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Her Boss Episode 22

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πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸŒΉ HER BOSS πŸ“ πŸ“πŸ“πŸŒΉ

✍️ Favour Emmanuel✍️

❀️ Chapter twenty two ❀️

🌹 Naomi’s POV 🌹
I covered my eyes and blushed really hard. Alan is a jerk I swear!!
I opened my eyes to see if he really wanted to remove his shirt in front of me and I saw that he had already wore a white shirt with white short. He looked at me, smirking. Jerk!!!

“Get out of the room, I want to change”. I told him as I stood up from the bed.

“Are you driving me out of my own room”? He said raising his brows

“Do you want to stay and watch me change in front of you?? No fucking way, so get out”? I retorted and folded my arms, waiting for him to leave the room.
He rolled his eyes and left. Phew!!
I quickly change to a short pink flay gown and wore my flip flops and left the room.
I came downstairs and saw that they had already settled down to eat.

“Wow, you look really pretty Naomi”. Arielle said and I blushed. I think I’m beginning to love this adorable girl.

“Thanks sweetie”. I sat and smiled sweetly at her and sat down.

“Table manners Arielle”. Alan said frowning and Arielle rolled her eyes at him.

I sat beside Alan and picked my cutleries and the maids served me my dinner. Well, we arrived there in the evening so we are eating dinner.

There was an arkward silence as everyone munched on their food, stealing glances at each other.

“So Naomi, tell me about your parents”. Alan’s dad said.

“Well, I live with my mom. My dad and my mom divorced a long time ago”. I said sadly. Those memories were something I don’t want to think about.

“Sorry about that”. Mr Roderigo said, empathizing with me.

“It’s okay sir. My mom has a restaurant of her own and that helped her to send me to school”. I said smiling.

“Ooh!! Okay. So, how did you and Alan meet each other”? He asked again and Alan coughed. I rolled my eyes. I hope he didn’t see me.

“Dad, we should eat”. Alan said looking away.

“I wasn’t asking you. I was talking to my daughter in law”. Mr Roderigo retorted and I gulped. This is going to be a tough one.

“Well, we meet in the office. I came to apply for a job. At first Alan was so mean, arrogant and grumpy”, I said and Alan looked at me frowning.
“And I hated him then, but fate has its way of doing things, I fell in love with him and he fell in love with me”. I said smiling sheepishly, behaving as if I was in love. I never knew I was so good at acting and lying.

“You fell in love with his money”. Mrs Roderigo muttered quietly but I heard her and it hurts so bad that she sees me as a gold digger. I don’t even love her son.

“So tell me”, Mr Roderigo said.
“When are we expecting our grandchildren”??? He said and I almost choked on the water I was drinking. I coughed violently and Alan began to eat me at the back.

Grandchildren?? This man is certainly joking.

“Sorry Aunt Naomi”. Arielle said, waving at me and I smiled at her. Alan looked away.

“Are you okay dear”?? Mr and Mrs Roderigo asked, looking concerned.
I thought Mrs Roderigo hates me. Why is she so kind all of a sudden??

I smiled at them.
“I’m okay dad, mom, I’m fine”. I said..

“So, as I was saying”, Mr Roderigo said and Alan groaned looking pissed.

“Dad please, me and Naomi is not thinking of making babies now. We just got married”. Alan said and Mr Roderigo huffed.

“And what is wrong with that”? Mrs Roderigo asked, rasing an eyebrow.

I touched Alan, trying to behave romantic and I smiled at him and he looked at me in surprise.

“Mom, Dad, we would love to make babies but Alan has been so busy lately. And it’s still early for that so we want to take our time”. I said calmly like a good daughter in law.

“Take your time darling. But we need a grandchild very soon. We are getting old”. Mr Roderigo said with a smile and I smiled back at him.

“I’m not getting old”. Mrs Roderigo muttered and I almost laughed but I held myself.

We finished eating and I went upstairs tiredly. I wanted to close the door but Alan beat me to it as he opened the door and entered the room. I rolled my eyes at him and layed down on the bed.

“What was that drama you played down there”? He asked, folding his arms.
I got up and sat on the bed.
“Excuse me, you said we should act like couples and that’s what I’m doing. So why are you complaining”?? I said sarcastically.

He smirked.
“So you want to make a baby with me”? He said smirking, coming closer to me.

What is he trying to do??
I looked at him with raised brows but then I was shocked when he climbed the bed and was coming closer to me.

“What are you trying to do”? I asked, feeling uneasy because of the closeness.

“Trying to make a baby with you”. He said still moving closer and not even breaking the eye contact with me.
He kept on looking at me, moving closer and smirking. If what he said was really true, then I had to do something.
I pushed him away from me and ran to the bathroom, bolting the door. I heard him laughing.
“Are you scared of making a baby with me”? He asked, still laughing.
“Jerk”!! I yelled at him from the bathroom.
“You better come here and let’s make a baby or else”.. He said still laughing.
He has gone nuts!!!!
I placed my hand on my chest. It was beating so fast. He was so close to me and we almost kissed. Again!!!

“You better leave me alone Alan. I’m not making any fucking baby with you”. I fired back at him and he chuckled.

“Suit yourself then. Maybe you will sleep in the bathroom”. He said still chuckling.

“Don’t you dare Alan. You are sleeping on the couch and I’m sleeping on the bed”.
He chuckled again and I heard the door opened and I guess he left the room. When I found out that the coast was clear. I quickly ran out of the bathroom, pick up a white towel and ran back to the bathroom…
Stupid idiot!!!!
I can never allow him to even touch me talkless of making a baby with him…….

πŸ–€ Stephanie’s POV πŸ–€

“Babe, don’t tell me you are just going to sit there and watch that bitch take your man away from you”.. Ella my friend said to me as I layed down on my bed feeling hopeless.

“I’m waiting for Mrs Roderigo to get rid of her”. I said dully and Ella laughed sarcastically.
“Oh really!! You are waiting for her. And you think she will successfully drive her away from Alan’s house?? Wake up girl. Use your head. How can you say such a thing”?? Ella said half yelling at me.

I sat up. She is right. I have to do something. But I’m short of ideas.
“I don’t know what to do Ella, help me”. I said desperately, looking at her.
She seems lost in thoughts for a while until she smiled and came close to me, whispering in my ears.
I smiled.
“Babe you are such a genius”. I said hugging her and she smiled.
Naomi doesn’t know what is cooking up for her. I’m gonna bring her down. No doubt.

✍️ Authoress Favour ✍️
(No part of this novel should be copied)

πŸ’Ž Alan’s POV πŸ’Ž

I sat down in the porch, sipping wine. I laughed at the thought of Naomi pushing me on the bed and running inside the bathroom. She is so funny. Is she scared that I might touch her??
I wouldn’t mind making a baby with her.
I smiled as I pictured the horrified look on her face when I was moving closer to her. She is so funny.

“It’s been long I saw you laugh like that”. I heard Arielle say behind me and I rolled my eyes.
“What makes you think so”? I asked and sipped my drink.
“It’s obvious. You are always frowning, always grumpy. It’s so surprising that you are still young. I expected that you should have been old and wrinkled by now because of your constant frowning”. She said and I glared at her. She laughed.
She always like teasing me.

“Leave me alone Arielle, I’m not in the mood for your teasing this night”. I said to her.

“So, is it because of her you are smiling”? She asked.
“You are just 16 Arielle so stop meddling in things for adults”. I said, looking at her and she smirked.
“I thought you said you will never fall in love”. She said smirking at me and I glared at her again.
“Arielle”!! I called her giving her the warning sign of “don’t tease me”.
But she is so stubborn and she is also a trouble maker.
“Alan is in love!! Alan is in love”!! She sang and laughed.
I try getting up to catch her and give her the spanking of her life but she ran off, laughing.
Funny girl.
She is always a pain in the ass. She is so sweet sometimes but most of the time she acts like my mom and it pisses me off.
I dropped the glass cup on the table and went upstairs to my room but I saw no sign of Naomi.
Well, maybe she went to the sitting room or she ran off with my sister.
I opened the door to the bathroom and tried to get in but I stopped dead in my track as I saw something shocking.
Naomi was naked!!! And she was bathing.
It seems she didn’t know I was there and I stood there like a moron, drooling at her perfectly molded body.
She turned back only to meet me looking at her and she screamed so loud and grabbed the towel in front of her, and covering her nakedness………

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