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Dreams Episode 29-30

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Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 29
The whole truth
Chase Delgado
Seeing Nick awake, i was surprised to the core
When did he wake? Did he hear my conversation with his mother? I wondered
Chase! What were you both talking about? he repeated while staring at me
I smirked
That question should be directed to your mother
What do you……he tried to say but I cut him off
I am glad you are awake brother, I will come check on you later.
I nodded at his mum and took my leave …….
I walked through the long passage to the reception .
I was surprised to see Kira seated at the reception room , her eyes was glued to her phone
I walked towards her and tapped her gently
She looked startled for a moment , and then quickly composed herself
Chase! She smiled
When did you get here? I asked
Not quite long, I was told only family members are allowed to visit Nick. she explained
So how is he? Is he better? She asked rushingly
Yes, he is awake now , I informed
Oh my gawd! She stood up and hugged me
I chuckled and released myself from the hug
Do you still want to see him?…. I mean I can talk to doctor
Never mind Chase, he is getting better and that is what really matters
Oh! I smiled
Are you free to chat? We can hang around somewhere. She asked with a smile
I am sorry Kira, I need to call at my girlfriend’s home
She stared at me without uttering any word
Are you alright? I asked
She nodded
Good! I turned to go, but stopped when I remembered I had something to ask her
What was Mr Noah offence?
What do you mean? She asked confusedly
What did he do to you? I continued
Nothing. She shook her head
Then why did you threaten to fire him .I yelled
I waaas just jjokking. She stuttered
Joking?i never knew you to be a clown. I scoffed
Don’t be angry Chase , I can apologise to him if that is what you want . She pleaded
You don’t need to do that because he won’t be working with your family again. I informed
What do you mean by that? he is hopeless without my family . She boasted
I chuckled
Oh Kira! You are really so naive
Are you planning on…… she tried to say but I cut her off
Good bye Kira! I bade and walked out of the hospital………..
Roxy Delgado
I stared blankly at Nick without knowing what to say
Mother! What does he mean by that? he asked weakly
Nothing. I lied trying not to meet his gaze
he tried to sit up and fell back to the bed
Arrrgh! he groaned while holding his head
Don’t stress your self baby. I said trying to hold him but he pushed my hands away
Baby! I called softly
What were you both talking about? he repeated
Can we please talk about it later? I pleaded as tears rolled down my eyes
he scoffed
Who is the child with a fake father? he asked and I froze
Who is the child? he repeated while staring at me
I sniffed
I will tell you when you are strong enough. I promised
No mom , I want to know now . he insisted
Fine! I sighed
I was pregnant of you before I got married to Neil
What! What are you trying to say? Are you trying to say I am a bastard? he exclaimed in shock
No baby,I shook my head
What exactly are you saying? You just told me that my dad is not my father. he yelled as tears rolled down his eyes
Baby! I called softly
Don’t call me that. he warned
But I am…… I tried to say but he cut me off
Who is my father?
I stared at him without saying anything
I said who is my father? he repeated
I don’t know Chase … erm I mean I don’t know where he is
He scoffed
What do you mean you don’t know? Do you go around sleeping with men
hell no! I screamed
Then who is he? Doesn’t he have a name ?
I sighed
his name is Philip and we met when we were in college
Philip was a caring man, he loved and I guessed I loved him too
My parent never supported our relationship because he was from a poor family
They pleaded with me to leave him but I couldn’t because he was the only man that made me feel special
We continued with our relationship and I soon got pregnant with you .
he asked me to run away with him but I was scared of leaving my parent , I guess I never really loved him that much
My dad came home one day with a shocking news about an arranged marriage with his friend’s son
I cried and pleaded with him that I was no interested but he insisted I should know the boy first
I agreed
I liked Neil the first time I saw him but he was just too proud
he told me bluntly that he is in love with someone else but I still choose to stay because of … the money
Yes, the money.he was so wealthy and I guess I was too greedy
The date of the marriage was fixed and when your father came looking for me , I lied to him that I lost the pregnancy
he begged me remain with him but my mind was already made up..
I chose money over love …
It was after the marriage that I found out the woman Neil loves was a maid, she was no other person than Chase mother
Damn! I heard Nick cursed
it turned out that his parent never supported his relationship with her because she was a dumb maid ………….
Nick! Please forgive your greedy mother. I pleaded
he stared on without saying anything
Baby! I called and he fumed
Don’t ever call me that! he warned staring at me , his gaze was deadly
I sniffed
But I am still your mother
Mother? You are nothing but a bitch
Nick! I called in surprise
Get out from my sight . he yelled
Nick Delgado
I watched my mother , no the bitch run out from the room
how can she be so selfish?
I ran my finger through my hair as I tried to think but couldn’t
Damn! I was getting crazy
What would happen to me now? Where would I start from?
My whole life is a mess and it is all because of that stupid concert , no it is all because of Chase……




Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 30
Finding Philip
Candace Noah
Sitting outside, I was doing my Laundry when Chase drove into the compound
I smiled
He alighted from his car and walked towards me
Good morning! I greeted
he glanced at his wristwatch and huffed
It is already noon
Oh my bad! I guess I was too preoccupied with the house chores to take notice
he smiled
So how are you? he asked while sitting beside me
I am fine, I was just missing you . I pouted
Alright . he drawled
I frowned, what is with that tone?did you not miss you me?
I did candy but I am just too stressed
Oh! Are you still worried about Nick? I asked
He nodded
How is he? is he getting any better?
Yes, he is already awake . he informed
I sighed in relief
But what really happened to his voice? I probed on
I don’t know, he shrug
I stared at him, he was trying not to meet my gaze
Are you hiding something from me?
No, why would I do that? he retorted without still looking at me
I smirked
Why is your voice so similar to that of Nick’s? I continued
he looked at me in a huff
What exactly do you want to know?
The truth Chase, I want to know the truth. I half yelled
he sighed
It is complicated,you wouldn’t understand
But you can make…….. I tried to say but he cut me off
Is your dad in?
I scoffed , are you trying to avoid my question?
Where is he?he repeated
he went to the mall with Max. I informed
he dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a card
Give him this when he gets back , he handed the card to me
I looked at it, it was his private card
Tell him to call me . he added
I nodded
I need to be on my way. he informed while standing
But you just got here . I queried
I know , but I need to rest . he insisted
Alright. I smiled
he leaned towards me, kissed me briefly on my lips before heading to his car
I watched him go and smirked
he is definitely hiding something from me…………
Roxy Delgado ( Nick’s mother)
Confused, I sat down in my car thinking of the next step to take
I was really confused about everything
Will Nick ever forgive me?
Damn! I hit the steering wheel with my fist
I never expected to be caught up in my own greed
My phone suddenly rang and I received it without checking the caller
Who is this? I grunted
Are you alright Roxy? I heard a familiar voice asked
Oh Andy! I never knew it was you
What is wrong with you? Are you still worried about Nick? he asked rushingly
I sighed
Nick is fine, he is already awake . I informed
Really? then why do you sound so worried?
I am not fine Andy. I retorted breaking down in tears
What is wrong baby? Please talk to me. he pleaded
I sighed
Please just go to Nick , he needs you
Of course, I am already on my way to the hospital. he informed
Thanks. I appreciated
Anything for you my love. he said and ended the call
I stared at my phone and smiled lightly
he sure does know how to make me smile
I started the car and drove off headed to Philip’s family home
I have to find Nick father so my son can finally be at peace with me………
I drove through the familiar area with a heavy heart
Will Philip still be staying there?Will he believe me? Will he ever forgive me?
I parked in front of the small cottage house and alighted from the car
I said a silent prayer before walking to the front door
I knocked of the door and waited but there was no response
What could be wrong?
I knocked again and the door was soon opened by an elderly woman . staring at her, I immediately recognised her as Philip mother
I panicked a little bit
hello ma! I greeted
hi dear, how can I help you? she asked staring at me
It was obvious she didn’t recognise me
I am here to see Philip. I informed
And who are you? She arched her eyebrow
It is me Roxy, do you remember?
She stared intently at me without uttering a word
Ma! do you remember? I repeated and she scoffed
Why won’t l! Why won’t I remember the bitch who almost made my son crazy !
but ma I…. I tried to say but she cut me off
What do you want? she yelled
Can we please talk inside? I pleaded
No, say whatever you want out here . she blurted
I want to see Philip, I want to tell him about his son
What son? she asked
The son I had for him twenty three (23) years ago
She laughed
Are you here to Joke? I thought you had a miscarriage
No I lied , I never had a miscarriage
She stared at me for a while and sighed
Why are you doing all this now? You left my son because he was poor
Please Just let me see Philip. I pleaded
She shook her head negatively
Philip is happily married and I can’t let you destroy his family
I am not here to destroy his family , I just want to tell him about his son. I explained
She smirked. Let your son remain with his rich husband
My son already knows the truth, he already knows he is not a Delgado
She widened her eyes in surprise
Delgado? So the man you left my son for is the famous Delgado
I nodded
She scoffed
Just get the hell out of here Roxy . She yelled and bang the door shut ……
Oh Roxy! What will you do now?
Chase Delgado
I walked into the sitting room and was surprised to see my manager having a discussion with my father
My father had a large smile on his face
What are they talking about? I wondered
hi! I greeted and they both looked at me
Come over here Chase! My dad gestured me to move closer
I moved closer to them and sat down beside my father
What is the good news? I asked staring at my father and then my manager
Look at this. My manager said handing me his phone
I took the phone from him and stared at the screen
On the screen was an image of me
So what about it? I gave him a puzzled look
Scroll down. he instructed and I did
I widened my eyes in surprise as I read through
My song broke all records by having more than a billion views in just a month
How is this possible? I directed the question to no one in particular
Not only that , your fans are asking for a duet performance . My manager beamed
I looked at him
What do you mean?
They all want you to hear you sing a duet with a female lead singer, Kira to be precise
I scoffed
I can’t sing with Kira
Why? My dad gave me a puzzled look
I don’t just want to sing with her
he sighed
Do you have anyone in mind then?
I smiled
Yes, I am going to sing the duet with candy
But she is just a student. My manager queried
I don’t care. I retorted
It might try……my manager tried to say but my dad cut him off
Let them perform the duet together, I respect Chase choice
I smiled ………..

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