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When I Met You Episode 23

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When I met you
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 23
When I met you

Damon PoV
I woke up the next morning feeling weak, I felt betrayed by my dad..
I headed to the shower to freshen up and soon returned to the room , I went over to the wardrobe and pulled out a new cloth
I headed downstairs dressed in an all blue outfit. I met my dad talking with Petra
“ Good morning”. I grunted
“ Damon , he called standing up
“ what?”. I asked him harshly
“ I will do anything to earn your forgiveness”.He pleaded
I looked at him and sighed
“ just give me time”. I told him and he nodded
I walked out of the house and headed to the garage
I glanced at my wristwatch. Gosh!, I am already late . I need to take Zara to school
Nora POV
“ Damon is here”. Zara said as she ran out to meet him
I applied little makeup and stared at my self in the mirror
“ I look pretty”. I muttered
I grabbed my bag and headed outside
Zara was talking with Damon when I got outside
“ Good morning”. I greeted
“ hey baby”. he greeted walking towards me.how are you?”. He asked pulling me to a hug
“ I am fine”. I replied and I felt his lips on mine as he kissed me
“ can we go now?”. Zara asked tapping her little feet on the ground
“ sure”. Damon replied breaking the kiss
We all got into the car and he drove off….
We got to Adams middle school and I was surprised at how large it was
We walked into the principal office and I watched Damon exchanged few words with the principal who was just nodding
The principal called in her secretary and instructed her to take Zara over to her class
Zara waved us smiling with all her dentition out, she was really excited

“ Thanks”. I said to Damon as he drove heading to the college
“ for what?”. he asked
“ everything”. I replied
“ can you sleep over at my place this evening?”. he asked
I looked at him as I gasped in shock
“ you can choose not to “.he replied
“I will “. I blurted out
“Great”. he said squeezing my hands
We soon got to school and Damon held my hands as we walked into the building ignoring the stares and murmurings from other student
“Go into your class, your Lecturer will soon arrive”. he said pecking me
“ sure”.I nodded, he gave me a wink and headed to his class
I walked into the class and smiled when I saw Noami already seated
“ hey”. I greeted her
“ Nora”. She called excitedly, you are late”. She queried
“ i had to drop my sister over at her school”. I explained
“ do you have a car?”. She asked
No, Damon drove us”.i corrected
She looked at me with a raised eyebrow
“ are you two dating?”: she asked
“I don’t know”. I replied with a shrug
What do you mean by that?”. She asked
“ he haven’t proposed to me?”. I replied but I believe he plan on doing it tonight
“ tonight?”. She asked
I nodded, I am spending the night with him
She looked at me and smiled , you are very lucky Nora
. .
Bella PoV
I really can’t believe Damon abandoned me, it still look like a dream to me
“ am I not beautiful?”. I asked assessing my self
Damon was too immature then but now he is all matured
“ I really want Damon, I miss his touch,I miss his dick inside me
“ oh Damon, I really want you, I really need to see him……
Nora POV
It was soon time for lunch and I went over to the cafe with Noami
We ordered for a delicious meal and I paid the bills
“Thanks “. She muttered
“ it is nothing”. I replied, you have done that countless of times
We went over to a table and sat down
We were soon munching our food when Damon walked in with his friends
He looked around the cafe and smiled when he met my gaze
I was surprised when when they all walked towards and sat down with us.a server immediately came over to the table to take their orders
“Nora, I never knew you have a beautiful friend”. Mikel said eyeing Noami and I saw her blushed
“ don’t flirt with her”. Damon Warned
I watched as they played and laughed. I was glad he was no longer the boy who fiddles with his phone in silence while his friends laughs
Damon PoV

I walked out of the building and saw Nora waiting for me at the car park
“ Nora”. I called and she smiled when she saw me
“ can we go now?”. I asked as I got closer to her
“ won’t I go home first?”. She asked
“ No”. I replied shaking my head
“ what of Zara?”. She asked
“ she is at home, I have already called your mom to ask for permission and she granted it “.he explained
“ when did you do all this?”. I asked him
“ Get in the car”. he said smiling
I got into the car, sitting down beside him as he drove off
Nora PoV

. We walked into his mansion and I smiled, I can’t stop admiring the beauty of this house
“Nora”. Miss Petra called coming out of the kitchen
“ Good morning ma?”. I greeted her
“ how are you ?”. She asked
“ I am fine “. I replied
“ where is your dad?”. I asked Damon
“ I don’t know”.he replied shrugging his shoulders,
“ can we go to your room?”. I asked, I am very tired
“Sure”. He said holding my hands as we climbed the stairs
I fell on the bed immediately I walked into his room
“ your bed is too soft”. I said
He looked at me and smiled.He walked into the bathroom and came out with a towel around his waist
I stared at his chest and swallowed hard, I never knew he had this much tattoo
“ what are you staring at?”. he asked walking over the wardrobe
“ nothing”. I lied and he huffed
He put on a black joggers and a singlet and went over to the bed to sit down
“ I was lost staring at him”

“ what are you doing?” I asked him going over to sit down beside him
He was typing something on his laptop
“Confirming something”. He replied , which of this houses do you prefer?”.he asked me
“Hmmmmmmh, I said looking at the three beautiful houses displayed on the screen. The one with the blue roof”. I replied
“ Good. He said
“ aren’t you hungry?”. He asked
“ I am”. He replied
“ let’s us go have dinner
We headed down the stairs and we met his father already having dinner
His eyes lit up immediately he saw me
“Are you two couples?”. He asked
I looked at Damon not knowing what to say
“Yes , she is girlfriend “.he replied his father are you okay with that?
“ so rude”. I thought
I watched his father sighed in relief
“Thanks Damon for heeding to my advice “.he said
“ I have made up my mind before you told me how bitchy she was”.Damon replied
I looked at both of them wondering what they were talking about
“ Sit”. Damon commanded as he sat down beside me
I smacked my lips as the mouth watering food was placed in front of me. I immediately started eating
“ wow this is so delicious”. I remarked as I continued munching down the meal
“ slow down Nora so you don’t get choked”.Damon advised
I looked up and met the stares of everyone
“Damn!”.what did I just do
His father laughed hard and I sighed in relief
“ is she this funny?”. Damon father asked, you are such a cutie…..
We got into the room and I went into the bathroom to freshen up, I returned to the room with Damon towel wrapped around me
“What can I change into?”.I asked Damon who was laying on the bed
He looked at me as his eyes roamed all over me
“ There”. he said pointing at his wardrobe, change into whatever you like
I went over to the wardrobe and gasped in surprise as I saw the piles of new clothes and shoes
“Do you buy clothes everyday?”. I asked
“ I don’t repeat clothes”. He replied
“ how amazing. I muttered
I picked a white pyjamas and was about going into the bathroom to change when he asked me
“ where are you going “
“To the bathroom”
“ why can’t you change here”. He asked moving closer to me
“ I em er “. I stammered and gulped hard
He pinned me to the wall and loosened my towel. I stared as the towel dropped on the floor
I tried covering my nakedness with my hands and he scoffed
“ I have been trying so hard to control myself but you are damn hot “.he said biting his lips, he twitched his eyes as he stared at my naked body
“ you are beautiful Nora”.he whispered to my ears
I felt his mouth on my lips as he kissed me hungrily
“ Damooooooon”. I moaned as he used his fingers to rub my clitoris. I tried removing his hands but he held both of them pinning my hands to the wall .
“ I love you Nora”. he whispered in my ears as he slid a finger into my cunt and started fingering me
“ fuuuuuuuuuuck”. I moaned in pleasure. I never wanted this to stop
“ Damon”. I called and I heard him chuckling as pulled out his finger
“ why did you stop?”. I asked him
“I dont want to rush you “. He replied, I will wait till you are ready
“ is he kidding me”. I thought, I felt a kind of tingling sensation inside me and I knew I needed him
“ I am ready”. I blurted out and I saw him smile………..
Damon PoV
“Really?”: I asked her grinning
She nodded
I moved closer to her and kissed her hungrily
I held her breast and started giving her love hickeys
“ Oh my gawd”. She screamed in pleasure
I looked at her and smirked . I never if i fuck her this night, I will never be able to stop because I will be addicted to her
I took her nipples into her mouth and suckled on it while I pinched the second one
“ I am going to fuck you while standing “.i said and she looked at me in surprise
I slid two fingers inside her and started fingering her
“ are you ready?”. I asked her
She nodded
I removed my singlets and quickly pulled off my trousers and underpants
I saw her eyes widened In shock when she saw the size of my dick
“ will this enter me?”. She asked in fright
“ wait for it”. I replied as I raised her left legs a little and penetrated slowly into her
“ stop please”. She pleaded in pain as I broke her hymen
“ please Damon, my legs are shaking”. She whimpered
I thrust deep into her and stopped to let her catch her breath
“ are you alright?”. I asked her
“ No”. She shook at head
I smiled and started going in and out of her, slowly at first but later increased my pace
“ Dammmmmmmonn”. She moaned in painful pleasure as I kept on banging her harder
She soon start shaking and I knew she was having her first organsm . I kept on fucking her harder ignoring her cries and pleas
I pulled out of her pouring out my sperm on the floor as I grunted in pleasure
“Damon my legs are shaking”. She said weakly. I carried her in bridal style and laid her on the bed as I slept beside her
“ why did you do that?”. She asked me weakly
“ do what ?”, i asked her
“ pour your release on the floor”. She Replied
“ do you want to get pregnant?”. I asked her
There was no response , she was already fast asleep
I looked at her and smiled
“ what did you do to me Nora?you changed everything about me When I met you……..

Damon is really high?

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