April 17, 2021


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When I Met You Episode 22

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When I met you
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 22
Written by Princess Juliet
The game begins
Damon POV continues
I drove Bella over to the penthouse and made sure she was comfortable before leaving
I ignored all her pleas and tears,
I drove over to Mikel’s apartment and met him playing games with Donald
“Damon”. Donald called
“ Hey”. I greeted and sat down beside him
“ how did it go?”. Mikel asked
“Smoothly”. I replied
“ who did you choose?”. Donald asked , Bella or Nora
“ Nora”. I replied and they both cheered
I looked at them in surprise
“ I never knew you liked Nora”. I said
“ We prefer her being with you”.Mikel replied
“How will you choose a ghost over a human?”. Donald teased and we all laughed
“ she is not a ghost”.i replied, she survived
“Do you believe her story?”. Donald asked, it sounds off
“What do you mean?”. I asked him
“All those memory loss sounds fake, I don’t believe an iota of the trash”. he replied
“ Are you saying she faked her death?”. I asked
“Something like that “. he replied shrugging
“ why would she do that?”. I asked , she loved me
They both laughed
“Never trust a woman fully”. they replied , that is the believe of a player
“ I am not a player”. I said
“ we know”. they both chorused
My phone suddenly rang and I smiled when I saw the caller, it was Nora
“Damon”. she called in excitement
“hey”. I greeted
“ you promised to call me when you get home”.she queried
“ I am sorry”. I apologised
“ Damon”. I heard Zara called
“ Give her the phone”.I instructed Nora
“ don’t forget your promise”. Zara said immediately
“ I won’t”. I promised
“ don’t forget to pick me up tomorrow”. She reminded
“ I won’t “. I replied and she ended the call
“ Nora right?”. Mikel asked
I nodded…..
Bella POV
“ I can’t believe Damon chose that bitch over me, I am the one he loves……
Damon was someone who could sacrifice anything, i mean anything just to see me happy . I can’t believe he threw me out
Damon couldn’t bear to see my tears but today he ignored me even with my tears and it is all because of that bitch Nora
I picked all my phone and dialled my sister number , she picked it up immediately
“ Hey sis, Are you enjoying with Damon?”.she asked
“ Damon threw me out”. I replied
“ what!!”. She exclaimed, I thought you said you had a plan
“Everything got ruined because of that bitch”. I screamed
“Where are you now?”. She asked
“I will send you the address to you now”. I replied, come over now

Damon father POV
I sat down in the sitting room room waiting for Damon, I finally made up my mind to tell him the whole truth
My phone suddenly rang and I scoffed when I checked the caller, it was Mr Parker
“ what do you want?”. I asked immediately I picked it
“It seems you want to lose the trust of your son”. he replied
“ how?”. I asked
“ I give you 24hours to get me back to my post or else I will tell Damon everything”. he threatened
“ I already planned on doing that”. I replied, so don’t ever call me again “. I warned and ended the call
I was a bad husband to my wife and also a bad father to my son. I pushed my wife into depression and slept with my son first love. I don’t care if Damon hates me, I planned to tell him the whole truth
I heard him drive in and i sighed
“Damon please forgive your cruel father”.i prayed
Damon PoV
I listened to my father confession in shock
“My own father betrayed me”
He looked at me when he was done talking expecting me to say something but I was speechless
“ Damon”. he called
I just stared at him
“ I am very sorry”.he pleaded
“ why?”. I suddenly asked
“ I am sorry Damon”.he continued pleading
“I never stopped you from flirting but why must it be with the one I love ?”. I asked him calmly
“I am sorr
“ stop “. I yelled, Why must it be Bella?”.I asked
“ She was much older “
“ and you thought she was manipulating me”. I completed. I loved Bella, I really did and you knew it.
“ she is a bitch”.he said
“Why didn’t you tell me ?”. I asked , you made me search around like a fool and you even joined in the search
“I did it to protect you”.he explained
“Fuck you and your protection”. I cursed and went to my room In anger
“ I can’t believe the man I called my father betrayed me, Bella is a bitch…….
Parker PoV
The news about me being fired went viral, it was on the news and Television
That little brat really meant all what he said .
I tried calling his father for help but he banged the call on me
“ it is all because of that bitch, how did she manipulate Damon into falling in love with her

I looked around my room, nothing to show that I am a man, no wife , no kids all because I am impotent
“ can’t I have little fun”
He succeeded in taking my job away from me
“Damon really humiliated me
The Adams declared war against me and I will let them pay , I will destroy anyone who tries to stop me. I will destroy Damon and all those he loves , I will make him feel twice the pain I am feeling now, I will make you grovel and beg me
.parker has just declared war

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