May 6, 2021


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Beautiful Romance Episode 12

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πŸ‘™ Beautiful
Romance 🌺

Episode 12


Nadine Meg ✏️

“Ma’am , sir Lucas said you should meet him in his office now, I mean right now” Jupiter said..

I stood up Immediately, “I have to go now” I said and rush out of the cafeteria. .

” Oh my goodness” I said and smile.

I knock his office twice before he asked me to enter, now I need to behave myself, because I don’t want him to think of me as a b^tch , I thought and finally entered.

” Miss Nadine, I want you to arrange this file, and get me a cup of juice” Lucas said with a broad smile, I ignore him and move to his side, and continue arranging the big file, for about two hours, by the time I was done, I was damn tired, that I felt like sleeping.

” I walked out, going to the cafeteria to get some juice, minutes later I walked inside his office and drop it on the table”.

Can I leave now? I asked with an eye roll.

“Nadine did I do anything wrong, you have been avoiding me” he asked , I almost lost my tongue because I was damned scared and shy.

“Nope sir, I just feel like isn’t proper ” that’s the reason why sir, I said lowly.

” Come on Nadine, it hasn’t gotten to that okay, so let he friends” he asked waiting for my ANS

” Okay sir, I said” nope call me Lucas, he said persisting.

I giggled and muttered okay Lucas, I said and we both laugh at each other.

” Hmm, can I ask you something” Lucas asked as we continue starring at each other.

” Can we have a dinner together by tomorrow evening ?” he asked shyly.

” Yeah, I said after a brief slience “.

” Don’t worry Nadine, I will come to your house to take myself ” he said and put my hair behind my back, I froze immediately as I felt his hands touched my skin.

Santiago Dave πŸ–‹οΈ

” I rest in front of Lucas office door, and listen to what is going on inside their office”.

” They were talking happily, and even planning to go on a date”.

” What a nice surprise” I thought with a grin.

” Sir is there any problem” I heard Jupiter voice.

” Problem where”? I asked with a smirk.

” We do face our business here sir,so I will advice you to face your business sir” he said and walked out.

“Did he just talked to me like that”?

What !

@m doomed!


Lucas knight πŸ“Œ

” It was late in the evening, the car pulled over in front of my mansion, at the parking lot”.

I hop down, and saw a car at the parking lot beside mine, what going on?

I asked myself.

” Who could possibly have the gut ” I thought feeling irritated , as I watch the car.

” I walked inside my mansion, and the sight I saw make my brain turned upside down”

“She was sitting comfortably on the couch going through her phone”.

” What the heck is she doing here”?

Oh myself goodness!


Who’s that ?

Who love Jupiter?

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