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Beautiful Romance Episode 13

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👙 Beautiful
Romance 🌺

{ Soulmate}

Episode 13

Writer’s POV 💎

” Lucas was damn shocked, he couldn’t move an inch towards her, how the hell did she get here, oh my goodness , this not good” he thought sadly

Immediately the cherry of a lady saw him, she stood up and ran to hug him, cherry was so happy and excited to see him, because he looks cute with his baby face and pink lip, she’s so much want to taste him, immediately she tried claiming his lip, but Lucas shoved her mouth off his.

” So disgusting”! Lucas said angrily, Lucas walked inside his room, and have a chill shower, and laid on the bed tiredly.


Late in the evening, Lucas pick his phone inside the drawer and called Nadine.

📲 Hello Nadine, are you ready? Lucas said over the phone, as he stood up from the bed sluggishly.

📲 Yeah, just few minutes, Nadine said.

The call ended , and Lucas walked to the bathroom to freshen up, he got back and walk to his closet, and get some clothes, which looks handsome and perfectly on him.

” Lucas was smiling to himself through the mirror, which shows his dimples,he smile foolishly at himself”.

Cherry on the other hand, was passing through Lucas room, when she heard the conversation, she decided to follow him , unknown to Lucas.

Lucas hop inside his car, and zoomed off without biding cherry a goodbye , cherry also follow up behind him.

After some minutes, Lucas finally got to Nadine side , he saw her on the other side, waiting eagerly for him, she looks shining , she’s damn pretty, Lucas thought.

Lucas wave at her, while she Catwalk towards his car and hop inside, while Lucas spare her glance every second through the mirror.

Minutes later, the car pulled over in front of the eatery, the both of them hop Down, while cherry stayed behind, waiting and not to get suspected.

Santiago Dave 🖋️

” Jessica are you done dressing👗, I asked as she entered my room, while I back her”.

Yeah Dave, am done.

Let get going now, she said and touch my back, I peck her cheeks as we walked out, going to my Mercedes-Benz, we got outside and hop inside the car.

” Let go sucys eatry,” nope Jessica said.

” Why don’t we go to Rolls, it very classic , and pretty cool for young couple like us, she said and smile lightly at me”.


” I help Jessica out of the car, and held her hand and we walked inside, we took a sit , and shortly a waiter walked to us”.

I choose rice with egg sauce, while Jessica take fried meat sauce and Hennessy wine, I cough a little , trying telling her, she eat too much.

After eating for a long time, I saw someone looking familiar beside a guy, they walked majestically inside the eatery .

Oh my goodness, my Nadine, I thought angrily and fist my bumb ready to punch Lucas but retain myself.


Lucas knight 👅

I smirked evilly immediately as my eyes met Dave eyes.

He felt bad, that am with Nadine, but I don’t f¢¢king care.

” I look at her , she and , Dave and Dave’s date were exchanging a glance”.

I almost laugh but retain myself.

” After some minutes of eating, I help her put her hair behind her ear, she make a light moan” .

Hmm, easy to get though .
I thought and blew a kiss.

” Immediately someone catwalk towards our table, I looked up and found cherry starring at me and Nadine, with an angrily look”

” What the hell are you doing here cherry” I asked with curiosity.

” Ohh really, you don’t want me to know you’re going out on a date with a bπtch, ” she said.

Nadine Meg

” How dare you think you can take what is mine” the cherry of lady said grumpy.

“What going on Lucas” tell me.

” Am sorry Nadine, I’ll have to explain things to you” Lucas said in a cracked voice.

” Explain what Lucas” cherry yelled and rushed to me, she pulled my hair roughly, and landed a slap on my face, without thinking twice, I pushed her to the nearby table, and pack the unfinished food, and empty it on her face.

” Please it stinks_ she yelled.

While I giggle and punch her,I punched her stomach, which makes her groaned in pain, and I slapped her and walked out


Who like what Nadine did to cherry.

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