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The Vampire Prince (Two World’s) Episode 25-26

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The Vampire prince ( two worlds)
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 25&26

Alicia POV
I sat down on the bed sobbing , I could not believe I was now a vampire
” what will happen to me now?”. I yelled at Ryan who was beside me
” Nothing will happen to you, you will still be the Alicia that I know”. He said
” really. I scoffed , why did you do it?”. I asked
” that was the only way to save you”. He replied
” you could have just let me die”. I screamed
He looked at me blankly without uttering a word
” I can’t believe I am a Monster”. I yelled
” is that how you see me “.He said with a low voice
” yes”. I yelled
” you should be at least happy that you got another chance to live”. He said
” you could have just let me die”. I sobbed
” I never knew it will turn out like this , when you were lying down on that bed at the point of death, the only thing I could think of was how I will live without you by my side but I guess you didn’t see it that way”.He said
I kept quiet
” Alicia”. He called, I know it is all my fault? You can keep on blaming me , I will accept everything”. He said as he stormed out of the room
” he is right, I would have done the same thing also but how will I cope with it?
Ryan POV
I sat down in the Vampire garden thinking about Alicia harsh words when prince Ron , my uncle walked up to me
“Nephew”. He called
I looked at him and gave himself weak smile
“How is she doing?”. He asked
” she is fine “. I replied
He nodded
” Theo has been buried”. He said , I know he deserved it but he is still my brother
” he asked for it”. I replied
He smiled and stood up
” I just wanted to come check on you”. He said
I smiled looking directly into his eyes but he quickly looked away and left
“What is that?.. I saw fear , jealousy and something like hatred in his eyes….
Unknown PoV
All my plans are failing , Prince Theo is dead and Alicia is now a vampire
I underestimated the Vampire prince , I never knew he was this powerful
Should I back out and bow to him or should I try and strike him back…..
Alicia POV
I put on a clean beautiful gown after freshening up
I came out of the room and ate little of the pancakes kept for me beside my table. The door opened and a man with keen resemblance to Ryan walked in
” how are you doing dear?”. He asked
” I am fine, are you Ryan father?”. I asked
He nodded
” wow !!”. I exclaimed, he looks a lot like you
” only physically”. He said
“What do you mean?”. I asked
” I never had the same courage Ryan had, I was always a coward”. He replied
” how?”. I asked
” I could not even fight for the person I love “. He said shaking his head dejectedly . Ryan loves you so please do not push him out”. He said standing up
” I have to go now before he meets me here”. He said
” why?”. I asked
” he has not yet forgiven me which I hope he will do so someday
” he will”. I assured him
It was soon time for me to go back home
” I will miss you”. a little girl who I later got to know is The Elder daughter said
” I will miss you too also”. I said bending down to touch her cheeks
” will you come back here?”.she asked
I smiled without replying her
” you belong here”.she said
The door opened and Ryan walked in
” let us go”. He said
I nodded and followed him
I met the smiling faces of thousands of vampires when I came out
They all bowed to Ryan when he walked past
” he is really a king”. I thought
A very beautiful girl soon came out to greet Ryan
” Greetings my prince”.she said
Ryan nodded without looking at her
She suddenly faced me
” Hi Alicia , I am Mara”. She said stretching her hands
” Nice to meet you”.i said shaking her hands
She flashed me a smile and I smiled back. I turned to look at Ryan and his gaze was on the strange girl.
” can we go now?”. I said obviously jealous
He nodded
” does he like her?” I thought
” hold my hands”. He said and when I did , we disappeared
We appeared in front of my house and I was scared to go in
” what will I tell my parent?”. I thought within
” I have already explained everything to them”. He said
” really”. I asked and he nodded
” I will take my leave now”. He said and turned to go
” Ryan”. I called
He turned back to look at me
” i am really ……………”
” we will see in school tomorrow”. He said cutting me short
I nodded
” why does he get angry easily”
I took a deep breathe before knocking the door
There was no response
I knocked again and my mum opened it
” Alicia”. She called hugging me, i really miss you
I walked into the house and my siblings came running to hug me
“I really miss you Alicia”. Tony said
” me too “. Tyra said and I smiled
” Alicia”. My dad called standing from the sofa to hug me. I was loved and I knew it
” go and rest dear”. My dad said ,we will get you whatever you want
I got into my room and sat down on the bed
” oh, I really miss my bed”
I saw my phone on the the table beside my bed and switch it on
The phone beeped and I clicked on the message, it was from Brenda asking me why did not come to school
I smiled and replied her telling her I would be in school tomorrow
My phone beeped again and this time it was from Ryan , I immediately clicked on it
” always wear the golden chain I gave you, it will help you ”
I smiled when I read and soon drifted off to sleep
I woke up the next morning feeling a little bit relieved, I glanced at the wall clock
“Damn”. I cursed, I am running late
I rushed to the bathroom to freshen up and soon came out. I went over to my wardrobe and brought out a short purple gown
“ This will be perfect “. I said
I stared at my reflection in the mirror and I liked what I saw
I put on my white sneakers and packed my hair into a loosed bun.
I opened my drawer and brought out the gold necklace and wore it
“ it is so beautiful”. I muttered
I climbed down the stairs and met my family already in the dinning
“ Good morning mum, Good morning Dad”. I greeted
“ morning princess”. My dad replied while my mum gave me a smile
“Come and have breakfast”. She said
“ I will pass mother”. I said , I will buy food from the cafeteria
“ do you have enough money?”. She asked
“ I still have some cash on me”. I told her
“ ok fine, let me know whenever you need anything”. She said
I nodded

I walked into my class and met Ryan already in class
“ Ryan”. I called moving closer to him
Good morning Alicia”. He greeted
“I am sorry for everything I said yesterday”. I apologised
“ it is alright”.He said, it is normal for you to react like that
“ I called you a monster”. I said
“I called myself a monster also”He said smiling
“ so what next?”. I asked
He brought out a book from his bag
“ here take this, it will help you”. He said
I collected the book and read the cover
“ Everything you need to know about a vampire”.
“Cool”. I said smiling
“Alicia”. He called
I looked at him
“ I love you and don’t ever forget that”. He said
“ I love you too Ryan”
Ryan POV
I felt completely relieved seeing Alicia adapting to her new self
I will never forget the blood on her face that night. I will find out who is behind it and hurt the person twice as more
With Alicia beside me , I am ready to accept the throne…………
Thank God they are now in good terms

. .
Episode 26
The Vampire Princess
Alicia POV
I woke up on a Saturday morning feeling very happy
I checked my phone and I smiled when I saw a message from Ryan
“Good morning baby”
I dropped the phone on my bed and went into the bathroom to freshen up.
I headed downstairs and met only the twins in the sitting room
“ Good morning Alicia”. Tony greeted
“ morning”. I replied him and glanced at Tyra who totally ignored me
“ where is Mum?”. I asked
“ she went to the grocery store “. He replied
“ Good”. I said and headed back upstairs angry that none of them remembered my birthday even Ryan
“Alicia”. My mom called from downstairs
“Damn”,I must have fallen asleep
“ Alicia”. She called again
I clumsily stood up from the bed and dragged my feet as I headed downstairs
“ what is ?…………… I wanted to say but stopped when i saw everyone in the sitting room including Ryan and Brenda
“Happy birthday Alicia”. they all chorused
I stared at them in surprise
“ I thought no one remembered my birthday”. I said trying to stop the tears from falling
“ why won’t we remember Alicia , you are special to us?”. My dad said walked towards me and gave me a hug
“Thanks dad”. I muttered
“ you should be thanking Tyra, it is all her idea”. He said
I looked and my little sister and smiled
“ yes, she asked us to invite Ryan and a close friend of yours”. My mum chipped in
“ Thanks Tyra”. I walked over to her and hugged her
“ Why did you come down like that, you really look ugly”. She said whispering in my ears
“ what?”. I asked her touching my face
“I was just kidding you, you look beautiful”. She said laughing
I smiled, this is the first time my sister told me I was pretty”
I walked over to Brenda and she stood up to hug me
“ Happy birthday friend”. She said
“ Thanks dear”. I said giving her a smile
I went over to Ryan and sat beside him
“ I thought you forgot about my birthday”. I said to him
“ why would I?”. He asked
“ Thanks”. I muttered
“ I want to take you out for dinner”. He said
“ is that my birthday gift or a date?”. I asked him
“ you can choose any of the two”. He replied smiling
“ when?”. I asked
“ This evening”. He said , I will come pick you by 5
“ I had so much fun”. Brenda said as she was about to leave
“ Thanks to you”. I said laughing
“ happy birthday once again”. She said
I nodded and waved to her as she left .
Ryan left earlier, he told me he had some things to take care of and reminded me of the dinner
I walked over to the sitting room where my parent were sitting watching television
“ mum , dad”. I called
They looked at me
“ I will be going on a date with Ryan this evening”. I told them
“ That is great”. My mum said
I looked at her in surprise, I was expecting her to object to it
“ have fun with your boyfriend but be very careful”. My dad said
“ how did you know he is my boyfriend?”. I asked my dad
“ Ryan told us himself”. He said ,
“Ryan did that!”. I repeated
“ yes”. He said
“You are 18 now, you are free to make a decision”. My mum said holding my hands, but make a decision you won’t regret
I looked at them confused
“ Go and get ready for the date”. My mum said
“ Thanks Mum”. I said as I headed upstairs……
Ryan POV
“ Mum, I am scared she will turn me down”. I said
“ baby, you have to ask her first?”. She said
“ okay”. I sighed , wish me luck
I walked outside and got into the car my mum recently bought for me and drove to Alicia house
I knocked on the door and it was opened immediately by Tyra
“Ryan”. She called opening the door
“ how are you?”. I greeted her
She nodded
“ is Alicia ready?”. I asked her
“ No, she is upstairs painting her face”. She said
I laughed , Alicia does not use much makeup
“ here she comes”.Tyra said pointing to the stairs and I gasped in awe
“ She looked so beautiful with her long white gown
She walked towards me smiling
“ you look beautiful”. I said complimenting her
“ Thanks”. She said
“ can we go now?”. I asked her
“ sure”.she said
I held her hands as we walked outside
“ wow, is this your car?”. She asked
I nodded
“ it is beautiful”. She said
“ I can get one for you if you want”. I told her
“ I can’t drive “. She said
“ then I will have to teach you first”. I replied
We got into the car and drove off
We walked into an eatery
“ I don’t have appetite for anything here”. She said
“ You can’t be feeding on blood everyday”. I told her .try and eat something
She nodded
“ I have been living like a human since you gave me the bite, is it because of the chain?”. She asked touching the chain
I nodded
“ what will happen if I take off the chain?”. She asked
“ nothing “. I said
“ Then why am I wearing it?”. She asked
“ The chain is helping you control your powers or do you want to turn to a vampire in broad day light”.I asked her
“ No”. She said
“ you have to wear it till your power is under control”. I told her
“ and when will that be?”. She asked
“ I will let you know “. I told her
“ The food is good but blood is better”. Alicia said after eating
I smiled at her
“ Alicia”. I called her
She looked at me
“I am a vampire prince and you know that right”.i started
She nodded
“ I am the chosen one and the next to the throne, you know that right”. She nodded
“ I left early during your birthday because I got a signal from the elder
“ What did he say?”. She asked
“ The Vampire king is dead and the throne needs me”. I told her
She looked at me
“ I need a Vampire princess to rule with me”. I said
She looked at me in surprise
“ Will you be My Queen?”. I asked her
She was lost in thought for a while
“ Alicia”. I called
“ will you?”. I asked
“ yes”. She said I will be your Queen , I will be the vampire princess
Vampire kingdom
Mara POV
I watched Ryan and Alicia pay their homages to the late king
Ryan leaned towards her and whispered something to her which made her laugh.
“ i really hate this girl “
I watched The Elder walk over to Ryan and whispered something to his ears
“. How I wish I was the one beside him”
The Elder walked towards the front to make an announcement
“ The coronation of the new Vampire king will be held in a week time at the sacred shine”. He said ,we will be crowning him together with the Vampire Princess Alicia”
“ what!!. I exclaimed as the whole vampires cheered them on
“Hail the Dracula and his mate “
I looked over at Prince Ron and when his gaze met mine , it was without emotions……..
The Vampire Princess is Alicia

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