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When I Met You Episode 24

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When I met you
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 24
The power of love
Nora POV
I woke up the next morning feeling sore, Damon was not beside me. I looked around the room it was neat .I glanced at the time
“ Damn”. I slept for long, I tried to stand up but I couldn’t
Is this what sex feels like
The door opened and Damon walked in holding a tray
“ Hey”. He greeted lazily, I brought you breakfast
“ what of school?”. I asked him
“ can you walk properly?”. he asked placing the tray on the stool beside the bed
“ No”. I shook my head
“ then school will have to wait”.he replied
“ what of Zara?”. I asked him
“ she should be in school”. He replied
“ how will she get to school”. I asked him worriedly
“ she has a personal driver”. He replied and I looked at him in surprise
“ Thanks”. I muttered and started eating. He watched me quietly as I ate
“ what?”. I asked him
“Do you always rush your meal?”. He asked
“ I am really hungry”. I replied as I continued rushing the meal
“ I need to freshen up”. I said as I tried to stand up
“ can I help?”. Damon asked staring at my nakedness
“ why are you looking at me like that?”.I asked
he flashed me a smile
“ I know I am acting selfish but I need you again”.he said lustfully
“ what!!!!”. I exclaimed
Damon POV
I chuckled when she looked at me in surprise.she brought out the sex beast in me and I am addicted to her ….
“ are you kidding me?”. She asked
“ do I look like a joker?”. I asked her
“ pls Damon I am hurting”. She pleaded
“ I will take it easy on you”. I promised moving closer to her
“ No Damon”. She tried to say but I shut her up with a kiss and smiled when she kissed me back
I turned her over and bent her in a doggy position
“ what are you doing Damon?.she asked
“ banging You”. I replied as I penetrated into her
“ Damn”. She is fucking tight”
I continued banging her faster and harder as she screamed in pleasure
“Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamoooon”. She moaned loudly and I grunted in pleasure as I released into her and we both collapsed on the bed
“Are you on pills?”. I asked her
“ what is that?”. She asked
“ forget it”. I muttered…
I helped her to the bathroom and watched her as she bath
“Can I join you?”. I asked her
“ no”. She replied sharply
“ really”. I said laughing loudly
We both returned to the room and I gave her one of my shirt to wear
It looked like a gown when she wore it
“ when will you take me home?”. She asked laying down beside me
“ you are spending the night again”. I replied
“you have to ask my mother for permission?”. She said
“ I will do that”. I replied
She moved closer to me and leaned on my chest as I played with her hair
“ will you like to stay with me?”. I asked her
“ is that some kind of proposal?”.she asked
“ is it?”. I asked back
“ who am I to you?”. She asked, am I your girlfriend
“ you are more than that”. I replied
“ I like that”. She said smiling
Noami POV
I walked through the hall way heading to the car park, Nora and Damon were absent in school today
“I bet they’ are busy screwing themselves”
“Why won’t sister just let Damon be? It is obvious he is in love with Nora
I got into my car and drove over to her new home
“ Noami”.she called immediately she saw me, did you see my Damon
“ forget Damon sis, he is long gone”. I replied
“ what do you mean?” She asked
“ The love birds didn’t come to school”. I replied
I watched her bit her lips in anger
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarhh”. She screamed, I looked at her with fear
“Is she crazy “. I thought
“ Damon can’t throw me away, he can’t throw me”.She kept on saying as she paced up and down the room
“ calm down sis, you will just hurt yourself
“ shut up”. She barked. I watched her as she brought a lipstick from her bag and applied it
“ where are you going?”. I asked her
“ To see my Damon”.she replied
“ you are really talking this far”. I shouted but she was already gone………
Damon POV
I was stroking Nora hair as she slept when I heard noises downstairs
“ what is happening ?”. I muttered as I rushed down the stairs
“ what is going on here?”. I asked the guards
“ Damon”. a voice called, tell then to let me in
I scoffed when I recognised the voice
“ let her in”. I commanded
“ yes sir”. They replied
I scoffed when Bella walked in looking pathetic
“ what do you want?”. I asked her
“Damon”. I missed you, she said moving closer
“ really?”. I asked , are you done sleeping around
“ what?”.she asked in shock, what do you mean
“I know about everything Bella, you are nothing but a bitch”. I said
“ I can explain Damon”.she pleaded
“ There is nothing to be explain, I am done with you”. I replied
“ your father approached me first”.She yelled
“ and you gladly opened your legs for him and his friends “.i huffed , why didn’t you tell me? I asked
“ I am sorry”. She pleaded
“ There is nothing to be sorry about, it is your life “.
“ I love you Damon, I still do”. She said sobbing
I was about replying when I heard my name
“ Damon”
I turned to look back and I saw Nora walking down the stairs looking sexy in my shirt
“ Baby”. I called , you are awake
“ who is she?”. She asked
“ no one important”. I replied
“ I am his girlfriend”. Bella yelled
Nora looked at her and then at me
“ what is she saying?”. She asked me
“ she is crazy”. I told her
“You are just his toy?”. Bella yelled
“ baby she is………..”
“ let me handle it Damon”.she said cutting me short
“ I don’t care whoever you her but you heard what Damon said, you are nobody important to him so get your ass out of my boyfriend house”. She yelled
“ what!!”. Bella exclaimed in shock
“ you heard her, get your ass out of my house”. I repeated
“ Damon”. She called in shock , you can’t do this to me
“ watch me as I do it, guards escort this bitch out of here”. I roared
“Damon”.she kept on screaming as the guards dragged her out
I look and Nora and smiled
“ I never knew you had that in you”. I said
“That is the power of love”. She replied as she hugged me, you still have to explain to me who that bitch is
“ sure”. I replied as I kissed her
“ Get a room “. Petra who have been watching the happenings quietly yelled …….

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