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My Personal Maid Season 2 Episode 22

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❤(its all starting again)❤
🌹(when the rich fall for the poor)🌹
Written by Bella writes☺☺☺
Season 2(episode 22)✌✌✌
“Where are you taking me to Alex, Francis is just around the corner and he might search for me” I said to Alex who payed deaf ears to my pleas

I was at the balcony, Having sometime alone when he came to me telling me that he had something to show me and without waiting for my response, He pulled me off

We got to his room and when he drew me towards his laptop

“Once you see this,don’t do anything drastic,Just follow my lead okay” He said

“What am I going to see” I asked and in response, He turned on the laptop for me and I saw Francis and Sarah making love in the room

“We aren’t the only ones cheating,They also are ” He said to me and out of shock I sat down

“This isn’t the time to feel hurt Melanie,You don’t love him and if he is also cheating on you,You don’t have to feel guilty anymore” he said and I starred at him

“This is because I cheated on him,That’s why he did the same” I said

“You didn’t cheat on him,You love me and I love you, With this proof,You can leave Francis and I will demand a divorce from Sarah” He said

“It can’t be done that way Alex,Can’t you see that no matter what we can’t be,Even if I leave Francis for you, It still won’t work, Your father never approved of me and my mother never approve of our relationship too, let’s just stop this while we can” I said

“No Melanie,I told you already, I won’t give you up, Not now or ever,Whatever my dad says is his problem,This time I have the means and power to fight for us,I won’t give you up” He said and at that moment his phone rang

He picked up and talked for a while and when he cut He was starring at me

“Weve got to go back to the palace” He said

“But why?”

“Right now your mother is with my father, He has asked us to come back,Just the both of us” He said and took my hand in his

I didn’t bother to ask why he was taking just me, I was just thinking about My mother and why she was at the palace.

On our way,His phone rang again and when he picked

“We had to return to the palace,Just come back with Francis,He brought his car right?, I have no time for your bickering,come back to the palace with Francis” He said and cut the call

We got to the palace and he walked me to his Study

As soon as the door opened,I saw my mom and she quickly came to hug me

“My child,I was so worried about you,Are you alright?” she asked holding my face

“I am fine” I replied starring at my mom

“Hello ” Alex said behind me and she stared at him and stared at me

“You already know everything right?” She asked and I nodded gently

“Why did you lie mom,Why make me think that am someone else” I said

“I did it to protect you,Am sorry” She said crying

“And if your saying to protect her,is it from me” Alex said

“Yes it’s from you and from Your father” She said starring at the former king who sat starring at us

“He never wanted you two together and i… I got scared,I knew that he could do something to you and so with the money he gave me,I left the city with you,I was so happy and relieved when you woke up not to remember a thing and then that darn Francis threatened me and brought you here and there is no need for me to ask why you and Alex are together right?” She said starring at the both of us

Alex wrapped his arms around me and answered

“Melanie and I love each other and that would never change and yes, we are both back together”

“Enough with your nonsense, I kept you both apart because she wasn’t suited for you,I did my damn best to get her far away and I even payed for a fake corpse so you can believe that she is dead but still here you are with the same girl” Alex father said angrily

“You might have succeeded in doing all those things in the past but there is something you don’t know dad,True love never dies and no matter what you do,if we are destined to be we will be” He said

“Well hasn’t chosen right because I still don’t approve of her, I asked you to bring her here,So she can leave with her mother” He said

Alex hold tightened around me and I didn’t try to pull free

“That won’t be happening,Melanie is back in my life and am not going to let her go,not again” He said

“You really are stubborn” He said angrily

“Your the stubborn one dad,I love this woman and if your not going to accept her then that only means that you don’t approve of me too, if she leaves,I leave too” He said

“Your really going to give up everything for her” his father asked

“As long as she is with me,Am prepared to leave the king tittle itself” he said and I stared at him

He is willing to do all this for me,This shows that he really loves me and he his willing to do anything for me,Never have Francis defend me this way,I love Alex and since Francis isn’t faithful to me as I thought its best that I stop feeling guilty and fully accept the love of the man that loves me so much.

Holding him back I stared at both our parents

“I love Alex and we have been apart for long now,No one will separate us” I said starring at them

“You heard that dad,we aren’t going to leave each other,Not now or ever” He said and taking my hand he turned to leave

“Wait?’the king said

“If your going to……”

“I didn’t call you back for that,As for now we will leave that issue alone ,I called you here to talk about Francis, Melanie mother told me his true aim in coming here” He said

“And what is his true aim”Alex asked

” to get the throne and everything we possess”The king said

“He blames you for his dad death and he says that he is the rightful one to the throne” My mom added

“As of now,He has bought the whole company stock, well luckily he hasn’t gotten to buying the higher stock,If he had,He would have been made the president already” The king said

“So what are we going to do about him” Alex Asked

“We will just have to be patient and pretend that we don’t know anything and while doing that,We will buy his stocks back” The king said

“That’s a great idea” Alex said

“Not a word of this should be mentioned to him, As soon as we have proof,He will be going to jail” the king said and we all nodded

A while later,I sat In my room with my mom

“Am really sorry dear,I had lied to you,I never wanted to but I had to do it so I can protect you” she apologized again

“Its okay mom,The good thing about it all is that am now here with the man I love” I said

“Yes you are, I still can’t believe that Francis is having an affair with Alex wife” She said

“Well you better believe it,I saw the footage” I said

“Well its a good thing,I never liked that boy for you,I just hope that this time,You will be happy with the man you love” She said to me and I smiled in return

I really hope that Alex and me last forever this time.


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