May 6, 2021


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Addicted To Her Episode 9

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πŸ–€ Addicted to her πŸ’™
(He is cold, she is crazy)

By vickie πŸ’ž

🌷 Episode 9 🌷

πŸ’« Jeremy POV πŸ’«

Noooooooo” I yelled already smashing almost all the things in the house.

I had prepared everything perfectly.

I had called her, hoping to here those sweet voice of her.

Only for that frog voice of Nina to come up.

I was getting angrier, I kept destroying all the things I could lay my hands on.

Blood was oozing out of my hands, but I cared less about that now.

I need to teach that stupid girl a lesson.

That small brat, who does she think she is…??” I yelled angrily.

That girl has been able to prevent me from voicing my feelings to rihanna.

I just dislike her and I know she dislikes me too.

But now, I really hate her.

I hate her so so much.

She really has grown wings, but I will cut those wings for her.

But when I’m done with her, she will learn to stay away from other people’s affairs” I said grinning.

I took my car keys from the nightstand and went out.

I will deal with you,Nina” I said as I sped off.
πŸ’œ Rihanna POV πŸ’œ

My alarm rang for the third time now.

I stood up reluctantly.

I guess Eric is still in bed, else he would have used the pillows on my head.

I checked the time, it was 7:02am.


I sprang up immediately.

I’m finished.

I quickly took a bath, running around the room like a mad woman.

I turned my wardrobe upside down looking for a nice clothe to wear.

His words came replaying in my head.

Arrogant jerk” I muttered as I finally settled down with a white shirt and a short black skirt.

I got the clothes the previous week. I was okay without makeups.

I let my long hair fall neatly.

I looked at the mirror and nodded my head in approval of my looks.

I hope he doesn’t complains now.

Not like I’m dressing for him though” I said as I rolled my eyes.

I went downstairs, going straight to the kitchen.

I could not go on an empty stomach today.

I knew I was late for work, only God knows what that cute devil has in store for me.

He has quite a number of nicknames.

I thought as I smiled slightly.

Are you okay sis..?” it was Eric’s voice.

Ah!! You startled me, baby boy” I said teasing him.

I’m not a baby Anna, I’m 20 for crying out loud” he said.

Was just joking, Kiddo” I said not knowing when the “kiddo” fell out of my mouth.

Anna!!” He said frowning.

Am sorry” I said making a baby face.

You are just 2 years older, I’m not a baby Anna” he said holding his hands on his waist.

I said I’m sorry Eric” I said.

He wanted to say something again, but his phone rang and he went upstairs.

I walked into the kitchen.

Mum already prepared hamburgers.

Why hamburgers..?” I said.

I dished out all the hamburgers,as I kept moaning in ectasy.

Yum! So delicious” I said licking my lips.

I settled it with a cup of juice.

I looked at the plate and gasped.

What!!…i finished it” I said.

Well, it’s not like I’m satisfied” I said walking out of the kitchen when I heard a scream.

Anna, Anna, what are you doing in the kitchen??…oh God!!!” Eric said running into the kitchen, his eyes darted straight to the pot.

He opened his mouth looking at me in horror.

What did I do now…??

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