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Beautiful Romance Episode 11

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👙 Beautiful
Romance 🌺


Episode 11


Michelle Jessica 💋

” Get me details about her, she must be a fool for trying to take what is mine” I roar angrily.

” Dave is mine alonee” yeah, just mine nobody dare take what is mine, because you won’t like my reaction, I won’t hesitate to kill the person” I giggle as I said all those words”

” Do the needful thing Bobby ” I said and puff from my cigarette.

” I don’t f••king care about anybody except my Dave, my future husband, my life , my everything”.

I said with a grin.

” Watch out Nadine, or medine , because I don’t f<<king want to know you, the moment we see each other, you’re dead instantly”

I said with a smirk, and laugh vigorously.

Nadine Meg ✏️

” I hate darkness, I hate darkness, I yelled as I hugged Lucas to myself”, though I wasn’t supposed to hug him, but couldn’t help it, I have to hug him because am damn scared.

” I continue crying profusely, as I hug him tightly, I don’t know the reason why, I hate staying in darkness , I hate it, am allergic to darkness” I thought as I continue crying on his chest.

” Come on Nadine, everything is gonna be okay, lemme call the person in charge, don’t worry am with you, just chill” Lucas said, probably smiling at my reaction.

He pick his phone , and call the guy who is in cha rge, after some minutes of calling, the light came on again, but off , it continues blinking for a long time, until the elevator open for us.

I sniff and muttered a thank you, I walked away from him, And walk alone to the cafeteria, I got there and met Dave eating alone, Dave has been a lovely guy to me, he gave me some flowers this morning, I thought and smile.

He saw me and signal me to come sit with him.

” I head towards, and pull out a chair, and sit down, I ordered for some fried rice and beef stew and fried meat, Dave already said I should eat to my satisfaction, which makes me like him more”.

We continue eating for a Long time, till he broke the slient.

“Let play a game Nadine, Truth and Dare” he said and use the tissue paper, to clean the food beside my mouth, I felt shy but remember the incident yesterday, I was damn shy.

” Come on Nadine, am your friend ok, don’t be sad” he said and we both laugh foolishly.

Santiago Dave ✏️

” So truth or dare”?
I asked starring at her

” Truth” she said in tiny voice.

” How did you felt when I told you there was a stain on your grown, I said starring at her deeply, she roll her eyes.

” I was embarrassed , because I wasn’t expecting such” she said timidly.

Okay. I said.

” Truth or Dare” she asked

Truth, I said.

” How many ladies have you dated “.

” UncountabIe i said and laugh uncontrollable, she started smacking my head. You’re a play guy.

She said

” So truth or dare ” I asked her.

Truth she muttered .

” Are you single or in relationship” I asked with a serious look.

” Am single, and not searching” she said and laugh and slip from her drink, I only maintain a straight face, as she said she’s not searching”

“Truth or Dare ” she asked softly.

Truth. I muttered.

” Do you have a girlfriend”

“Nope,” I lied, beside Jessica isn’t my girlfriend, my parents, I mean my uncle and his wife are just forcing me to play along with Jessica, she’s just my s€x toy, I thought.

” So lastly” truth or dare I asked.

” Dare” she said, and I smirk wickedly at her .

“I dare you to kiss me”.


” I can’t do ” she said with an angry look,” you’ve to do it” I said persisting her.

Lucas knight 🌺

“I felt sad, I sat close to them” .
They were happy together, what could possibly going on between the two of them

I thought…

” Suddenly I heard Dave daring Nadine to kiss him”, what I must not allow that.

“I need to stop them” I said.



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