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Her Boss Episode 25

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πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸŒΉ HER BOSS πŸ“ πŸ“πŸ“πŸŒΉ

✍️ Favour Emmanuel ✍️


❀️ Chapter twenty five❀️

πŸ’Ž Alan’s POV πŸ’Ž
I stared at her luscious body with my mouth open. The white swim suit she was wearing made her more beautiful and sexier. I stared at her broad wide hips, her flawless skin, her blue ocean eyes, her hair, her…………………..

“Alan are you okay”?? Arielle asked, jolting me out of my revire.

I looked away. She caught me staring at her because she lowered her gaze, biting her lips.

“I’m fine”. I answered coldly.

“I hope so. I’ve been calling you but it seems you zoned out”. Arielle said again and I grunted.
Why am I feeling this way?? I’ve never felt this way when I see a lady on swim suit. As far as I know, all of them are bitches. But Naomi…………….

“Aunt Naomi, come join us. Let’s swim”. She said excitedly.

“Okay dear”. Naomi answered and flashed her one of her charming smile.
Snap out of it Alan!!!!
She walked towards us and dropped quietly inside the water. I doubt if this girl is a human.
She swan towards Arielle and and splash water on her and they giggled, splashing water on themselves. I smiled. Arielle hardly gets fond of anyone except me. She is the sassy type and she is even more arrogant than I am. But she got so fond of Naomi the moment she saw her.
The deal is almost over. But I don’t know if I will be able to bring myself to let her go. I really don’t know…………………

πŸ’Ÿ Cassandra’s POV πŸ’Ÿ
I had to take a taxi to work. My car broke down and I had taken it to the repair shop. So I had to take a taxi to my beauty salon. The rain had just finished falling and everywhere seems wet and muddy. I have to be careful so that I won’t stain my dress.

As I was walking down the street, looking for any taxi that passes by, a flashy car drove past me and splash muddy water on my dress.
I gasped in shock. What the heck???
The car stopped in a nearby shop and a tall built guy, dropped down from the car and was walking towards the shop.

Anger surged through me. I was really furious. I walked angrily towards him and stood in front of him angrily.
He was wearing sunglasses. He looked rich because of the way he dressed but I don’t give a damn. He has to apologise for ruining my dress.

“Hello Mr, you were passing by and you splash water on me and ruin my dress. What do you have to say about this”?? I said to him and pointed at my dress that had become dirty and muddy.

He looked at me with no expression in his face.

“So what do you want me to do about that”? He said coldly.
Really??? Instead of him to apologise,he is acting all arrogant and rude. I’ll make sure I put him in his place.

“You should apologise. That’s what you should do”. I fired back and him angrily and he scoffed.

“Apologize”?? He said and snorted. I looked at him, still looking very furious.
He brought out his wallet and took out some cash and threw it at me.

“I’ve paid for your dress, so don’t bother me again”. He said and tried to leave but that only infuriated me the more. Who did he take me for. A bitch who is begging for money??
I dragged him back and threw the money at his face.

“You are insane. Do you think because you are rich you can just treat people like trash?? Hell No!!! I don’t need your fucking money. I only want you to apologise for ruining my dress”. I spat out angrily.
He looked surprised. He pulled out his glasses and I looked at him.

πŸ’­He is handsome πŸ’­ I thought.
C’mon I should be angry at what he did and not drool at him!!

“Are you doing all this for attention?? For me to notice you? Because I already gave you money to fix your dress so why are you still bothering me”? He asked arrogantly and I gasped in shock.
How dare he??
I got so angry.
I raised my hand and it happened in a flash.
I slapped him!!!!
He turned and looked at me in shock, he tighten his jaws, looking angry but I care less.
I walked out of the shop angrily. People had already gathered and were watching what had happened. But who cares?? I walked back home in anger to change my clothes. This is starting to be a really bad day for me……………………
✍️ Authoress Favour ✍️
(No part of this artwork should be copied)

🌹 Naomi’s POV 🌹

It’s Monday already and we are back home. We’ve already left Mr and Mrs Roderigo’s house. Alan had already gone to work and I was sitting down in the room, watching TV.
I decided to call Cassandra. I had called Betty yesterday and I decided to call Cassandra today.
πŸ“žHey Casey πŸ“žI said after she had received my call.
πŸ“žHey.πŸ“ž She said rather dully.

πŸ“žHey Casey. What happened?? Why is your voice like that?πŸ“ž I asked, feeling surprised. The Cassy I know will always shout whenever I call her but she sounds dull and………angry.
πŸ“ž Could you imagine that one stupid jerk splashed water on me on my way to work?? I asked him to apologise and he threw money at me and said that I wanted him to notice me. Can you imagine??πŸ“ž She said angrily. I sighed.

πŸ“ž That’s bad bestie. What did you do to him?πŸ“ž I asked.

πŸ“žYou know me. I slapped his stupid face and walked away. Stupid asshole!!πŸ“ž She said and I laughed.
πŸ“ž That’s my girl. I trust youπŸ“ž I said and I heard her chuckled.
πŸ“ž Don’t worry okay. Just pick another dress and go to work. What about your car??πŸ“ž I asked
πŸ“žWell, it’s with the mechanic. It has a little problem πŸ“ž she said.

πŸ“žOkay, take careπŸ“žI said to her and hung up.
I trust Cassandra. She doesn’t take nonsense from anybody.
Speaking of arrogant, I remember Alan. We haven’t talked since and I wonder what happened.
I shrugged the feeling and continued with the movie I was watching.

Alan came back home late. He looked worn out and tired. He is tiring himsyand that’s bad. He hardly rest.
As he climbed up the stairs, he winced and I knew something was wrong with him.

“Are you okay”?? I asked as I walked up to him.
He looked at me and frowned.
“I’m fine. There is nothing wrong with me”. He said and walked past me and entered his room.
I overheard him asking one of the maids to bring coffee inside his room.
I’m sure he has not even eaten.
I collected the coffee from the maid and went to his room.
I knock severally but there was no answer. That’s weird. I opened the door quietly and…………..
Alan was on the floor,and he was in pains!!!!

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