and peered into the baby face
“ can I hold him”. I asked
“Sure”. He said handing the tiny child to me
“ welcome Prince Ryan”. I muttered
I looked at Alicia and she just stared on smiling weakly
“ Thank you”. I said walking over to her
She nodded
“ how are you feeling?”. I asked mopping her face with a cloth
“ better”. She replied, I did it Ryan, I gave you a prince”. She said
.a bright suddenly shone on the baby chest and made a tiny mark on his chest
“ what is that”. Alicia asked
“ we have got a crown prince “. I said smiling
“ we present to you Prince Ryan III”. The Elder announced as the whole vampires screamed in delight
It was prince Ryan naming day, I looked and Alicia and smile
“ Thanks for giving me this gift”. I whispered to her
“ you have done that for the umpteenth time”. She grinned
“ you can’t blame me”. I said smiling
The Elder walked to us and handed little Ryan to his mother as the people continued chanting
“ Greetings to the Vampire Prince”. The elder greeted bowing down as the people continued chanting
“ Hail The Dracula, Hail the Queen, Hail the Vampire prince
I looked at them and smiled
My people, My kingdom…. this is where I belong……………..

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