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When I Met You Episode 21

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When I met you
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 21
Nora PoV continues
I waved at Damon as he drove off
“Damon loves me, he really loves me
“ what are you thinking about?”. Zara asked distracting my thoughts
“ nothing”.I lied
“ you are thinking about Damon right”. She asked grinning
“ how did you know?”. I asked her
“Your look tells it all”. She replied, he loves you and don’t dare lie to him again
“ I won’t”. I muttered
. Damon POV

I drove to the company to confront the bastard, i wanted him to pay for taking advantage of Nora
I parked at the parking lot and immediately the clumsy reporters rushed towards me
“Why are they always waiting here, are they jobless?”. I wondered
I ignored them and walked inside
“ Good afternoon Sir Damon”. the staffs greeted
I nodded and climbed up the stairs to the bastard office
“ Parker”. I called immediately I walked in
He looked up in surprise
“ Damon, what are you doing here?”.he asked
“really, are you really asking me that?”. I asked him
“ I am mm sorry”. He stammered, I asked because it is a Sunday
“Can’t I come to my company on Sundays?”. I asked
“You can”.he replied
“ hand over the account book”. I commanded
“Please Damon, I am still on it”. he pleaded
“Hand it over now”. I barked
he gave it to be and I scoffed as I went through it
“You are fired Parker”.I said
“ what, you can’t do this to me Damon”. he yelled
“ I can Parker and I mean it”.i replied
“ is this about Nora?”. he asked
I looked at him and scoffed
“ she is nothing but a gold digger”. he said
“ really?”. I asked
“She agreed to screw me because of my money”. he replied
“Parker. I called in anger, you took advantage of her because she asked for your help, are you human?. I asked
“ what!!”. he exclaimed in shock
“ You are fired”. I barked
“ Damon you are just angry that I screwed your bitch”. he replied back
“ screwed ?”. I asked, with those tiny things in between your legs
“ how dddid youu know”. he stammered
“ She told me everything”. I replied him
he looked at me in surprise
“ I am sorry Damon”. he pleaded
“ what are you sorry for?”. I asked him
“For everything”. He replied
“ oh Parker, that doesn’t change the fact that your are fired”
“Damon, you cant do this to me”. he pleaded
I looked at him and scoffed
“Next time, don’t use the money that does not belong to you to take advantage of little girls.
“ Damon please……
“ Get out of my company “. I roared
I watched Mr Parker being dragged out of the company by the securities
“Wretched bastard “. I cursed
The whole staff stared at me in silence as I walked out ..
The clumsy reporters immediately crowded me
“What was the crime of Mr Parker?”. a man asked
“Is he involved in money theft?”. another asked
I ignored them and drove off heading for home …..
Damon father PoV
I sat down in the sitting room thinking about the recent happenings
“Will Damon ever forgive me if he learnt I slept with his Bella”
“Damn. I was such a flirt, i was attracted to her the first day Damon introduced her to me as his girlfriend. I was surprised because she was much older then Damon……
Damon was so young and naive and I decided to use that to an advantage, I started dating his girl
She agreed to go out with me if I settled her bills and hated her the day I caught her having hot sex with my friend…..
I begged her to stay away from Damon and she agreed to do so if I give her a large amount of money which I did, I accompanied her to the airport and watch her leave the country..Damon went crazy searching for her , he grew pale and was loosing his mind.
I confided in my friend Mr Parker and he advised me to fake her death so Damon will move on. I paid a reporter to publish a fake news about her death and that did the work.
Damon immediately stop searching for her , I was expecting him to ask questions but he never did instead he became so cold- hearted ..
I was so happy when me met a new girl and gradually began to change until this bitch appeared and decided to ruin everything
“I can’t let Damon date her, never…
My phone rang as I checked the caller, it was Parker
“ helo Parker”. I called as soon as I picked it
“ Damien”. he called me by my first name
“ what is wrong?”. I asked him
“Damon just fired me”. he replied
“ what!!”. I exclaimed
“ do something about it fast or else I will tell Damon about everything you did”. he threatened and ended the call
“ what did I get myself into”……
Damon POV
I walked into the sitting room and met my dad looking worried
“ what is wrong Dad?”. I asked
“ nothing”. he replied
“ Are you sure?”. I asked fixing my gaze on him
He nodded
“ Good”. I said and was about climbing the stairs when he called me
“ yes”. I answered turning to look at him
“Why did you fire Parker?”. he asked
“ I can see he already called you”. I replied
“ why?”. he asked
“ he is stealing from the company”. I replied
“ but……
“ no but father”. I replied , The company belongs to me and I have the right to fire whosoever I want”. I yelled
“ Damon”. he called but I ignored him and headed upstairs to my room

“ Damon”. Bella called immediately I walked in
“ Bella, how are you?”. I greeted her
“I was just missing you”. She replied moving closer to me
“You are leaving today”. I told her
“ To where?”.She asked
“ I signed one of my pent house in your name and you will move in today”. I replied
“ I don’t want to go”.she whined
“ you don’t have a choice”. I said smirking
“ I don’t have anything on me”. She said trying to convince me
“ I will give you anything you want”. I said promising her
“ can you give me your heart?”:she asked
I paused and stared at her for a while
“ No Bella”. I replied
“ why Damon?”. She asked sobbing, I still love you, I really still do
I looked away to avoid seeing her tears
“ Damon”. She called going down on her knees
“stand up Bella”. I commanded
“ please tell me you love me”. She continued pleading
“Stand up”. I commanded pulling her up
“ please tell me you love me”. She repeated pleading
“ I don’t love you Bella”. I said picking my words
“ that is a blank lie”.she yelled
“You will only hurt yourself by yelling”. I advised her
“Who is your new girl?”.she asked
I stared at her without saying anything
“ Is it Nora?”. She asked
“ Bella will you just stop this , you will only hurt yourself”. I advised
“ Answer me”. She yelled
“Yes She is the one”. I replied and I can’t let her go ……………..
What advice will you give Damon father ?

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